Good hardware, not so good management tools12/18/2012 4:57:56 PM

Pros: I purchased this NetGear router to replace a 4-year old Linksys. Initial thoughts: 1) Setup is generally easy, the menus are nice and self-explanatory 2) The guest network feature works well. 3) Have had no problems with throughput or wireless connectivity.

Cons: Cons: 1) The Netgear has a fan and it's not quiet. Generates more noise than my PC fan. 2) The box is an odd shape and the cables attach in the side, not the back, so they stick out and they're in the way. 3) The firewall features are limited. Defining rules is painful. Having more than a single rule is difficult, unless all the affected IP addresses in the rules are always the same. Firewall rules don't use MAC addresses, so you have to use DHCP reservation first, then create rules. Otherwise rules won't follow devices. 4) Whenever the device config is applied, Internet connectivity is lost, both wired and wireless. Time ranges from brief to multiple seconds, which is not helpful if you have an VOIP phone. 5) Logging function doesn't offer a means to sort log messages.

Overall Review: The Netgear offers nice specs and features. It needs some attention to the management aspects of the device. And a quieter fan.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Network_fun, We responded to your post on another site, so we apologize if this is a duplicate response. We thank you for your honest feedback and encourage you to contact our support team to investigate the fan noise issue: Regards, NETGEAR Team
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Nice case9/21/2009 9:45:55 AM

Pros: Roomy, appears to have good air flow. Front-facing external USB ports (as opposed to top mounted). Exterior finish is nicely done.

Cons: Adding/removing HD's or other components from the drive bays is annoying - too many thumb screws to remove. Can't remove the fan filters without disassembling the case. Internal fan mount interferes with the graphics card, so had to remove it. Didn't need the mount, so not a big deal.

Overall Review: Did not find that the MB pushed the CPU fan too closee to the top fan. Using a GIGABYTE GA-P55-UD6 board.

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Disappointed with purchase.9/21/2009 9:31:35 AM

Pros: Had 3 antennas I could cannabalize for an old wireless NIC that works.

Cons: Installed in Vista-32 machine. PC would see the card, but the drivers would never load properly. Tried drivers off web as well as those on the included CD. No help there. Ended up taking a 4 year old wireless g card from another PC and installed it instead. Worked great right off the bat.

Overall Review: Would not buy from Encore again.

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Great Monitor!9/23/2006 9:34:41 AM

Pros: Extremely happy with this monitor. Color & display quality is fabulous. Very fast refresh, haven't noticed any ghosting or other issues.

Cons: None

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Great buy9/23/2006 9:29:50 AM

Pros: Very happy with the price/performance. Installed easily. OEM fan has been quiet. Doesn't seem to run hot.

Cons: Fan installation was a bit tedious.

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Working well9/23/2006 9:24:24 AM

Pros: More than enough cable options. Spiffy blue lighting, quiet.

Cons: At first, appeared DOA. Had to use a "jumpstart" trick found on OCZ website. Worked fine ever since.

Overall Review: E-mail tech support was very good. Phone tech support very slow - long waits on hold.

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Decent case - some more9/23/2006 9:16:15 AM

Pros: see previous review

Cons: Forgot in my previous review - the power supply is difficult to install in the case, especially if you had to replace one.

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Decent case9/23/2006 9:14:08 AM

Pros: Sufficient air flow, sturdy construction. Spiffy blue lighting. Fans are quiet.

Cons: Internal connector for the top panel firewire port has individual cable ends, not a unified connector - very annoying to assemble.

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Good purchase9/23/2006 9:10:21 AM

Pros: I have had no problems with this board. Using the onboard LAN and sound cards with no issues. Have updated the drivers from the Gigabyte homepage a few times. Installed easily. Driver utility installation program is convenient.

Cons: Gigabyte website is excruciatingly slow, both in loading pages and downloading files. Board is a bit expensive.

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