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Manufacturer domain name for sale?8/6/2015 6:28:28 AM

Pros: For all I know, it's a great lamp.

Cons: Haven't a clue.

Overall Review: The manufacturer's website domain name is for sale! Doesn't strike me as a terribly good sign...

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Flimsy, slow9/11/2014 7:43:50 AM

Pros: The only pro, such as it is, is its ready availability in brick & mortar stores.

Cons: Flimsy - like all basic Sandisk flash drives through the years, the shell is very thin plastic, not at all sturdy. Slow - didn't bother with benchmarking, but it took about 7 minutes to copy a "whopping" 6 files totaling 3.5GB to the drive.

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Very slow writes4/6/2012 4:46:01 PM

Pros: It works. Read speeds aren't bad at all, in the high teens.

Cons: Slo-o-ow writes at 4-5 MB/s. Not bad for 3 years ago, awfully slow by today's standards.

Overall Review: Fine as a freebie, not worth saving a few bucks if you're paying for it, though. It has no activity light. Some might consider this a pro, some a con - personally, I don't care.

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Not bad at a steep discount7/2/2011 9:33:17 PM

Pros: Aggressive internal garbage collection maintains stable performance under OSes without TRIM support, or when RAIDed. Good sequential speeds, basically meets stated specs.

Cons: Fairly mediocre random read/write performance. Obviously far better than a mechanical HD, but rather slow for an SSD. Boot-up, app loading, etc. are zippy but not lightning fast. Not a huge deal, but no NCQ support at all.

Overall Review: At $1/GB with discounts and MIR it was too good a deal to pass up but the lackluster random performance makes the drive avoidable at or near MSRP.

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Sturdy box, lousy hinge6/29/2011 7:14:25 PM

Pros: Well-made; heavy plastic; bright, easy-to-find color

Cons: Seriously flimsy hinge

Overall Review: OK for long-term storage, I guess, but the crux of the "hinge" is just a thin, narrow layer of plastic that feels like it'd rip apart under the least strain. I won't replace the case immediately since I expect this one to just sit on the shelf anyway, but I'll try another brand/model next time. It's too bad since otherwise the case is well made and I'd be happy to spend a little more for the same case with a metal pin hinge.

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Great value, but pretty flimsy4/19/2011 7:53:30 PM

Pros: $10 for a functional, five-button, DPI switchable, wireless mouse. Hard to beat that.

Cons: Overall light/flimsy construction. The on/off switch feels like it might go at any time. Left/right buttons are kind of stiff, scroll wheel action is kind of mushy. The receiver is indeed a PITA to remove from the storage slot.

Overall Review: 3.5 + benefit of the doubt. For price to quality ratio, it gets a five. For abstract quality, it gets a 2. Kingwin probably should've spent another $1-2 on materials and charged $15 for the mouse... I bought it basically as a back-up mouse and it's great for that, but I'd hate to use it for long periods daily.

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OK not great3/19/2011 6:36:10 AM

Pros: Generally well built, good weight with AAA battery. The laser tracks well and battery life seems good 3 months out (I rarely turn it off). The DPI switch is smooth, with an indicator LED. The transceiver storage slot has been reliable so far. Has an on-off switch.

Cons: The right mouse key goes in and out of mechanical alignment. It always sends the mouse-click properly, but you have to readjust your grip a little day-in-day-out depending on its mood. It's difficult to reach rear-side button and to side-press the scroll wheel. Not worth the $ + fee to RMA, but both are annoying with heavy use.

Overall Review: It's "too small", but so are all travel mouses, so my rating doesn't reflect that. But despite this one's curved, slanted design, the ergonomics could be a lot better even for its size. For $13 (sale + slow MIR), I'm happy with it; at full price, I wouldn't be. Rebate took at least 12 weeks. :(

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Excellent in class12/8/2010 3:56:55 AM

Pros: No separate power connection, slim card, pretty fast. OpenCL, CUDA support. Temps <= mid-60s after 8+ hrs at medium load in a stuffy compact Dell case at room temp.

Cons: If you have a separate power connector available, shop around, with or without rebates. With more power available, a little more $$ can get you more performance.

