All but perfect6/13/2020 5:47:09 PM

Overall Review: Run this in my Fractal Design Meshify C to cool my Ryzen 3700x. Which it does a solid job at considering my house is rather warm. The only reason I'm knocking it down an egg for is it didn't fit up top in my case.. even though the case says it fits up to 240 on top. Fans conflict with my RAM and the RAM isn't even all that tall. That being said it works fine front mounted, and I have it setup to exhuast air. I originally had it set to intake but that made the graphics card super hot and overall the case was filled with a ton of hot air.

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Works6/13/2020 5:37:06 PM

Overall Review: Just doing my due diligence to add a positive review to this thing. Works perfect for me no issues and thing is stupid fast. Get it.

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Works6/13/2020 5:34:30 PM

Overall Review: No issues so far running with a celsius s24 cooler from fractal design. I'm just assuming all the ryzen chips run hot I get spikes up to 78-80C at times when its under heavy load. But average temps when gaming which is pretty much all i do or really care about its in the low 60s, always under 70C.

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Super Quiet, Super Fast6/13/2020 5:30:49 PM

Overall Review: Love this card, thing is dead silent even with heavy gaming or stress testing. It boosts way past the standard boost clock of 1650. Im consistently hitting 1960Mhz without overclocking the card and it never goes past 70C. Get It.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI graphics card! If you would like further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
RGBs Yo6/13/2020 5:27:51 PM

Overall Review: Just doing my due diligence and saying my set works perfect with no issues at its rated speeds. Blends nicely with my Corsair keyboard and iCue.

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Love It6/13/2020 5:26:00 PM

Overall Review: It isn't the most accurate display out there but it does a pretty good job. And honestly if you're looking for a lower priced 240hz monitor this is perfect. Love the functionality and all the ports. Works perfect for me.

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Not DOA5/13/2020 11:22:23 PM

Overall Review: Was very worried about getting a bad board. Fortunately the board I received works flawlessly. Posted first attempt, flashed latest bios and has been functioning flawlessly since.

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Like it, don’t love it5/13/2020 11:20:42 PM

Overall Review: Tons of options for potential expansion and very spacious for cable management. The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 eggs is it didn’t let me mount my Celsius s24 on the top. Had to front mount the cooler. The fans needed about an inch more clearance to not hit my ram sticks. Unfortunate, but it is what it is.

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Does it’s job5/13/2020 11:17:15 PM

Overall Review: Don’t have anything bad to say about it. Works as it’s intended. Just trying to do my due diligence and write a positive review to encourage future buyers.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Love it3/22/2014 10:03:01 AM

Pros: Ive used this for a little over a month now and I absolutely love it. My pros are really just the features of the mouse pad... because, well, they the exact reasons I bought the thing. Dual sided - One side for control, one for speed. I find myself using the speed side more than the control side. It feels nicer and theres a lot less hesitation, but still enough grip to be accuracte. Cable Clip - This was the #1 selling point for this mouse pad, at least to me. I was sick of getting my braided cable stuck on my keyboard shelf. Theres a lot less drag and my mouse feels way less restrictive. Non-Cloth Materials - Easy to clean, don't have to worry about sweat building up into my mouse pad, and if anything is ever spilt on it.. its easily cleanable. I hate to be reiterating the features list, but they are what make the mouse pad.

Cons: Just a bit too big. I wish there was a more convenient size available, while the extra size is nice.. there's not a lot of keyboard shelves to house this and a keyboard. Right now i barely manage it with my compact keyboard. And im constantly having to adjust because of it. Also the rubber underside is not very gripping. I find that after an hour of gaming my mouse pad is slanted. Its not enough to dock an egg, but be wary of how much space you have. You might also want to consider using a more gripping surface for it.

Overall Review: Works well with my Func MS-3. :)

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Great first SSD1/27/2014 5:00:37 PM

Pros: I decided to bite the bullet and replace my HDD with an SSD. I rather just have one drive instead of having two and it can't hurt the fact that everything will be faster. *Fast - Windows installation was a breeze and was done in under 10 minutes.. if even that. My read/write speeds in CrystalMark (first ssd.. so I dunno of a "proper" benchmark) were 464/412 sequential R/W. *Small - Low profile with the option to increase size with a provided spacer. *Cheap - At the time it was the cheapest 480GB class SSD at around 270$. *Storage - Its around 447GB total, which isn't terrible just 20 less than my 500GB class HDD.

Cons: *No included accessories other than spacer While not enough to dock an egg, it would have been nice at least with the higher cap models.

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Great First Heatsink1/20/2014 2:24:06 PM

Pros: Aesthetics - It looks awesome, if you're someone that takes aesthetics into account when purchasing components this won't disappoint. "Simple" installation - At least for my Intel i5, installation was pretty straight forward, especially for someone whos never installed a heatsink and going by video tutorials on Youtube I found it quite simple. Cool - If you don't know already, this thing keeps things very chill. I don't overclock, but my i5 3570K stays under 50C at all times, even at full load. Gaming it'll never go over 45C. I don't even have to run it at full fan speed and it stays cold. LED Fan - I like it, but you may not. Somehwhat Big - Although I had no clearance issues in my case, nor with my RAM which have high rise heat spreaders.

Cons: None that I can think of, the thermal paste is sketchy and you'd probably be better off going with a third party paste if you're not already.

Overall Review: My PC: NZXT Phantom 410 MSI ZH77a-G43 Intel i5 3570K @Stock Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz Sapphire R9 280X Seasonic M12II

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Upgraded from i3 3220 to This12/8/2013 2:53:35 PM

Pros: Coming from my i3 3220 i instantly noticed a difference in gaming and in windows in general. Boots up maybe a couple seconds faster. Things just load a lot faster. Gaming has been smoothed out tremendously and no longer am bottlenecking my R9 280X. Games have a much more solid FPS and no longer dip randomly. Using a Xigmatek Dark Knight II with Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste and things are cool. Granted im not overclocking any just yet, but things at full load @ 3.8Ghz im not seeing anything over 49C. Once I can get the z77 version of my MOBO i will be overclocking. Idle: 25C Full Load @ 3.8Ghz: 49C

Cons: Core temps are not accurate around 30C's, from what ive researched this is normal until you get higher temps where things actually need accuracy. In my case core4 (core3 if you wanna get technical) is usually the hottest. Core2 seems to be the most accurate temp.

Overall Review: My Build: NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-Tower Intel i5 3570K - Xigmatek Dark Knight II - Tuniq TX-2 MSI ZH77a-G43 Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM Seasonic M12II 620 80 PLUS Bronze

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Not a bad card.10/23/2013 12:40:43 AM

Pros: Cool LED (which may or may not be a con for you) looks great in my NZXT Phantom and matches the other lights I have. 2 8pin connectors* (see other thoughts) Quiet, not very quiet, but not too noisy if you can keep the fan speed under 50%. Gaming its unnoticeable, but benchmarking or stress testing will run GPU usage up to 100%. HDMI Included

Cons: Loud at 45%+ fan speeds. Aggressive fan curve. I used Afterburner to tweak it, but even then it had only four curve points to tweak whereas my 660 had maybe 6-8.

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