evga supernova 750 power supply11/22/2020 11:09:26 AM

Pros: Love EVGA and installed perfect. Didn't really realize it was a modular though but that is good. I have this on my second computer running 8300 amd 8 core. Not a demanding set up but 750 will do nicely.

Cons: NO cons here.

Overall Review: Newegg? Really a week earlier than you said? Wow. Thank you.

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Logitech M58510/28/2020 1:46:51 PM

Pros: Lightweight and the battery lasts longer than others do. Also, it fits a medium size hand not for huge handed. Well, it is fits mine that is. I am presently buying another one for another device. I don't use the extra "features" but I game a bit and it is easy to get out of dodge and maneuver around "worlds". Moves lightly around the computer too. I have Windows 10. One of the better Logitech mice I have used (a lot at that).

Cons: None

Overall Review: Will buy again and recommend highly.

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Asus 24x dvd burner10/29/2019 10:55:25 AM

Pros: Black and works like it is supposed to. Replaced a dvd player that 10 couldn't get it recognized so I bought another one. This one works with no problem.

Cons: there isn't any.

Overall Review: Recommend it to friends.

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BattPit: Laptop / Notebook Battery Replacement for Sony VGP-BPS22 (4400mAh) 10.8 Volt Li-ion Laptop Battery6/4/2017 9:59:22 PM

Pros: I received this battery in perfect condition. The instructions on how to prolong the battery are very helpful and explanatory. I feel I made a wise purchase and the fact that it facts my Sony VPCEb3PG laptop. It was only 25% charged but it doesn't take long to charge it. Works perfect too. I will order from BattPit again when the need arises. Got right on the day I was promised.

Cons: None whatsoever.

Overall Review: Definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a battery for the Sony VPCEB3PG laptop.

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BYTECC HMMINI66ft Black HDMI Male to ADMI MIni Male3/21/2017 9:44:16 AM

Pros: Well, I must say I love the fact that I ordered exactly what I needed. Phew. This cord is the correct length and the correct plug in. I am using it on my computer that has a mini-hdmi plug and plugging into my TV. Wow works wonderful. Sound and everything. I am using it on a 630 EVGA video card that has two digital plugins and one mini hdmi.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: glad I ordered it and I will order a BYTECC product again. Oh wait? I have used them for years and I keep coming back to selecting them for my hardware/accessory needs. Oh and thanks newegg for the excellent delivery.

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bought this for laptop....Cooler Master NotePalX-Slim3/21/2017 9:38:03 AM

Pros: I love the design. Looks elegant and tough. I have their Storm Scout II case which has the nice design and features that this laptop notepad has. Design well thought out. The fan is quieter than what is on the laptop and that was loud. You can hear the fan but not a whining sound and far lower than the one on the laptop. A whrrr sound. Sturdy too with the fold out legs as well. Using the usb port on the plug has a good secure fit. I use it all the time. Wish I had bought this sooner. Thanks newegg for excellent service.

Cons: no cons whatsoever.

Overall Review: I would recommend this to anyone with a laptop that runs hot. Mine does when using the graphics for a simple card game and not an intense one at that. The 160mm fan definitely cools it and keeps the fan on the laptop from spinning so high. I have used CoolerMaster products for other hardware and I must say they have not disappointed me. The design is lightweight, not bulky at all and the fan is good quality.

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Enermax ETS-T40F-tb6/16/2016 1:56:06 PM

Pros: Will do this for a SECOND time newegg. I love this heatsink. Instructions were wrong. YOU must lap the AMD bracket under the Intel bracket as the mounting bracket will not screw in. I followed a youtube.com video and it was wrong. Had to do a nap and then get back to it to figure that one out. The heatsink: 32c idle, load 62 6000 rpm very very noisy 30c idle, load 43 1600 rpm hold on a second....nope can't hear it love this Room temperature 76f Fits the following: Coolermaster SCout II case two fans 120mm in front; one 120mm back Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 AMD FX6350 (no overclocked) 8 gig Corsair Vengeance Memory with heatsinks two hard drives/one dvd drive samsung 850 Corsair Power Supply 760 NVIDIA EVGA 4 gig video (love this) This heatsink leaves 1/8 inch or so to the case cover. Not touching anything: PCIE cards slots, memory slots -- room to expand to four if you want without problem. I am using only the fan on the Enermax that came with it. Don't need another one but there is room for one.

