Cable Modem9/16/2020 6:05:27 PM

Pros: It works on day 1. Works with Wowway.

Cons: Longevity (TBD) No fan

Overall Review: Had Motorola SB5120 that lasted for 10 years, changed only to update modem. Bought ARRIS SURFboard (Motorola) SB6141 8x4 in 2014, started dropping connection a few months ago. Put external fan on it and helped, but was getting worse - so got 5 to 6 years out of that one. I am sure modem companies know these units run out, why they don't put fans in them, so they can sell more modems of course. I have this 7 inch fan that will always be running on this one. It's hard to find a modem that doesn't have 10% 1 or 2 egg review. I guess 90% customer satisfaction is ok.

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Hard Drive9/16/2020 5:49:43 PM

Pros: It worked out of the box. 4 TB (really 3.6 TB)

Cons: - Longevity is unknown, when first plugged in, it had a click that went away.

Overall Review: Bought to put into computer with 100's of movies on it (no internet mountain house computer). Had 4 smaller drives in it and ran out of space. Hard drives in general, gone are the days when 97% of the hard drives worked out of the box and for years. Now it seems like they all have 10 to 15% that fail within a year. Most people review after they first get, so that 10 to 15% most likely is higher. I have several hard drives that are 10+ years old, I am sure some are 20 years old. I had a spare 1 TB hard drive that I took out of the box last month (bought 2 years ago), yes you guessed it - was a dud. Just look at the reviews of all computer parts, rolling the dice on everything. What has happened to quality?

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Purchased 11 of These Boards4/17/2020 8:00:23 PM

Pros: I have had no problems with these boards. They have been reliable and everything has worked good. 2 network adapters, 2 M.2 slots, fixed back panel.

Cons: Manual good be better.

Overall Review: I built 10 machines at work with this board, had no problems. Used i7-8700k and i7-9700k CPU's. The 10 worked well enough, I built one for the house. Didn't install any MSI software so can't comment on it. Don't care about the lights - turned them off. I am amazed at the people who care about some stupid lights.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI motherboard! If you would like further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
It works1/13/2020 6:17:06 PM

Pros: It works on older computer that needed a little more memory for win 10

Cons: No heat spreader.

Overall Review: Basically, an old computer in living room connected to TV / Internet used rarely. Computer had Win 7 and I downgraded to Win 10; needed a little more RAM for operating system. I like GSkill and for last 10 years is only RAM I buy. Choices on DDR2 are limited.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Brian Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Good to hear the memory kit is working well in your older system. With an additional 2GB installed, the operating system will have much more room to process task without delay. The G.Skill NT series does not include a heat spreader, it is a standard plug and play module. For overclocking or aesthetic heat spreaders, take a look at the Ripjaws or Sniper series memory. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you for supporting G.SKILL Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
Cable7/23/2019 5:37:53 PM

Pros: Good quality.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Not much to say, it's a HDMI cable an d it works.

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Good Monitor for The Price6/29/2019 6:24:40 PM

Pros: Screen size Price

Cons: None

Overall Review: I do not game, so for what I do this is a good monitor. I wet from 27" to this one. I have not try the speakers and most likely will not. I set the resolution at 2048 x 1152. Everything is clear and as bright as I need it.

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Spare Hard-drive now6/5/2018 3:59:53 PM

Pros: I bought because of the good reviews. I believe it will eventually be a reliable hard drive.

Cons: My fault for not paying attention to where it was being shipped from, but it is spare drive on the shelf now.

Overall Review: I need to pay more attention to where items are being shipped from. I have been ordering from Newegg for over 20 years, I think I liked it better when everything was shipped from Newegg. I had to buy a hard-drive locally to finish a computer build and could not wait for delivery from China. Be careful when buying an entire wish list.

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Good Monitor3/24/2014 5:53:46 PM

Pros: 1. It's BIG. 2. No dead pixels. 3. Bang for the buck.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: OK, I haven't tried all the connections or the speakers, just the DVI connection. It's clear and has some slight bleeding on the edges (but refer to Pro #3) I remember my first screen was about 9" and I have been getting them bigger ever since. Say no DA phone screen sizes.

