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Quality and a fair price

ASUS Transformer Pad 10.1" IPS Tablet TF300T-B1-BL NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.20GHz - 1GB DDR3 - 32GB  -Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)- Blue
ASUS Transformer Pad 10.1" IPS Tablet TF300T-B1-BL NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.20GHz - 1GB DDR3 - 32GB -Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)- Blue

Pros: - Fair price - Allows for microSD storage - Decent battery life - Great graphics - Fast processing - Smooth interface - Allows for USB without the keyboard dock and ethernet connection if you buy the USB adapter and USB ethernet adapter sold separately. - Front camera - Good charging time - WiFi is good - Everthing seems to work the way ASUS intended on this model.

Cons: - Camera has no flash on this model - Plastic around the camera can make some odd noises - S/N sticker is in the way and will most likely fall off without use of a case. - No reset option - Turns on automatically when plugged in even if its off. - Don't seem to be able to transfer apps to the microSD card. - Power adapter seems to be ASUS specific (doesn't work when I plug it into another USB wall adapter or even when I use my ASUS laptop. It says you should turn the tablet off when connected to a computer but that didn't work either.)

Overall Review: I never thought I would buy a tablet since I have a decent smartphone and ASUS ultrabook but I had to see what the hype was about. I honestly think its fun to have and allows me to enterain myself without all the small things I have to do on my laptop to get it to play a video, music, or phots. My phone gets drained instantly if I play a game so I can save the battery while traveling. Though my ultrabook can be opened while on the plane if someone leans back in front of you then the screen has to be tilted down for fear of breaking it. This tablet is the middle man of lazyness cause even now days I seem to be annoyed even thinking about having to open the lid on my laptop to do something quick. The GUI is resopnsive, games are fun and graphically nice and I can have all the apps on my phone with this. Battery life is good and will a decent charge time a lay over in the airport should give you enough to get through most trips. I do wish you could make shortcuts of documents.

Most Critical Review

Good for internet, thats it though

Belkin F7D2102 N300 Micro Wireless N USB Adapter
Belkin F7D2102 N300 Micro Wireless N USB Adapter

Pros: Small and good range.

Cons: - Some reviews said it was PnP but that's not the case so on my ultrabook I had to download it and the Belkin website was meh so much so I had to Google the driver which took me to a support Q/A on the Belkin site ha. I'm sitting less than 5ft from my Linksys WRT610N dual band router and it says 300Mbps but when transferring from a 1Gbps wired connection I get less than 5Mbps transfer rate but when I plug back in my 100Mbps connection i get over 10Mbps. My entire house is wired so that's 5 different IP's hard wired. This is the only thing in my house that's wireless and still a bad transfer rate. Not sure what test Belkin does but it wasn't good enough. - Wish it operated on the 5Ghz channel as well but whatever.

Overall Review: - Bottom line: Good for internet browsing only! With no PnP things like my WD media player and TV won't take it and the transfer rate is so bad it wouldn't be a viable option anyway for streaming.


Lexar JumpDrive Triton 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Model LJDNV32GCRBNA
Lexar JumpDrive Triton 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Model LJDNV32GCRBNA

Pros: - Fast - Smaller than Corsair Voyagers I was using - Retractable

Cons: - A little slick but whatever

Overall Review: Using Crystal Disk Mark I did a test on a sequential read on at 4000mb and it Read@162mb/Write@148mb! For $60 this is a great deal in my opinion.


A basic MP3 player

Apple MC751LL/A - 2GB iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) BLUE
Apple MC751LL/A - 2GB iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) BLUE

Pros: - Battery life - Small/Simple - Good price - Charges fast The battery life last about 6-8hrs of normal listening which is great, still I wish there was more but with the small size they probably don't make a battery small enough without jacking up the price more. Its about the size of a Cheeze-It and the buttons are postured nicely. It's not as blue in the picture or my eyes deceive me. More like a metallic blue in person which I like much better than the color in the picture.

Cons: - None really, maybe it could be even thinner or longer battery life???

Overall Review: I do not like Apple but because technology pretty much forces it on you I have 2 shuffles for working out/riding my motorycle and a regular iPod for my Pioneer Nav unit. I used industrial strength Velcro and have the black/silver one mounted to my full face motorcycle helmet. I have to turn it up pretty loud but I get about 6hrs out of it easy and I can feel the buttons with my gauntlet gloves while I ride, winter gloves are much harder to feel with but possible. Its small enough to not be noticeable on my helmet and for $50 if it ever gets destroyed its cheap to replace. Sometimes .mp4 will copy but won't play on it. I had to convert some of my music to the built in .aac format. Weird since my 5th gen big iPod will so if you notice that your music will copy but won't play on the shuffle there's your solution.

Accurate Performance & Great Price

CORSAIR Voyager 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Model CMFVY3S-32GB
CORSAIR Voyager 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Model CMFVY3S-32GB

Pros: - 32GB - USB 3.0 - Outstanding PRICE!

Cons: - Little bulky but I knew what I was getting into since I've owned this type of flash drive before. On my Asus UX31 ultrabook the USB 3.0 and power plug are next to each other so its a tight fit but works okay if you reposition the power plug upright.

Overall Review: - The read/write specs are very accurate! I downloaded SpeedOut to test the speeds and constantly get read (79.???MB) and write (43.???MB) on USB 3.0. - Can't beat the price on Newegg especially with free shipping. - People should really stop giving bad reviews on a product that's DOA. Stuff happens people and a review like that doesn't help anyone so go to a therapist if you need to vent. Now if it dies 2 weeks later then we have a different story but I've owned one of these before and it never failed plus there is a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!!!

Overall good/very bad wireless...still!

ASUS ZenBook Intel Core i5 2nd Gen 2557M (1.70GHz) 4GB Memory 128 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 13.3" 1600 x 900 Ultrabook Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit UX31E-DH52
ASUS ZenBook Intel Core i5 2nd Gen 2557M (1.70GHz) 4GB Memory 128 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 13.3" 1600 x 900 Ultrabook Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit UX31E-DH52

Pros: -Very nice looking -runs cool -lightweight -quiet -thin -SSD -good resolution -W7 64-bit -USB 3.0

Cons: Keyboard - for folks with with skinnier/smaller hands sometimes it won't register unless you hit a key dead center because of the spacing. Trackpad - used to be an issue from what I read but when I bought it the driver fix was already out and haven't had any issue, just an FYI. Wireless - Atheros is pure junk and the N band is only 150Mbps so you'll need to set your routers 2.4Ghz to mixed mode so it will pick up your SSID since an N-5Ghz channel won't see it. As of 1-27-2012 the drivers have the Mbps bouncing around even when sitting 3ft away from the router. Doesn't appear to affect D/U when doing but in a LAN transferring data is 1-5MB a sec with this machine being the only wireless gizmo in the house. Turn of the adapters power saving function. Speakers - supposedly this are good but with them just turned half way up I get a lot of reverb or feedback from the speakers causing them to sound blah.

Overall Review: Overall I enjoy this laptop and it's portability with all the pro's above. The keyboard is a little aggravating for me personally but I'm still not completely used to it coming from a Dell XPS1530 that had very nice, closely spaced one. The speakers leave more to be desired and seeing the wireless speed fluctuating makes me want to go crazy though I'm not a 100% sure it's really affecting it. Internet should be fine but nothing more. Overall its the best ultrabook as a whole and doesn't feel cheap like others yet there are still some kinks and the ASUS update tool is garbage so I always have to check back on the ASUS support site for new drivers my ASUS update tool never gets = weak.