Cons: Instructions were showing wrong....you have to lap the amd bracket UNDER the intel whereas you have the intel on top when you are screwing on the mounting bracket. Mounting bracket will NOT reach by 1/8 inch no matter what you do. Yutube video was incorrect so beware.

Overall Review: Newegg's delivery was on target. Should be more reviews than this. This is great.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your purchase. We try and make sure every one of our products are above satisfactory for your demand and needs.
Surprised me7/11/2014 8:02:33 PM

Pros: I was surprised but I had to run Dark Souls II on my Win 7 32 bit computer because of the updates...it doesn't run properly on my bigger computer running a 560gt. Well, this little video card 630 runs it the same as the 560gt did (for 108 hours and then FromSoftware updates messed with it). Anyway, I installed this on my second computer as it is a diagnostic computer only. But it runs it wonderful. Really surprised and happy.

Cons: I ain't got one.

Overall Review: Like I said I installed this on a triple core 8750, 3 gig 500 gig hard drive, 600 watt power supply Corsair and it runs wonderful. Also I have installed and recommended it to several other people as well.

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Corsair Ethus7/12/2013 10:57:44 AM

Pros: Swapped out this one for a 850 Pro Series but only because I had to see if the 850 worked. The 750 Ethus Series works great. I have it as a back up now. No problems with the power supply and is quiet. Runs/ran all my components to max when needed. Cords are long and had to hide some in drive bays but that is fine. I know it wasn't modular. The 850 Pro is but it appears i have lots of cords again but my new case helps me "hide" those too.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Buy this power supply if you want reliability. Never gave me issue. My rig: 945 Phenom 3.0 gh, 8 gig Corsair Vengeance memory, Black Ed WD 1 t sata, Blue Caviar WD 500 gig sata, lg dvd, Asus mobo M5a97, two usb printers, EVGA GT 560 Ferme video, TPLink net card

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Great Product7/12/2013 10:45:17 AM

Pros: Bought for a build for gaming bud. He now has a really good computer and it appears I need to upgrade mine too. But This WD Black Edition hard drive I already have two. Bought one here in addition to this one and one elsewhere. All work great and there is no lag in seeking data. Delivery was great from Newegg as well.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: I know I waited to see if there any problems with this drive but none hence the long time to review.

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Great WD Element7/12/2013 10:31:25 AM

Pros: Bought it for a friend to let me remotely transfer data to clean and maintain his computer; have had no problems with it. Was leery as it is a refurbished one but according to him and from where I sit it works like it is supposed to. Comes in handy when you need to redo a computer and do a back up of everything. I looked only at it because it is WD and took a chance. Wow nice work and it was delivered early ... great going Newegg.

Cons: none

Overall Review: i will consider the refurbished products again. Good product.

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Corsair 850 Pro Series7/12/2013 10:26:52 AM

Pros: I have enjoyed the responsiveness of this power supply. I handles my computer well and then some. I have the following rig: 945 3.0 Phenom, EVGA GT560 Ferme, 8 gig Corsair Vengeance, Black WD 1 t, Blue Caviar WD 500 gig, Asus Motherboard M5A97. Power supply is quiet. Don't know it is there. My case is has the power supply on the bottom and it is even quieter if that could be. I tend to use about all the cords just about and they are long to work in a CoolerMaster Scout2 Advanced case. Just long enough. Expensive but feel it is worth it.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Replaced an Antec 750 not modular and it is my backup. Nothing wrong with it but I like having a reliable backup as well.

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Scout? You There7/12/2013 10:09:26 AM

Pros: I love my new case hence the 5 eggs. The Scout 2 has been upgraded to a new improved design and it shows. Nice features with the hidden door for your 3.0 and 2.0 usb's, HD headphone/audio all work. The finish inside is nice. The fans all work but I have no use for the colors so I use the button to turn it off. Room room room for more upgrades later. Yes. Finish of matte black is nice and the filters etc. Nice touches CM.

Cons: the fans spin a tad too low for me. I don't want to have to put so many inside as there are three already and they work but I will put/replace one or two of them. Just my preference. Standoffs. I only had two to really work. I had some though. They didn't screw all the way down ... hole issue or screw I don't know. Anyway have some handy if that is the case for future purchasers. Only problem I had. Takes a lot for me to knock off an egg especially when so many of the case I love.