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Exceeded Expectations6/13/2012 6:04:50 PM

Pros: 1. It has many features and is versatile. For under 200 bucks, it has exceeded my expectations. (I have no need to use a lot of them, but will comment on ones I have used.) 2. Fairly easy setup for someone that is computer literate (I think it would be tough for the average user, but I don’t think they would buy this anyhow.) 3. Within 30 minutes, I was moving files from some computers to the diskstation. (It doesn’t take 5 hours to format when using SHR raid with 2 – 1 TB hard drives, it took about 5 hours to sync, but could use the disk space before sync was completed.) 4. Setting up users, shared folders and access privileges is easy. (This is main reason for my purchase). 5. Running a web site with on the second day with one of my domains.

Cons: 1. Rendering thumbnail photos takes a long time if you drag and drop, I had about 5000 photos [1 minute per photo – 5000 photos would take 3.5 days] – Work around; use Synology Assistant Photo Uploader and it took about 5 secs per photo [5000 photos took 7 hrs) 2. WebDAV doesn’t work with Firefox. (I just ported 5000 which they say you can’t, and logged in remotely.) You IE users should be fine.

Overall Review: 1. Audio Station – Don’t care for the layout and functionality of it, but it works. I put about 10,000 mp3’s on diskstation and just use my mp3 player to access. If you have nothing in the Album part of the MP3 Tag; it will put the directory name there. 2. Don’t push too hard when plugging in network cable, the network connector seems flimsy. 3. Haven’t figured out how/can’t get Web Virtual Host work, but was able to point a domain name to it and use the root web directory to host a site in a few minutes. 4. My router is not on their list to control port forwarding, but I understand how to forward a few ports over and set IP address of diskstation to static. 5. Photo Station – can’t give a user access to the root directory /photo, they have to be an administrator. 6. Mail Server - Was able to get Mail Server working accept can’t send emails (I can receive); sending Emails is blocked by my ISP.

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Increased Signal3/29/2012 4:26:22 PM

Pros: 1. Increased Signal strength. 2. Haven't dropped a connection yet.

Cons: 1. MAC Filtering is backwards. Usually you allow access by MAC vs deny access by MAC.

Overall Review: Getting ready for Masters at a Hospitality Lodge. Comcast installed a modem/wireless router. It was terrible. I then put a 5-yr old D-Link unit in and it improved, then I installed this one and improved again. Comcast Wireless RSSI -65db at 25 ft D-Link wireless RSSI -54db at 25 ft Amped Wireless RSSI -38db at 25 ft

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Good Scanner11/21/2011 1:37:43 PM

Pros: 1. Scans duplex 2. Scans quickly 3. Quality scans 4. Twain drivers

Cons: 1. Not made for more than about 10 page documents (you can add as they scan) 2. A few jams, but I never had a sheet fed scanner that didn't (even the $4000 ones)

Overall Review: This scanner is not for scanning hundreds of pages daily. It's a good personal scanner. I have emptied a file cabinet of old documents at the house. I liked it enough to order me one at work (and another for my boss) BTW - I don't use the software for managing my documents, I mostly scan to Acrobat and manage them myself.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good VGA Cooler7/10/2011 8:54:30 PM

Pros: Keeps the 9800GT cool. Quiet - I just run at full speed. Easy to install except the con below.

Cons: Had to cut some fins (5 on each side about 1/4 inch) away to get the heatsink to fit on the card. (There was a capacitor on each side that the fins contacted)

Overall Review: I used the included thermal compound (which there is plenty), I should have used some Arctic Silver 5.

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It's a Cable7/2/2011 8:29:38 PM

Pros: Price Works Free Shipping

Cons: none

Overall Review: Connected my TV-Computer to 46" HD TV....sweet

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Good IDE Burner6/12/2011 6:36:09 PM

Pros: They work and stand the test of time.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I just purchased 2 more and have purchase about 10 of these. I still prefer IDE burners over SATA ones because they last. The SATA ones have seem to fail.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
It's a Case6/12/2011 6:31:36 PM

Pros: It's a case and protects my GPS

Cons: none

Overall Review: none

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Nice Budget CPU5/27/2011 6:55:19 PM

Pros: Great budget CPU for non-gaming customer.

Cons: none

Overall Review: n/a

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Good Case Not Great5/27/2011 6:52:30 PM

Pros: Lots of room - easy to work in, plenty of spots for cooling fans - which means one can get some good air-flow. For those who care, it looks sharp.

Cons: Breakaway expansion slot covers are terrible. Meant to break off going in, but motherboard is in the way take care removing after MB is installed.