Overall Review: At ~$40 net it's a great deal if you don't want to replace a power supply. I don't game, but it's been working fine with OpenCL-enabled apps. Plays well with LuxRender/SGL. Anything slower would be utterly pointless, but this is a decent card for GPGU on a lower-powered machine. Plugged & played on my Dell Inspiron 530 under Vista x64 (300W PSU, compact tower.) fwiw, email says the rebate was approved a couple of weeks after mailing it in, I assume now I'll get a check eventually.

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It works12/8/2010 2:26:05 AM

Pros: With free shippng, price is amazingly low. It works, no trouble with fit, screws, etc.

Cons: Didn't install itself?

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Great discs8/26/2010 3:23:29 PM

Pros: Just received and started on a second spindle, not a single coaster from either one, burned at 16X on a Dell stock DVD burner.

Cons: (Since Newegg insists I fill in the con field and I have no complaint about the product, I'll mention that while my discs arrived in good condition, they were packed only with crumpled heavy paper rather than peanuts which presumably accounts for the broken cases/discs some others have mentioned.)

Overall Review: Like the first spindle, these are mfr code MCC03RG20 manufactured in the UAE.

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Skip Nero 10, too, unless8/13/2010 6:42:42 AM

Pros: I don't know how it compares to other manufacturers' products, but compared to prior Nero software, version 10 adds Blu Ray functionality.

Cons: I've seen nothing to disagree with in any of the other negative reviews. For a program with minimal additional functionality, it's huge and takes forever to install. Especially annoying to me is the menu editing in Nero Vision which, rather amazingly, is much clumsier than it was in Nero 7.

Overall Review: It gets three eggs since it does work, but after three almost-pointless releases (versions 8, 9 and 10), it's a wonder Nero is still in business. Stick with Nero 7 unless you need Blu Ray functionality, in which case shop around before forking over a premium price for a modest product!

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Reliable, burns through toner7/26/2010 4:23:23 PM

Pros: Price when on deep sale. Reliable, rarely jams. Excellent text quality at 600 dpi, very good at 300 dp - obviously superior to any inkjet. Has a bunch of features like printing multiple pages per sheet and "manual duplexing" which are semi-gimmicky, but that can be useful, and they do work.

Cons: Goes through toner pretty quickly, especially at higher print quality settings. Drum life also seems short. In my case, the printer shows the drum nearing its end of life with < 1600 pages printed, when rated life is 12,000 pages. I understand rated life is a working fiction for comparison purposes, but this seems extreme. As others have noted, the automatic low toner shutdown "feature" is truly maddening. Manual feeder difficult to adjust and, in practice anyway, only holds one sheet/envelope at a time.

Overall Review: My cost per page has not been as good as some others report, but I think it's still lower than a good quality inkjet with obviously better text/line graphic quality. Image print quality is not good, but it's rare that any B&W laser prints good quality images, let alone low-end ones. Can be found on sale for $90-100. At or near MSRP, I'd shop around hoping for better cost-per-page. Shop around for toner and imaging drums, prices can vary widely even for OEM supplies.

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Good, maybe not great7/18/2010 9:30:25 AM

Pros: No lasting artifacts with 1440x900 display. Small (tiny) box, modular cables reduce clutter, physical switch in addition to hotkey(s).

Cons: The primary hotkey sequence (double NUMLOCK) is too insensitive, I frequently have to repeat it several times to effect a switch. It only takes an additional second or so, but it gets really annoying if you switch back and forth a lot. Must fully boot each machine while the switch is focused on the machine. I knew this going in, but it's definitely not a plus! It possible, so it would've been nice to include a feature allowing the switch to appear "live" to both machines at all times. A remote switch would have been nicer than one on the box itself which gets tucked out of the way. You don't need it often, but it's a PITA to get at when you do.

Overall Review: The cons are pretty annoying but I only docked it one point because switches all involve tradeoffs among major features. Apart from the slow numlock response, the "cons" were expected based on the specs. I really like the modular cables so you don't have to deal with extra coiled up cables if you're not using audio switching at the moment. The box is very lightweight - it hangs off the cables more than the other way around. It's not a problem and I wasn't surprised given the small size, but it might not be what some people expect.

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