Overall Review: My video card EVGA GT560 ferme fits perfect even with the cords attached. My previous case I had to move my hard drives. I took out the top cage but I really didn't need to. I will be getting 90 degree angle cords for the hdd just to be safe although the regular ones work okay. I like the power supply on the bottom. I really was going between the Corsair Vengeance case but finally decided on this one. I looked for weeks. Just some features weren't what I wanted but this case got my vote and your reviews helped in the decision making and many products I buy. Keep 'em rolling. Oh, and Newegg? You really are sumptin'. My case arrived in free shipping two days? What no 4 days like they said? My rig: 945 Phenom 3.0 gh, video mentioned above, 1 tb Black Edition WD, 500 g Caviar WD, 8 gig Corsair Vengeance, Win 7 Pro.

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Tplink wn822n5/26/2013 10:34:07 AM

Pros: I bought two of these at ****Center two years ago. And then saw these. I bought three of them they all work and I bought two network adapters as well (all tplink). Using the adapter now and two of the wireless are on other computers plus one in one of mine. It replaced the wireless on a laptop which now connects at a faster speed. I have used it on 1 computer constantly. And sometimes my other computer as well. It connects everytime and at a very very high speed. I love these things because it picks up signals that other wireless adapters don't. Excellent purchase and love the extension with the cord on it. Nice work TPLink.

Cons: none

Overall Review: The price you can't ask for a better product and you get more. Thank you TPLink. I am using their pci network adapter on this computer. Works perfect. It replaced an intel adapter which was pci express and I had no room for the pci express sound card I bought. So hence the pci card. Nothing wrong with the intel one it just no room on motherboard.

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EVGA runs great1/8/2013 10:33:58 AM

Pros: runs cool and only needs one pci express plug and it is a short card compared to my 560 gt. Isn't noisy at all...I don't hear it....the fan that is even at high and yes it is running.

Cons: just 128 bit as my 560 is 256 but then that is why the prices are diff. Just thought I would mention it. I am using a Truepower 750 Antec power supply (modular) with this. Has played ACIII, MEIII with no hiccups and runs sweet. I know it isn't high end but it does the job very very well and cool too.

Overall Review: acquiring ACIII was a real brain tease. Geez what a lovely game but acquiring was not fun. Fortymillion hours later I was able to download the game. Was worth it though. Glad it came with the card though. The build for a friend is follows and all purchased from Newegg: NOTE: Virtual PC XP Mode with the Bulldozer (Zambesi) cpu, you have to get a hotfix. Microsoft has it but doesn't download automatically - have to search for it. AMD FX-4170 Zambezi 4.2GHz (4.3GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W Quad-Core Processor FD4170FRGUBOX , 8 gig Kingston HyperX 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 Desktop Memory Model KHX1600C9D3K2/8G, EVGA 01G-P4-2650-KR GeForce GTX 650 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card, Western Digital WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5"Hard Drive; Win 64bit 7 and Power Supply Truepower 750 Antec Modular (bought a bit ago). All parts are stable and bought from Newegg except Win 7. CPU runs at 29c. NO overclocking at all.

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AsRock Rocks 970 Extreme1/8/2013 10:26:02 AM

Pros: Sweet board. Has good chipset and heatsinks are prevalent.

Cons: there was plastic film covering on the north or south bridge (near the sata ports). If you didn't really look close at the board you would not have seen it. Remove it. Book doesn't mention anything and I know it would be a problem in heat if you don't. I have never in the years of building have I seen this other than covering on the cpu socket. Board runs cool around 30c. Have run AC III, ME II and III, no problem all on high settings.

Overall Review: I have Asus board for me but this was a build for a friend. Glads I chose this board...have had no problems at all. If you are wanting to use Virtual PC XP Mode with the Zambesi cpu, you have to get a hotfix. Microsoft has it but doesn't download automatically. I am putting everything for setup. The selection in memory isn't easy to find. The setup: AMD FX-4170 Zambezi 4.2GHz (4.3GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W Quad-Core Processor FD4170FRGUBOX , 8 gig Kingston HyperX 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 Desktop Memory Model KHX1600C9D3K2/8G, EVGA 01G-P4-2650-KR GeForce GTX 650 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card, Western Digital WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5"Hard Drive; Win 64bit 7 and Power Supply Truepower 750 Antec Modular (bought a bit ago). All parts are stable and bought from Newegg except Win 7. The memory is running at 1333 but that is okay for what I want to do with this. CPU runs at 29c. NO overclocking at all.

