3/24/2011 4:45:21 AM

Pros: awesome, though not quite as small as i´d hoped... will not fit in your pocket. However the image quality is higher than i´d dared to dream. It is not quiet when running, but not really noisy either.

Cons: Built in speakers are an absolute last resort only... my eee pc has better speakers.

Overall Review: an incredible peice of technology. I was never going to buy a projector because of the cost, worry, and hassle of replacing bulbs but that will never be an issue with this thing since I could theoretically leave it turned on for the next 3 yearswithout burning out the LEDs.

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PERFECT!5/20/2008 8:47:20 AM

Pros: I've had 3 other wireless keyboards, this is the first one that is anything like what I wanted. Works great, looks great, charges itself... perfect! Don't try to save a few bucks with a cheaper model, they don't work half the time (which makes them totally useless, since you still need your old keyboard around).

Cons: Sleep button on top left gets tapped once in a while and shuts the computer down... aside from that, perfect!

Overall Review: I strongly recommend this to everyone who wants a remote keyboard. I wasted a few hundred bucks on several "cheaper" models, which didn't work at all... learn from my mistake!

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pretty sweet!1/9/2008 8:44:37 AM

Pros: Not bad at all, good picture and sound, Hi-def tuner is fantastic - now mom gets a better picture for free than i do with cable TV, no super antenna needed or anything! Built in stand is nice too, works until we wall mount it.

Cons: Not a big brand name, which is the main tech spec for most ladies apparently (but that's also why it's 32" instead of 22" for $500!) We need some kind of DVR for broadcast hi-def!

Overall Review: If it keeps on working like it has been, this is one of the best purchases I've ever made.

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4/17/2007 1:09:22 PM

Pros: It can be used as a very poor wireless gamepad with limited functions.

Cons: It doesn't do half of what it says, tilt-motion control doesn't work, and it's time consuming and painful to set up and use, and you have to change the settings all the time for different apps/games.

Overall Review: This thing totally sucks, a regular cheap wire controller would at least be less laggy.

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best price/performace ratio ever12/11/2006 1:07:50 PM

Pros: *PRICE* and... it does everything well and fast, DVD burner, nice touchpad, great screen, 4 usb ports. Looks good once you take off the tasteless stickers and nascar theme (probably why the price is so great!) Reasonably thin and light as well.

Cons: graphics card is not as good as I'd hoped - don't expect to play graphics-intense games less than 5 years old on this. Just fine for movies and pictures and older games though.

Overall Review: Yeah, the NASCAR theme is corny, but once you take it off (the stickers are cheap and peel right off, then use "goo-gone" to get the glue off) but once you get past that, this is one seriously great laptop with an awesome screen that does everything for a n extremely low price. Seems pretty well built too, doesn't flex or squeak, I expect it will last a few years. Better than most laptops costing over twice as much. Perfect gift, my wife totally loves hers (and I'm actually a bit jealous!)

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