DOA5/20/2012 9:49:40 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Item was totally dead out of the box. Pluged into ac with no load it wouldn't even power up. Hopefully the replacement will be better.

Overall Review: I've had two previous Corsair power supplies without so much as a single problem. I was totally surprised to find this one totally dead in the water. No lights, no fan, no power, no noise, no nothin. Certainly put a delay in my build.

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Great Big Case3/3/2008 8:34:40 AM

Pros: This case is huge. The motherboard tray is well designed and easy to mount. If you can't get your equipment in this one, you just have too much equipment.

Cons: I had a small problem with the motherboard tray lock. It's made of plastic and one of the pivots on it was cracked from the factory. When I first pulled the tray out of the case it came apart. I will be contacting Coolermaster to see if they will send me a replacement.

Overall Review: If you are using any kind of custom cooler for your cpu, be sure to check the measurement from mb to the optionl four fan mount on the side of the computer case. When I installed the Asus Silent Square cpu cooler, it was necessary to leave out the top left fan to accomodate the cpu cooler. If you choose not to use the optional mount, there is tons of room for everything including your pet alligator.

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