Never ending dropped connection1/8/2015 6:17:27 PM

Pros: Easy to setup

Cons: I own two of these and both drop connectivity to my Netgear R7000 routers. Previously I used a Trendnet router and had the same problems with this bridge so I'm fairly certain the issue is with this Linksys bridge. At first I thought it was just a range issue but I moved one to around 15 feet with a line of sight of one of the routers and it still looses it's connection. The only correlation I could find is the probability of the dropped connection seems to increase during idle times. Dropping the connection should be expected with any wireless equipment on occasion but the bad thing with this bridge is that it never reconnects and requires either a power cycle or you have to locally reboot it through the web interface. I'm an engineer and have worked with a lot of networking equipment over the years and I have never been so frustrated by network problems as I have been with this product. When this bridge works properly it's fairly quick. I have seen problems moving media streams through it with a high data rate but that happens infrequently.

Overall Review: Linksys updated the firmware revisions *once* and this product has been on the market for at least three years. The last (2nd) update was 8/29/2013 so I think you can consider this hardware abandoned so even thought the price is cheap I wouldn't expect them to offer you any support if you can't get the bridge to operate correctly either.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi MrGiggleNutz, We appreciate you in sharing a detailed review about your experience with the Linksys WUMC710 though we feel bad that the device is not working well as expected. How long have you been using the devices? Have you tried re-flashing the firmwares on each device? Email us the details at and we'll do our best to get this sorted out. We hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Linksys Support
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Don't use with Samsung equipment2/24/2014 6:51:46 PM

Pros: It has decent speed and range

Cons: It doesn't work with Samsung equipment like TVs and Bluray players (tried quite a few out). I captured the issue with wireshark to show the packets that the Samsung equipment sends to validate the network connection. These packets are not repeated to the gateway which causes the Samsung equipment to fail to connect to the network (unfortunately if they don't dial out properly then they won't talk on the network at all). I don't know what the tech support rep did with all the data I gave him but he let my support ticket expire, then when I had him re-opened the ticket he claims that he passed the information on to engineering. They haven't updated the firmware in a long time so I doubt they'll ever fix this problem. While debugging this I came across other issues that sounded like the same problem affecting other brands, one in particular was a Japanese audio receiver unit, the name escapes me. So if you plan on buying a bunch of these I recommend getting one to start with and making sure it works with the rest of your gear.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Valued Customer , I apologize for the overall frustration this has caused, and I would like to work with you to figure a possible solution to this issue. Please email me directly at with "Newegg TEW-680MB Review" in the subject line and I will be able to assist you immediately. Thank you for reviewing our product and I hope to hear from you soon to regain your faith in TRENDnet. Warm Regards, Adrian TRENDnet Support Team
Worked for a while2/20/2014 7:43:09 PM

Pros: When it worked I had no problems with it. It was nice and quiet under a somewhat heavy load (700-900W).

Cons: Mine just had a total failure to the point where it won't even turn on. Luckily when it died it didn't take out the rest of the computer with it so I'm glad about that.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience, please contact us and submit an RMA ticket with the link provided below. We will like to send you can working replacment unit. Lepa support contact information email: phone: 626-913-8899 Thank you, LEPA Customer Service
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Idiot proof bread maker12/4/2013 5:27:28 PM

Pros: This item is very easy to use. The bread canister is not very tall so popping the bread out is pretty easy. Setup is a breeze, you just tell it which bread type you are making, the weight (1.5 or 2 lbs), and a cooking level and let it take it from there.

Cons: Mine didn't come with an instruction manual. This is probably just mine though but if yours is missing the manual you can find it on the home depot website for the same product. Unfortunately they didn't put this manual on the T-fal website so perhaps when I'm done with their support crew they'll post it.

Overall Review: Make sure you follow the instructions closely otherwise you'll end up with some funky bread (still edible but it'll be a bit on the weird side). This is nothing to do with this breakmaker, they are all like that. Since I had a hard time finding the instructions I decided to wing it and I ended up with what seemed like a 4 lbs bran muffin :)

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One out of four failed within 5 weeks7/2/2013 4:54:59 PM

Pros: Cheap storage.

Cons: Put four of these into my NAS and one is already running into seek read failures.

Overall Review: Thank goodness for redundancy in RAID arrays!

