I hope this review helps6/30/2008 8:04:29 PM

Pros: Good layout in terms of component spacing and labeling. MB documentation is outstanding; all one must do is follow the directions- A real joy to put together.

Cons: Surprised that there is a connection for floppy drive. Although, I can see a limited advantage in having one. For example, it makes creating bootable Ghost images alot easier.

Overall Review: This is my 8th build in as many years (first time with Gigabyte). Assembly was flawless: Raidmax Smiloddon case, AMD Athlon 64 x2 6400+, 2 gig Crucial DDR 800 memory (CT2KIT12864AA800), Western Digital 320 gig SATA HD, Maxtor 200gig SATA HD, Samsung DVD SATA burner, and XFX 8800 GT Alfa Dog edition video card. Note: I purchased the Smilodon case with Raidmax's 500 watt power supply(PS). Upon inspection, however, the PS did not appear to be of good quality. So, I took my 3 year old 500Watt modular Antec Smartpower PS from my old system and replaced the Raidmax. The system runs great!

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