Good starter Chopper7/18/2011 5:23:11 AM

Pros: Fly's well, very good and controllable. Easy charge from USB port on computer. Great for home use and once get finger controls down it is very easy to control.

Cons: My fault but blades wear out after a bit of crashing. Good thing there are other websites that sell the blades for under $3 a set.

Overall Review: Great times, my daughter enjoyed watching it fly.

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Not Phenom II Black X4 965 capable1/21/2011 6:13:01 AM

Pros: nice features.

Cons: I got this board, some kingston ram, and a phenom II black x4 965. Come to find out that this mobo does not support this Phenom II cpu. Very dissappointed.

Overall Review: Probably going to have to waste more money on a mobo that works with my cpu.

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Awesome Memory6/7/2009 11:30:09 AM

Pros: Great product! I have a mid sized tower case, and this large ram works great in it. I have it OC'd to .3 volts higher and it works flawlessly. This is my second set of G.Skill Ram, and I am hooked on the G. Skill Product line. The first ones that I purchased were the DDR 400 ones, and these outperform them by a long shot. The heatsink in them keep them cool.

Cons: None, arrived quickly, I popped them right in and they worked like a champ.

Overall Review: EVGA 9800GT, Gigabyte Mobo, E5300. Runs CSS @ 125fps and Rainbow 6 Vegas. If you need new DDR 800 RAM, Get these. They rock.

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Great CPU6/7/2009 11:21:57 AM

Pros: Newegg service!! First 1 arrived DOA, which Newegg replaced fairly quickly. This CPU is a lot faster than the one I previously had. Booted up quickly and ran CSS great at 125 fps, and a latency of 25. Also runs Rainbow 6 Vegas flawlessly. I have the G. Skill Pi DDR2 800, EVGA 9800GT, and a Gigabyte mobo. All in all great setup.

Cons: Haven't OC'd the CPU, but I really don't need to right now.

Overall Review: If I had a after market CPU cooler, I would OC the CPU. But since I have yet to invest in one, I'm no OCing it just yet.

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Great Product6/7/2009 11:08:18 AM

Pros: Great OEM device. Hooked up a sata cable and plugged it into the mobo and it worked instantly. Another pro is that when I bought it, it came with free shipping. 5 Eggs from me.

Cons: None right now.

Overall Review: Since it is OEM it does not come w/ a sata cable, also it is in bubble wrap secure packaging instead of the retail box. Great $ saver from Newegg.

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Great Product4/2/2009 6:24:49 PM

Pros: Started right up out of the box. Ran smooth and fairly quiet.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: Runs great so far. No problems installing the unit into a coolermaster elite 330. Replaced an old 350W unit and this one installed no problem. Great shipping from Newegg as usual. I love the free shipping Thank you Newegg!!

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