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Well balanced NAS10/14/2012 2:07:00 PM

Pros: I have two Samsung 2TB green drives (HD204UI) in this NAS in RAID 1 as well as a third drive (same type) external to the NAS connected occasionally over eSATA for secondary backup purposes. The feature set, performance, and relatively low power draw of this NAS for a low price is quite amazing. Even with low power drives in RAID 1 this unit can clear 80MB/s. I suspect in RAID 0 this NAS could easily achieve 120MB/s. While the unit is being accessed it consumes around 35W (including drives). It also supports UPS integration, I have a Cyberpower UPS connect to it over USB and it works like a charm. I'm a happy camper with this NAS and if I ever buy another NAS in the future it'll be a Synology unit!

Cons: Was waking up from low power mode at random times, see other thoughts for workaround.

Overall Review: One thing that I noticed with this unit was that it was starting up randomly out of low power mode. I worked with the Synology tech support and came to the conclusion the best way to stop this behavior is to go into the NAS firewall settings and block ports 137-139 (NetBIOS). Since then it only comes out of low power mode when I go to access it.

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*** THIS IS NOT A SYNC CABLE!!! ***9/25/2009 2:41:33 PM

Pros: Cheap, small, plug folds for portability, plug rotates 90 degrees for convenience, well constructed.

Cons: Would have been nice if the description of this product clearly stated that this is only a charge cable for the iPhone and not a sync cable (same thing only the sync cable hooks up the data lines).

Overall Review: I guess it's cheap since they were able to save some copper from leaving out the data lines for the iPhone.

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Great bang for the buck4/12/2009 1:40:53 PM

Pros: These drives achieve their advertised sequential read and write speeds. I own four SSDs that use the Jmicron controller and the bearfoot controller in these drives put Jmicron SSDs to shame.

Cons: I was shipped drives with FW 1199 which was complete garbage. Upgrading to the latest firmware was easiest enough but they shouldn't have been shipped with such poor firmware.

Overall Review: I put two of these in RAID 0 in my laptop and now I have a portable machine with much more drive bandwidth than most PCs.

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Product image doesn't do this stand justice1/17/2009 3:21:01 PM

Pros: Easy to assemble Well packaged Quick shipping When assembled it is incredibly stable and my Samsung 46" ToC LCD looks great on it.

Cons: The glass is a dust magnet I wish the glass was a bit wider for the two bottom shelves. .... as you can see I'm drawing at straws here

Overall Review: While assembling the metal pieces keep the bolts loose. Most of the holes are drilled to allow the pieces to move so if you tighten the bolts too early some of the pieces won't line up near the end of the installation.

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Samsung impresses once again1/17/2009 3:15:24 PM

Pros: After owning two Samsung computer monitors I decided that a ToC LCD TV is the only way to go. It's the nicest screen I have ever seen in the 46" range and has a lot of nice/handy features. The TV comes with four HDMI ports (one of which doesn't support sound).

Cons: Does not have an optical audio input which would have be nice since my computer hooked up to the TV doesn't have audio through HDMI (Nvidia 8800GTX). I think the stand should be a bit deeper to prevent the TV from falling forward in case of an earthquake.

Overall Review: I ordered the screen on Sunday and it arrived earlier than expected on Friday (free shipping). If you order something big like this I recommend contacting AIT like I did since you might be able to shave days off delivery. This TV was supposed to arrive next Wednesday. Newegg knocked $950 off the price and offered free shipping. You can't find this TV for a price anywhere near that. Use some of the discount to get yourself an extended warranty since it'll pay for it to be shipped back in case of a failure.

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Great in RAID1/17/2009 3:04:27 PM

Pros: Bought four of these when they were only 79 bucks each. Put in RAID0 they achieve 500MB/s and 300MB/s read/write speeds. These drives achieve their quoted speeds for file sizes of approximately 16kB and up.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: If you used these with an Intel southbridge like I did make sure you get the driver from the Intel site. The driver on the ASUS site for my board was too out of date and I couldn't get the OS to install on these drives. Grabbed the new driver and it was smooth sailing. When testing these drives use the program "ATTO".

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Cross your fingers that you don't need to RMA this card11/2/2008 5:12:07 PM

Pros: 4870x2 cards are nice when they work properly.....

Cons: My card has been sitting in there RMA shop for 2 weeks and after repeated emails asking for the status I've yet to get a response that was helpful. The only response that has been sent I had to read three times since it was so poorly written and didn't offer anything useful. I took a risk going with Powercolor over Sapphire and I guess this is what I get....

