Vega 64 < RX6900XT9/9/2021 1:48:24 AM

Pros: Wonderful performance

Cons: Financial devistation

Overall Review: Upgrading my AMD FX-9590/Vega 64 system to Ryzen 5950x/RX6900XT system after almost a decade has had a predictable experience. The GIGABYTE AORUS WaterForce RX6900XT is an absolute Power House of a GPU. While testing through VRMark, the system PSU peaked @ 813 watts. Thermals peaked @ 30c (liquid). Radeon auto OC @ 2644mhz. Subtle coil whine at peaked stress testing. Uses three, eight pin power connectors.

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G.Skill Ripjaws V 128GB Kit9/1/2021 2:22:28 PM

Pros: Having 128GB at 3600mhz will be able to handle any task or program you throw at it.

Cons: Overkill if just for gaming and expensive.

Overall Review: 128GB of CAS 14 3600MHZ Memory. I paired this kit with my Asus Crosshair VIII formula X570 motherboard and AMD Ryzen 9 5950x CPU. The memory kit clocked up to 3600mhz easily using DOCP profile in BIOS. (DDR4-3603 16-22-22-42-1.45v). Absolutely overkill for "regular" gaming, I play VR Flight Sims and video editing from time to time so 128GB will help.

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