excellent new drive from Samsung9/15/2010 7:32:12 PM

Pros: - new Spinpoint F4 revision with 3 667GB platters instead of 4 500GB platters in F3 - very quiet and not hot - works well with external USB 3.0 enclosure - excellent HD Tune Pro bechmark results

Cons: - very new on the market - reliability is still unproven

Overall Review: Got this drive today together with Rosewill USB 3.0 external enclosure - Newegg gets high marks for packaging and 1 day free delivery! Was reading so many reviews where folks were complaining about insufficient protection of bare drives by Newegg shipment department but my drive arrived in Samsung hard plastic enclosure, wrapped in soft plastic bubble wrap and put in hard and fitting cardboard box - probably could not ask for a better protection. Drive this big takes several hours to format into NTFS. 'Quick' testing plugging to my USB 3.0 Gigabyte motherboard back connector proved that this new drive, despite being only 5400RPM is very snappy. HD Tune Pro read/write benchmark showed an average of 131MBps, which is amazing. Error check (which took another several hours) showed no bad sectors. Did some backups and drive just hums along while being practically silent and only getting mildly warm. Now to wait for general reliability reports from Internet before I'll order 4 more for NAS.

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what's not to like?9/15/2010 7:11:50 PM

Pros: - USB 3.0 - Auto Spin down - supports 2TB drives - good heat dissipation - good price

Cons: - power brick - takes space away - drive needs to be preformatted before enclosure will accept it

Overall Review: I bought this enclosure to supplement brand new Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB drive and my Gigabyte USB 3.0 motherboard. Newegg delivery was, as usual, excellent - well packaged and brought in within 24 hours from order. It took me 5 minutes to put drive in and secure all 6 screws. First attempt - drive not recognized. Took drive out and formatted to NTFS outside of enclosure, using Rosewill SATA & IDE to USB 2.0 adapter. Put drive back in and plugged in again to one of two available USB 3.0 connectors at the back of my case. Ran extensive HD Tune Pro error scan - takes several hours for a drive this big. During the test the enclosure got only mild warm, not surprising considering 5400RPM drive with only 3 platters. This enclosure works perfect for these types of media drives where ultimate speed is not prerogative. After the test, ran benchmark and got 131MBp/s read/write average on USB 3.0 connection - better then my 5 year old WD Raptor! Will see if enclosure still works year from now.

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Good first impressions7/30/2010 7:28:26 AM

Pros: - quiet - great HTPC candidate - ION NG can run games unlike ION first generation - comes bundled with mini keyboard/trackball - all video sources (Hulu/YouTube/720P MKV) run smoothly with average CPU load - Windows 7 Aero runs smoothly - minimal bloatware (except for McCaffee) - comes with good System backup and recovery options built-in - plethora of Sound connectivity options with HDMI/Optical/Headphones - powered USB ports

Cons: - Windows 7 32-bit limits your memory upgrade options - no Bluetooth, eSATA or USB 3 - only 4 USB ports - may be not enough depending on connectivity - built-in Wireless works internally via USB bus - limiting available bandwith for external USB devices like TV Tuner or HD. With no eSATA or USB 3 connectivity options this may limit the use. - confusion with Video Driver update - NVidia ION video driver says it does not recognize supported cards.

Overall Review: Newegg rocks with 1 day free delivery and nice discount on the brand new offering. Lenovo has created a very competitive entry into crowded nettop marketspace. Unpacking and initial start up took 5 minutes. First impression - no bloatware! No need to spend countless hours uninstalling all the stuff that Dell/HP put on their PCs or reinstalling the system all together. I only replaced McCaffee with vastly superior Avast and after running Windows update was good to go. Second impression - plays most video formats out of the box with no video or sound hiccup no matter the source, resolution or sound format. CPU utilization stays low - great work NVidia ION NG! Third impression - multitasking is limited by both CPU and RAM. With some downloads going in the background and video file playing, the browsing becomes lugging and erratic. Unfortunately, memory upgrade is pretty much not an option because of Windows 32-bit install that comes with the box. See Pros/Cons for the rest.

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Good case - can be improved11/14/2006 8:30:04 AM

Pros: modular design allows for very efficient cooling. Case is dead quiet if you build for it; excellent Hard Drive mounting provisions

Cons: cabling is a difficult with this case; case is very heavy and bigger then your standard midtower; supplied fans do not have 3/4 pin motherboard adapters; no system speaker!!!

Overall Review: This is currently one of the favorite cases for anyone who builds a quiet PC with lots of expandability features. 3 fans that are included in the case are sufficiently quiet if used on Low setting (they have a impendance switch for Low/Medium/High settings). To run them on Low you have to upgrade your other components - buy an efficient CPU heatsink and invest in a passive Video Card cooler. Then you can place on of the two top fans in the middle to cool video card and north bridge. With this setup your acse will be inaudible from 5+ feet.

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