Awesome laptop for the price!!!8/29/2007 6:49:41 PM

Pros: Fast! Good gaming laptop. I use this for school, work, and play. Battlefield 2 funs flawless as does World of Warcraft. Bioshock runs pretty good but this laptop only has a 256mb onboard video card so what do you expect? Having lightscribe is a cool feature even though I'll probably only use it twice...

Cons: Only comes with 1 gig of ram. BUY ANOTHER 1 GIG STICK!!!! Once you do this laptop will fly. Ram is cheap so don't worry about it. The 6 cell will only get about 2 hours on battery save mode, 1 hour on High Performance mode.

Overall Review: For those complaining about video drivers. Well with this being one of the first direct X 10 laptop video cards the drivers are still failry new, especially the stock drivers. Goto Nvidia's website and download the newest drivers and all will be fine!!! You'll be playing games and editing in Photoshop without a problem.

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Buy it!!!8/29/2007 6:38:47 PM

Pros: Just as fast as the Sony memory sticks and cheaper. Plus it actually has 3.9 gigs of space!!! I use this for my PSP only so I can put movies on it (I don't want to pay big $$$ for the UMD's when I already own the movies...)

Cons: None!

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Perfect!8/29/2007 6:35:47 PM

Pros: Works flawlessly. Laptop recognized it without any problems and haven't had any issues with it. It's got a lifetime warranty, what more can you want?

Cons: None.

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