Wow... just wow! I didn't know I could fall in love with a computer part!11/23/2016 12:17:03 PM

Pros: - Knocked off at least 10 degrees from my load temps when compared to my Hyper 212 EVO! - Higher stable overclocks!

Cons: - Huge huge huge (just limits what cases, mb, ram you can use with this monster)

Overall Review: Plan ahead when picking parts! Make sure you account for the king of air cooling as it is worth it to pick parts based on this beast.

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Decent card, but note that it does come w/ micron ram (not samsung) - Video reviews on all GTX 1070 cards (including this ZOTAC one) can be misleading10/19/2016 6:10:04 PM

Pros: - Can overclock core +100 stable (custom fan curve to keep temps in check) - Memory can overclock to +500 mhz only if you set the Nvidia Power Management mode to 'Prefer maximum performance' --> This is a workaround for the micron ram issue - Plays anything I can throw at it at max details @ 1080p --> works well with my 144hz gaming monitor!

Cons: - Earlier models of all GTX 1070 cards were created and shipped with Samsung ram, which does perform better (read: overclocks better); this card does not come w/ samsung ram (it comes w/ the poorer performing micron ram - note this is for all AIB partners, not just ZOTAC) - Not setting the Nvidia Power Management mode to 'Prefer maximum performance' will result in poor memory overclocking performance (+200 mhz only) - Any higher results in graphical anomalies/driver+system crashing - Lack of current ZOTAC vBIOS update for the GTX 1070 to address Micron memory specific overclocking issues (other AIB manufaturers are releasing BIOS updates to address the micron ram issue) - This is as of Oct 19th, 2016

Overall Review: I hope ZOTAC reads this and is made aware that other AIB partners have already released a vBIOS update for their AIB GTX 1070s to address the micron memory issue (you can google 'micron samsung gtx 1070' to read more about this if desired. To all new customers considering this card, note that all reviews you'll find online that were made when the GTX 1070 first released in summer 2016 are samsung memory based cards, and they will perform better than the currently produced and released 1070 video cards. The card still performs well, but don't expect it to perform as well as how they do in the reviews with respect to overclocking.

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