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Gift Cranberry Earings are Perfect1/1/2013 12:15:50 PM

Pros: Tech knowledge on earrnings? Well.... Anyway, I sent these as a gift and the receiver was so surprised and loved them. They are not cheap looking and made well. Nice gift.

Cons: 0

Overall Review: I do my shopping here for tech stuff and I needed a gift for someone and thought I would browse. Well, I found these earrings and were perfect.

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So Far She is Running Smooth as Butter8/14/2012 10:22:49 PM

Pros: Runs 42 c at 30% fan which is cooler than my 9800GT. Don't get me wrong. The 9800GT was run through its paces for several years but wanted to get a new card. Instructions for installing etc was good and understandable. I have been able to run all the games that I know would make this puppy shine. COD MW3, ME3, AC Revelations and Brotherhood. I need to spend a little more time running different programs but I used the drivers from my 9800GT which is 296.10 which the card runs perfect ...no hiccups. Will later do the 300 some version (maybe). Received two adapters for molex plugs and vga dvi adapter included with software and manual. I always buy Nvidia chips...love 'em. Hve just filled out the rebate..wasn't too awful thanks to Newegg's website.

Cons: Big

Overall Review: Computer stats: NO OC here -- Phenom 945 quad, Asus M5A97, 8 gig Corsair Vengence running at 666, 4 Sata WD - dual boot XP-HE and Win7Pro, Corsair 750 power supply and yes it has all the plugs for this new video card.

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Keyboard/mouse2/16/2011 9:15:34 PM

Pros: Love the keyboard -- don't care for the mouse. The keyboard has a nice quiet sound and feel to the keys. Good packaging when received. It works in the bios of computer as well with no using special keys or whatever. Glad I bought it. the weight of the keyboard isn't too light either for roughing gaming. Also use get to choose which plug to use the ps2 or usb which is nice to have available. Thanks Newegg. I seem to have gotten it way before it was supposed to be been shipped too. Yikes.

Cons: no cons

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Player does what it is supposed to12/16/2010 1:06:49 PM

Pros: Easy setup. Win 7 Pro there wasn't much to setup. I used Windows Media Player and I picked music then syncd and done. Easy. It has the software on the player and a more extensive manual. Instructions good and straightforward. Buttons easy to figure out - simple. Had a lock button so that you don't change the settings by mistake or hit the wrong buttons. Radio works great. One reason I got this one too. Nice work RCA.

Cons: can't add more memory to it like another I saw but I don't care. That is not why I got it.

Overall Review: Wish I had gotten it as a gift sooner (to myself, haha). Battery half used after six years of use. Have not used the audiobook just the radio and music. Nice price. Had no trouble with Windows Media Player recognizing it. Synced everything quickly. Led screen very very easy to read. I use reading glassed but I don't have to with this. Nice.

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Love MOBO10/28/2008 9:19:15 AM

Pros: Easy to get up and running. Just mind the speaker plug inside on the MOBO must be plugged in the correct way or it won't start.

Cons: None other than no firewire but have a card which have pci slots for that. USB have 10 but only four really as you need a connector inside for the other six. But have 2 hubs and only use one anyway. First ASUS -- abit's before.

Overall Review: 2 gskill, 8600 GT EVGA (no plug needed for it), 2 WB 160 Sata, AMD 4800 low power processor. XP SP3. Never had a BSOD. Power supply Antec 550 plus. I know it isn't the newest but had 2600 amd abit MOBO before and needed to step up to the new tech (somewhat new). All purchased from Newegg. Got in two days not 3.

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Memory Slot Died 2 1/2 Months Later6/26/2004 12:01:21 PM

Comments: Well, this is a second abit board that I have used. The first was a KT7A and it was nice but wanted a newer model and 8X agp. NF7S board, I wasn't so lucky. Two memory slots died last week and an USB port didn't work at the beginning. Nice forum it has for me to figure it out. But very disappointed. I am sending it back to Abit. People are having problems with the memory not fitting in the slot 3 or something. I am using the same parts in that computer in a replacement MSI 6570 board which is extremely stable. Hoping when I get the replacement Abit board from them, I will fare better with it. This board has serial and firewire which would be nice but if it doesn't work it doesn't work. The Northbridge fan started making noise at the beginning of boot too. I know the power supply is fine as I am using it now (Antec 430). Some buyers have had luck with this board some haven't. And again Newegg delivered this board a day earlier than tracked. Way to go Newegg.

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