Overall Review: I have built about 200 computers and worked on 100's of others. This is not the best, but far from the worst. The only major flaw is the breakaway expansion slot covers. Would I buy again - yes, some customers are on tight budget and for the price - can't complain.

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G.Skill is King5/27/2011 3:08:00 PM

Pros: Knock on wood. I have ordered over 100 sticks of G.Skill memory and they have all worked flawlessly.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: I have built close to 200 computers over the last 10 years. In the last, 3 to 4 years I mainly have used G.Skill. I have tried others and my luck hasn't been as good.

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Didn't last at Rated Speed4/28/2011 6:57:39 PM

Pros: Worked good for 5 months.

Cons: After 5 months, started to get message "display driver stopped responding & has recovered" (Win 7 64). After doing some research, it appears that the memory is the culprit a good percentage of the time. Thus, I decreased the memory speed by about 20% and problem went away.

Overall Review: I ran tests that increased the video card temperature, 20 degrees C past the video card temperature that would give me that message. No more error message. I then, increased memory speed back to rated speed and error message came back. I wonder if in another 5 months, I'll have to reduce the memory speed again??

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It's a Power Supply3/9/2011 8:48:58 PM

Pros: It works.

Cons: none

Overall Review: If it don't work, it gets slammed. If it works its just a power supply.

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Good Board Rev2.23/9/2011 8:34:47 PM

Pros: No Problems with dual boot system (XP 32bit and Win 7 64bit) Both systems installed without a hitch.

Cons: Non-Standard ATX (good thing I had some old plastic stubs for support on inside edge of board) Only 2 SATA cables

Overall Review: Motherboards are coming with IDE ports, floppy ports, printer ports, USB ports and no cables to use them. I guess they want to make an extra 3 bucks.

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Good Dependable Memory1/27/2011 5:51:22 PM

Pros: 1. Good Dependable Memory 2. Stable

Cons: None

Overall Review: In my opinion, G.Skill is the new leader in memory. I have had stability problems with some of the other competitors. (I have built over 150 computers, so I do have experience)

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Stinks1/26/2011 6:15:30 PM

Pros: None.

Cons: Have tested 4 sets and all sets have produced lock-ups.

Overall Review: I purchased 5 sets to build some computers at work and have some spares lying around. Built one computer a year ago and the user said every-time he wanted to play a wav file, the system would lock up. We tried changing drivers, etc and to no luck. For about a year he has experienced random lock-ups. I gave him another set and the same. I built another computer last week and every time I would run check disk, the computer would lock-up. I assumed it was the hard drive, so I put another one in, then no avail. I tried another CPU and motherboard, still more lock ups..another set of this memory and the same. Sometimes when going to video card control panel - you guessed it...lock-up. I put a competitors memory and just like that everything worked. So I put a competitors set in the other users computer and he is now playing wav files with no lock ups. Amazing how bad this memory is.

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Good Board1/20/2011 8:45:16 PM

Pros: Easy install of Win 7 Pro 64bit w/[AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz and CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) and SSD]

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: I have built over 150 computers and used most of the motherboard manufacturers. Lately it appears by the reviews that overall motherboard quality is down for all manufacturers - more are coming DOA or with other problems. Maybe the workers who build them are becoming more Americanized and quality has gone down.....AND/OR maybe more people are trying to build their own computers and if things don't work perfectly, they are blaming the motherboard manufacturer for their inexperience. I have used ASRock now for the 10th time and haven't had a problem, yet. I guess must be lucky.

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SATA DVD Burners1/10/2011 6:31:01 PM

Pros: It works so far.

Cons: None yet, but time will tell.

Overall Review: This is my third SATA DVD Burner, I hoping eventually they will last - motherboards are starting not to have IDE (PATA) connectors. I still like to build computers with the IDE DVD Burners. Why? Reliability. I have built over 100 systems with IDE DVD Burners and I have had one failure - kids play a lot of games on that computer. Currently, I have 10 computers in my house, 9 with IDE and 1 with SATA Burner. My first SATA DVD Burner, started locking up my system in about 3 months (and only burned about 10 DVD's). The second did the same on a different system. (Sort of reminds me of the first CD Burners SCSI HP4020i which really never worked). My first IDE DVD Burner (Sony DRU500AX) has burned over 1000 DVD's and is still going strong. My other IDE burner that has any mileage on has burned about 1500 DVD's/CD's.

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