HD4850 rocks6/23/2008 1:26:29 AM

Pros: Single slot Cheap! Nearly twice the performance of a HD3780 PCI-e 2.0

Cons: Runs fairly hot Little driver support Single piece heatsinker (hard to change to aftermarket)

Overall Review: It's a great card, I'm seeing higher frames with higher settings than before with my HD3870. Currently running at 1920x1200 and I don't have a game that can make it lag (save for Crysis) BUY it! You'll love it

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HD2900XT for 300 bucks10/13/2007 5:49:34 PM

Pros: This is the exact same card as the HD2900XT 1GB down to the heatsink. The only difference is the core clock speed. This card runs at 600MHz stock, and the XT runs at 740MHz. I've gotten mine up to 857/2296 on stock cooling.

Cons: No 8pin adapter, although it's not needed unless you want to overclock using CCC. Riva tuner 2.05 is a better program to use anyways.

Overall Review: I got it for thirty dolla less, I wish Newegg would stop raising their prices when they notice interest in a product.

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1/25/2007 8:51:07 PM

Pros: Looked nice. Lots of features.

Cons: Died within 16 hours of use.

Overall Review: I had it powering a FM121, CNPS9500LED fan, a hard drive cooler with two 60mm fans and one 80mm fan. I tested it outside the case with more fans than that and it ran fine. Then I spend three hours re-wiring for this thing and the temp prodes and it dies :(

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Best VGA cooler for the buck12/3/2006 2:12:04 PM

Pros: It's very quiet, easy to install and can remove 120W of heat from your GPU. The water is UV reactive too. Comes with Al heatsinks, tiny but they work.

Cons: Big. Plastic seems like it could break easily. No voltage regulator cooling for X1900 series, it gets very hot, had to add a 80mm fan. y only big issue with this is that the plastic case over the top side of the unit (the bottom half is Al and the water is in another seperate tank..no leaks :) ). The plastic does not seem very strong and I was worried that I was going to snap it at some points.

Overall Review: This thing rocks. I have a X1900XT and when overclocked with the stock cooler it would surpass 100C at load. With this it rarely passes 50C. This allows for an extra 50mhz on the core clocks. It is, however, quite large. I have mine mounted upright almost against my case window. I zip-tied it to the rear vent next to the pci-slots. M Overall, if you are looking for upgraded cooling for your graphics card, buy this. It fits just about every card out there...but not the AIW series from ATI because they have a different mounting hole pattern. Also remember that this will not lower your temps that much unless you have an already hot card. Putting this on a 9xxx series or 7600 or lower won't drop the temps by more than maybe 2-3C.

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Owns9/11/2006 1:57:15 PM

Pros: Good, stable, nice colors.

Cons: price

Overall Review: OCZ uses FSP group, or Fortron parts.

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It lives8/19/2006 3:19:38 AM

Pros: It works again.

Cons: ZERO

Overall Review: It came back to life after three days of pretending to be dead. It's xx dollars, just buy one and stop reading reviews for this thing.

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awesome...for awhile8/17/2006 11:52:12 PM

Pros: I have had this controller for about 8 months now and it always controlled four of my fans with ease.

Cons: DIES, shorts out, the lights went first, then the fans months later -Newegg yelled at me for using the d word in my review-

Overall Review: I love this little thing. At $xx, thats like two lunchs, you can get a fan controller that can run three channels of fans, each channel holding 13W of rated power, and up to 26W per line. Not only do you get the sweetness of that, but you get two CCFL lights...that are a foot long! Two lights and a controller are easily 20 bucks. This thing is only 13! And it stops working after 8 months. But it's so darn cheap! Shipping makes is more than 30% of the price. So buy like two or three today!

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Great PSU8/11/2006 12:27:03 AM

Pros: Steady, Afordable, Lots of connectors, Quiet and Pretty, has a velcro tie to hold the extra cables. ITS ALSO LIKE REALLY, REALLY SMALL. My old 400W X-connect was about an inch to two deeper than this one and had about half as much power.

Cons: Under "Product Features", the second feature mentions "Grossfire" which is either a subtle hint to stick to Nvidia or a poor speller at OCZ. I wish the people who write this manuals speak english, or hire a better translator.

Overall Review: This PSU rocks. It has two lines with three sata power plugs on them, each line is about five feet long. There are also two lines with three each molex plugs and a floppy plug at the end. I'm running a SLI rig (two 7600gs, so i dont need the pci-e) and this psu has given me no problems at all. This is by far the best deal on a 700W psu made by Fortron. Oh, It also came with some tight black screws to match the psu case color.

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SLI Pwnage8/10/2006 9:09:07 AM

Pros: Fast, Cheap, two beat a 7900GT

Cons: Overclocking is limited, the N547 comes at +150mhz core and +25mhz (50mhz) on the memory. I have gotten it to 560/870. Needs more power to OC more, maybe with some help from a volt mod.

Overall Review: I have two of the N547 verison of this card, which has clocks of 550/850. I got a 3Dmarks05 score of 7421 and a 3Dmarks06 score of 3629. A stock 7900GT will get about 7000 in 3Dmarks05 and between 4-5 thousand in 3Dmarks06. If you own a LCD or if you play games at 1280x1048 max, then two of these are the cheapest way to max out almost any game. One 7600GS gave me 50-80fps in BF2, and two in SLI give me 80-100fps. All maxed settings in the video stress test for Lost Coast gave me an average of 75fps. This is the best deal in graphics cards right now, and if you buy from Evga, you can always step-up later ;). If you can't afford two, just buy one and you'll be happy with it. Another note, this card probably draws most of the 75 watts allowed per pci-e slot and you will need a solid PSU to power ANY cards in SLI. I recommend the 700W OCZ GameXStream, it runs better than I could have hoped.

