Using 5 1/2 Years! Nothing Better!8/25/2014 7:02:38 AM

Pros: I've been using this case as my main workstation since Jan 2009. IMO, this is the best case that has EVER been created. I've been building and repairing systems for 28 years now, and if you don't think this case is awesome, you are waaaay too to hard to please, and will probably never be happy with any case. The case is so versatile, just about any type of system can be built inside it, with ample room, excellent cooling, and attractive looks. Great job Cooler Master!

Cons: ZERO

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Not bad!1/23/2012 6:57:10 PM

Pros: As everyone has mentioned, it's packed full of features. The reason I'm writing this, is to inform everyone that I have the remote working just fine with a keyboard and mouse plugged in at the same time. If you're using Windows, this is the setup order in which you must follow to make it work: 1: Plug in receiver and wait for drivers to automatically install from Windows. 2. Remove receiver from USB port. 3. Disconnect USB keyboard and USB mouse. 4. Re-insert receiver into USB port. 5. Hold down SPACE key on remote until the red light on the receiver begins to flash quickly. They are now paired correctly. 6. Use the remote to make sure it's working. (To make the mouse arrows work, you must press the middle button under the arrow 'wheel' twice before they will work) 7. Once the remote is working correctly, then plug back in your mouse and keyboard. They should all be getting along now.

Cons: The only con that I can think of, and it may not be the motherboard, but I hear a buzzing noise when my SSD drive is working. I have this inside a small mini-ITX case, and I think I may have some RF issues going on, but can't seem to figure out why. Like I said though, I'm not sure if it's the motherboard causing the problem, or maybe it's the power supply being too close to the board.

Overall Review: For the features and ease of using, I would buy one of these again for sure.

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No Problems Yet!1/19/2010 10:45:04 AM

Pros: EggCellent drives so far. I've been using two of these for about 2 years and have had no problems. Transfer rates are good and the drives are quiet. They make great storage drives.

Cons: I had to pay for them...

Overall Review: I agree with idaiki's comment. I've been explaining the capacity issue for about 25 years now and am getting tired of it. Why can't we all just get along and create an international standard and eliminate the problem forever??

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Very Impressed!2/11/2009 11:33:58 AM

Pros: Been using this for about 9 months now, and Love It! Very impressed with the way this unit works, and would buy another if I needed it! DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND READ HOW TO INSTALL AND USE THIS! I've read some negative comments about this supply and I'm conviced most are user created, not Enermax created. There is a right way to use PSUs and a wrong way. When building systems, not everything is going to be plug and play. You need to READ about the device first!

Cons: None. (Oh, maybe one, but not a biggie... would have been nice if the manual had a VERY detailed map/description of which rails are assigned to what power connectors and hard wired connections)

Overall Review: I've been purchasing and using Enermax PSUs for over 10 years now, and consider them the defacto for reliable units. I can honestly say, other than wearing some out, (I'm a heavy user) I've never had problems. Love 'em!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Value Customer, Thank you for your honest feedback we will input your feedback to our HQ about the manual for rail assign. Thank you for choosing Enermax, if you have any question please feel free to contact us @ 888-778-7878. Sincerely, Team Enermax USA
Very Impressed3/30/2008 1:05:28 AM

Pros: Awesome little USB drive. Fairly quick transfers and nice looking to boot! Seems to be really durable. I've already dropped it a couple of times on a hard floor, and it justs bounces and keeps on working! The sliding/locking mechanism works and locks really well.

Cons: None! Works great!

Overall Review: 1. It DOES have a 'busy' light on it. It's green. Some reviewer said it didn't, but it does. 2. It doesn't have a lanyard, BUT it does have a place for one on the end of the drive, imbedded into the case.

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Best I've Seen Yet2/29/2008 11:25:45 AM

Pros: I've had this thing running for 7 months now, and now that the Arctic Silver 5 has had time to cure completely, my AMD 5200+ stays around 24-26 degrees celsius AT 100% LOAD! Which is about 8-9 degrees above my room temp. Idle temps are in the low to mid teens. Best cpu fan cooler I've ever used.

Cons: Locking mechanism is a bit flimsy for my taste and takes some patience getting it locked down right. But it's not a big deal if your careful about it.

Overall Review: As others have said, this is extremely large. Make sure your case can handle it before you get it. I'm using a server tower and it fits really well, and looks amazingly cool! (no pun intended) ;-)

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Great Idea!2/25/2008 6:00:31 PM

Pros: You guys are so smart! Taped the round hole punch paper perfectly over the round plastic window, tadaaaaa, works like a charm! Thanks guys, your the best!

Cons: None

Overall Review: That's why I absolutely love Newegg! I've been buying products from them for eight years now, and I actually come to the review section of my products first, when I have problems. Then I use a search engine. It's a great place to share ideas about the product!

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BIOS Update! (fan fix)12/18/2007 7:53:15 AM

Pros: EVGA has posted a BIOS update on Dec 5th to address the fan speed issue.

Cons: None

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The Famous CLICK....OF....DEATH!!7/23/2007 9:46:24 PM

Pros: It has cool name.

Cons: Usually works good for a short while. Then????

Overall Review: The ever-so-popular, CLICK OF DEEEEEAAATHH!! I'm telling you straight, Hitachi may have their name on them, but these IBM's are the worst drives on planet earth. I've four of them (different sizes) hoping they would fiqure out the problem. But NOPE.... still a rotten drive! Happy Clicking!! I'll never buy another. :-(

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works great!7/16/2007 4:16:40 PM

Pros: Moves a great amount of air for the size of the unit. Matches my off-white colored case. I bought 3 of these and am impressed with them so far. Worth the small price for what you get!!!

Cons: May require some time and patience installing them. If they don't line up with your drive bay screw holes, you can flip them over and then it might work better. The picture shows a filter, but mine didn't have any. So I just removed the fan mount and installed fan filters that I already had. No biggie...

Overall Review: One of the fans on one of the units makes a buzzing sound. (Not sure why) I'll replace it and it should be good then. NOTE: If you have a screwless case (lazy man's case) and/or screwless drive bays, these will probably not work. They can only be mounted with screws into the bays. I'm very happy with them so far!

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2/29/2004 8:05:32 PM

Comments: Well, I'm still waiting for the replacement... I purchased the WGT624 from Newegg, delivery was fast, hooked it up, it ran awsome for about 5 minutes, died, and never could get running again. :-( Tried all the steps for rebooting, but wouldn't let me reboot or ping the device. I think the firmware XXX out. I've been repairing computers, building computers, and networking for about 14 years and have to admit this is the shortest running device I've bought yet. But the replacement is on it's way and will write another review when it comes... If your new to NewEgg, I can tell you that I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of materials from them and you CAN'T go wrong. Excellent online store!

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