Overall Review: At least I'm not stuck without a graphics card since I have a Sapphire 4870x2 that has been rock solid since day one.

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Quadfire issue9/26/2008 2:13:06 PM

Pros: Very fast video engine if you can get it to work

Cons: Linked this card up to a Sappire 4870X2 and CrossfireX doesn't seem to work at all. I either crash or get 2-3fps in CoD4. I'm using a high quality 1kW power supply and have even installed Windows from scratch to see if that solves the problem which it didn't.

Overall Review: Funny thing when you use two of these cards is on my system anyway, the primary card is the one in the bottom slot. Windows then identifies the card in the top slot as the primary displays (1 and 2). When you enable Crossfire X the only monitors driven are 3 and 4...... I've swapped the cards around and each configuration behaves the same.

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Perfect10/22/2007 4:40:09 PM

Pros: Switching speed is very fast (around 1 second) and the product is dirt simple so I haven't seen it fail once yet.

Cons: It's a bit ugly and slides across my desk easily. No big deal since you get what you paid for which wasn't much. This product doesn't come with USB-B (square plugs) so if you don't have any you'll have to purchase them separately. The input is USB-A (rectangle plug) but the output to each computer is USB-B.

Overall Review: If you are looking to share a USB mouse and keyboard between machines this thing works great. Since this switch is so simple you should be able to hook up a hub between it and the USB input to switch multiple USB peripherals at once.

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Price hike already?10/20/2007 4:29:25 PM

Pros: It's stable, what more could you want from Microsoft....

Cons: XP production will be going on into 2008. Why is Newegg hiking the price already? I bought this in July 2007 and it was nowhere near this price.

Overall Review: Shame on you newegg, some of the people are buying this OS because of Vista, didn't you get enough of their money already?

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Great low latency memory7/29/2007 12:51:01 AM

Pros: At 400MHz 4-4-3-10-2T or 333MHz 3-3-3-10-1T very stable. Don't bother pushing this memory past 400MHz (PC6400) speeds when using Core 2 Duo processors. You are better off with low latency as apposed to a high frequency. I'm running this on my Q6600@3GHz and the memory at 1T in linked (sync) mode and the performance is no better than at a higher frequency.

Cons: Using auto settings from SPD are far too loose. Make sure you adjust the memory timings manually to improve the efficiency.

Overall Review: If you have a P4 then go with the high frequency RAM (and watch it burn itself out). For Core 2 Duo machines go with low latency memory.

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Good bang for your buck7/26/2007 12:41:37 AM

Pros: It's big. The fans are powerful enough to push more air out of the vents then a lower speed fan could. Comes with tie wraps and I only cut myself once (new record!). Thermalcouple is great when you don't want to shell out extra bucks for a temperature unit or measuring in software. Twin 25cm fans are incredibly quiet (I can't hear them over the other stuff in the box I installed)

Cons: The manual is pathetic (might as well been written on a napkin). There is very low clearance between the drives on the front and the closing door (I had to move the pegs around on the drive mounts for my XFI soundblaster fatality front panel just to get the door to close). The 25cm fans should have been moved further from the motherboard (see my comment below).

Overall Review: I installed the freezone TEC into this case and the rear 25cm fan bumps into the cooling block. You can still get case to close but it's really tight.

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Impressive7/26/2007 12:33:30 AM

Pros: It's keeping a Q6600 down to 28C (idle) on the highest setting. Comes with fairly good thermal paste already applied (no need for arctic silver 5). Fits in a good sized case so no external parts. I didn't have problems with low quality parts.

Cons: The pair of hoses going to the CPU are so short it makes installing this beast fairly tricky. The instructions for installing the 92mm fan are very confusing (they try to have you put 4 screws into non-threaded plastic holes). I would have liked to have just installed it as is (92mm) but I would have needed a second set of hands to hold the bolts in place. Instead I just installed the 120mm plate adapter and off I went (my case has multiple dimension holes). It's fairly annoying that the fan control is inside the case, I would have liked to have something I could adjust externally since this thing is supposed to be quiet on the lower speeds.

Overall Review: I put this cooler inside an Xclio Windtunnel case and could barely get the side of the case on due to the one of the 25cm fans hitting the cooling unit. So be sure to take measurements before purchasing this.

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