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Good Buy6/11/2006 11:31:05 AM

Pros: Controls the fans very well, comes with two 12" lights + a controller for them, pretty green leds

Cons: lights shorted out (may have been my fault)

Overall Review: I have 5 fans running off of this, with two 80's at half speed for intake, two 60's on a hard drive cooler at full speed, and one 80 for intake from my AC unit. The controller has no problems running 5 fans at full speed, and i've put as many as 3 fans per channel and it can keep up with it. The lights shorted out about a week after I got the unit, probably because I over loaded the fan channels, I dont know though. The fan controller is worth it without the lights, and I was surprized to find the lights when I got the controller, because I didnt see that they came with it. Buy this if you need to control 1-6 fans, and like CCFL lights.

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Good Deal4/29/2006 10:14:57 PM

Pros: -Geforce 7 Series featurs -Runs pretty cool for the amount of powe it has, and the stock cooler on the card. -DDR2 memory on card doesn't heat up at all after gaming. -Cheap -Quiet -Small card -I was a bit worried when I ordered this card because it says it needs a +12V rail of at least 18A, and my PSU's +12V rail is 16A, and it runs fine on it. -eVGA's set-up program means I can get a 7900GT within 3 months for the cost of a 7900GT - the cost of this card.

Cons: -128bit, may not do well at higher res -Won't overclock like I would like it too

Overall Review: The card runs fine in heavy gaming, but won't overclock at all, and I'm figuring that it's my PSU not suppling enough power to it. Athlon A64 3500+ @2.42ghz 2GB (4x512MB) RAM 250GB WDSE16 (16MB cache) (drive for gaming) 80GB WDSE (8MB cache) Ultra 400W X-connect PSU, +12V rail=16A 7600GS 550mhz core, 850mhz memory 3Dmark21: 20,787 3Dmark03: 10,208 3Dmark05: 4,609 3Dmark06: 2,489 (SM2.0=1069, SM3.0=940) AquaMark 3: 67,788 Half Life:Lost Coast (max settings AAx6 ASx16 1280x1048 video stress test): 66.33FPS BF2 (max settings, 1280x1048 no AA): 60-70 FPS CS:S (max settings, 1280x1048 AAx6 ASx16): 100-120FPS Temps for the card ranged from 38C on boot to no more than 65C after 4 hours of straight BF2. Buy this card today, you will be able to play any game at least 1048x768. I switched from 800x600 with low settings in BF2 to 1280x1048 with high, and not only does the game look so much better, but my skill has increased.

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Great mouse2/17/2006 1:40:10 PM

Pros: -Great for regular home usage -Very well built

Cons: -Not a great gaming mouse

Overall Review: I paid about 2 times as much for the blue verison of this mouse about 2-3 years ago in a retail store. This is by far the strongest mouse I have ever used. I have chucked this mouse at the wall while it's still connected to the computer (front side ports) and it gets riped out from the computer, hits the wall and doesn't break. I plug it back in and it still works. Buy this mouse...unless you need a gaming mouse, or you have marks on the wall from it : )

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good overclocker12/3/2005 8:03:05 PM

Pros: Overclocks very nicely

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: I have Xtasy's model of this card. It has a larger heatsink with fins. I raised the core speed about 150mhz using atitool. I could only raise the memory by 87mhz, but with better cooling(it has none) I think it could go higher. My 3dmark05 score at stock speeds was 1009, and with overclocking it went to 1430. I know 1430 is not very high, but how many cards give you a 43% increase in 3dmark05? In Half Life 2, my average fps went from about 40 to 75-80 on medium settings. Buy this if you want a cheap decent card...but buy a better heatsink and ram heatsinks.

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Decent tv tuner card11/14/2005 1:40:53 PM

Comments: Getting a tv card for under $xx is a steal. I'm happy with the card right now, although I am disappointed with some things. It has lots of options and does almost everything I bought it to do. I hooked my PS2 to it and it works well, has lots of options with brightness/contrast. The tv part also works well. I love the remote as well, it has a nice full screen key. There are a couple of cons to the card though. The manual is just about worthess, and the one on the cd-rom is lacking from any soild info. Installtion is not easy, I had to re-install and reboot my computer half a dozen times. For some reason when I record tv (easy as hitting one button) I cant get any sound during playback. The "mute" function does not work, so you have to close down the tuner if you want to listen to music on a commerical. If you want a cheap tv card that you can hook a PS2 to, and watch tv(you can do both with picture in picture) this is the card you want.

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11/4/2005 6:46:57 AM

Comments: I just got this keyboard 3 days ago and i'm loving it so far. The keys are much quietier than the last keyboard I had. All the silver keys work for me, but the extra F keys don't. I am not sure if the drivers are needed for those to work, but I won't them anyways, so it's not a problem. My only problem with this keyboard is the level of raise on it. I would be happier if the little raiser feet were 1/2 inch longer. I also think that the first row of keys (Ctrl, Alt, spacebar etc.) are too tall. Ordered it with UPS and it came on time and in one piece. Overall this keyboard is worth the four bucks I payed for it plus the seven for shipping

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Great monitor, Great price8/24/2005 3:02:21 PM

Comments: Came a day early with no dead pixels. Huge, very bright screen. My only problem was when I was installing ubuntu and selected the wrong screen size. The biggest size you can use is 1280x1024, but thats big enough for me. Thank you Samsung for a great product and thank you for the low price newegg.

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