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Works fine till it needs cleaned6/11/2013 5:03:39 AM

Pros: Great ergonomic layout and comfortable to use

Cons: Needs cleaned routinely usually once or more a month after a few months use. Now after a year and a half it decided to stop working all together even after cleaning. Glad I kept the keyboard my pc came with.

Overall Review: Won't be buying any more Microsoft garbage keyboards/mice

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Have fun with the Case fan/heatsink unit12/7/2012 4:39:55 AM

Pros: go to cons

Cons: Case fan & Heatsink are one unit, have fun with that. If the fan goes out you have to rip out the heatsink to change the fan!!! Wish I would've stuck with HP

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Buy another brand PC12/7/2012 4:34:48 AM

Pros: Nice case and the black/silver color combo is nice too look at. Decent psu for base pc. Big case fan. Can handle up to 8gb of ram. CPU is upgradeable

Cons: Backwards motherboard. Case fan and heatsink are one unit. PSU fan is in a place where it can't get decent airflow.

Overall Review: What moron at Dell thought it wold be a genius idea to make the case fan and CPU heatsink all one unit!?!?!?! This thing is a nightmare to clean with a dustcan. Since the fan/heatsink shroud is in the way good luck finding a graphics card with a fan that will fit into the PCIE slot. It deserves 2.5 stars but I gave it 3 to be nice.

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update8/22/2012 5:33:20 PM

Pros: 100 pack

Cons: alot of coasters

Overall Review: Since Verbatim has switched to lower quality factory I'll be switching brands. Burned 4 coasters today. After the first 2 coasters I randomly selected dvdr's from the stack. A couple burned correctly while 2 more others will make a nice coaster set >:( .

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Switched factories?5/30/2012 6:43:43 AM

Pros: 100pk for $30 is a great deal considering most stores sell them for $50.

Cons: none yet...

Overall Review: Apparently Verbatim has switched factories as the new 100pk I bought 2 weeks ago has different disks than the last Verbatim 100 pack I bought in 2011. Unfortunately the new discs look like they were made by the same factory a friend of mine's Verbatim 50pk was made in and he's got about 5 coasters out of 30 from that pack so far. While I was at a local office store a lady asked me what brand would be good for Cdr's and I said Verbatims and that's what she was returning for a refund because they burned 10 coasters in a row out of a 50pk. It seems Verbatim's quality is slipping lately. If I get any coasters from this pack I guess I'll switch back to Sony's as I've never had an issue with them either yet.

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Buy from Newegg4/3/2012 9:06:08 AM

Pros: Great looking, Love the manual switch, No LED's which I think are unnecessary as I won't see them in the back of the case. Seemed to cool the case pretty good at first.

Cons: Manual switch cord could be alot longer.

Overall Review: I made the mistake of trying to give a local PC store my business, they've never steered me wrong before and I've never had an issue with anything I bought from them till now. Got it home and opened the package only to see the 3 pin connector even though it says right on the package 4 pin connector included so my plan of moving my other case fan to the front of the case is a no go till I get a 3-4pin connector. I should've figured something was fishy since the package was so easy to open and it looks like somebody else took a knife or scissors to the packaging. Yesterday it seemed to work pretty good keeping the case cooler than the oem fan. However today the fan didn't even come on when I started it so I had to pop the case open and start the pc give the fan a flick with my finger to get it started, and switched the setting to high as I had set it for medium yesterday. Doesn't seem to be cooling the case off as well today though so I might end up returning it and order one from here.

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Update on previous review6/3/2010 9:00:59 AM

Pros: Same as before

Cons: Same as before + Worthless in vehicles. This I don't get. It works fine at home or outside but refuses to work in any vehicle which is the main reason I purchased this in the first place. At home I can turn the stereo up and still hear the other people and they can hear me fine but in a moving vehicle it's like I'm far away from it and nobody can hear me.

Overall Review: Selling it in a garage sale and never wasting my money on another Motorola bluetooth product!

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Best CDR's5/21/2010 7:24:29 AM

Pros: Never had a coaster with Sony's CDR's.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Stick with a good name brand. I recently bought a 30pk of cdr's of a name brand I never used before that were on clearance. Out of the 10 I used so far 5 are coasters. Should've figured they were junk when I could see my hand thru the first one on a cloudy rainy day no less.

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Sleek but a few issues5/17/2010 2:01:02 PM

Pros: Sleek design. Easy to turn on and off. Easy pairing with phone. Came with an assortment of ear peices.

Cons: For some reason other people can't hear me sometimes

Overall Review: When it works it works flawlessly, I can hear people crystal clear and they can hear me crystal clear. When it doesn't work flawlessly nobody can hear me or barely hear me. Sometimes it also echoes my voice. I had to call the 911 operator back after turning it off when I reported a malfunctioning traffic light at one of the busiest intersections in the city because it decided to not work flawlessly. Maybe it's because my phone is an LG that's not listed in the supported phones on Motorola's bluetooth website. I was going to buy one for my wife but I think I'm going to buy her a different brand. I'll try it out for another week but if it still gives me the same issues I'll return it or recycle it.

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Should come with adapter plate4/21/2010 4:20:01 AM

Pros: Looks nice. Great price and specs.

Cons: Need to buy or make a special adapter plate to attach it to some older still very usable computer towers.

Overall Review: Why the hell can't the screw holes be in the four corners instead of two screw holes in the corners and two offset screw holes. Otherwise I would've given this 5 eggs.

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Great DVD burner for the price2/11/2010 2:57:26 PM

Pros: Easy installation. Plays/Reads DVD's without skipping that my dvd player won't even play. Just be sure to download software from LiteOns website

Cons: Loud.

Overall Review: I Love this DVDBurner. Out performs the LG one I purchased a few weeks before purchasing this one to replace it because the LG one decided to burn a bunch of coasters. Burns DVDR's & CDR's quicker than I expected even at 8x speed. If you want to add extra functionality to an older PC that you don't want to get rid of this DVDBurner is a great choice.

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