Oloy Blade 3600 CL18 BRQDE non-RGB - confirmed Hynix CJR5/31/2021 12:43:51 PM

Pros: - On sale at the time of purchase. - After consulting the Thaiphoon Burner and Ryzen DRAM Calculator on "safe" values, I went in the BIOS and was able to tighten the timings and voltages easily. Since I used "safe" settings and it booted fast, without much "training" on a basic B450 motherboard, I am confident that the timings can be tightened further.

Cons: - No cons for the price/performance

Overall Review: - The original timings for XMP are 18-20-20-38-76. The "safe" values on the dram calculator allowed me to do 16-19-21-36-58 (see the attached screenshot). Some basic motherboards might not have intermediary values between 1.35-1.4v on DRAM voltages. The 1.4v is perfectly safe and I used that. - If on sale and with the current RAM shortages, I would recommend this product.

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Front part is lower than it should be, sliding off.2/20/2021 9:10:36 AM

Pros: Looks good in pictures. Opens up to almost lay down in it, if you want it.

Cons: I checked the assembly, says front, but the front part of the seat is tilted down and you're sliding off the chair, more and more over time. Narrow. The cushioning is minimal and becomes harder over time. The PU "leather" is already coming off in several places.

Overall Review: This was purchased for my son as an online study and post "school" gaming and whatnot. He practically has to spend the entire day in it. However for the amount of problems and degradation speed this is not worth it. The seat was slightly inclined from the get go, but my son wanted it so badly, we didn't send it back, as he said it's tolerable. I checked and I feel that over time it became worse. The chair is rather narrow and while my son is about 5.9 now, he is not very heavy or wide - still the chair is comparatively narrow (we had other gaming chairs that felt and held way better). The leather is coming off, the seat cushioning is getting "thinner" from the daily use, also faster than on other chairs. As I purchased this chair in August 2020, I am writing this review in February 2021, only six months later. Normally I wouldn't bother, unless the object is very good or very bad, but this time it's definitely necessary to warn people. It IS very disappointing chair. Don't buy it.

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Runs 3200 on Ryzen 1600 perfectly3/28/2019 8:56:25 AM

Pros: 1. Cheap, got it on sale and had a gift card:) 2. After Ai1 driver & then BIOS update, runs on Ryzen 1600 at rated XMP of 3000 w/o any problem. 3. It then took an XMP bump to 3200 without breaking a sweat & apparently kept the same timings as for 3000. 4. My kit passed MemTest without errors. It also passed Prime95 Blend test for one hour with XMP 3200 speed (no voltage bumps) and Ryzen being OCd @3.7Ghz. And another Prime95 Small FFTs test too (but that's not RAM intensive).

Cons: I tested extensively and simply couldn't find any.

Overall Review: After many Intel builds, this is my 1st AMD (Ryzen 1600, AsRock B450 Pro4). It is for my brother, who is gaming very-very rarely, on a 1080p 60Hz monitor, which is a limiting factor for high FPS viewing. Hence, no need for super high end components. Ryzen was on a mega serious sale with the Mobo combo, so I went with that. 1. Since Ryzens, especially 1st gen, are reported to have a 'sensitive' memory controller and latest BIOS updates are necessary to improve RAM compatibility and speeds, I first booted this build on stock speeds, no XMP. Then, as per AsRock website instructions, I installed the All-in-1 AMD driver, then rebooted and flashed the latest BIOS (3.10, I think). After that I was able to easily (2 clicks;) XMP the RAM to 3000, test, and later to 3200 on stock voltage and test again, all successfully. 2. Since this was my first AMD build the fact that I have to place the RAM into slots A2B2 to get full speed, came as a shocker to me. After placing the RAM into A2B2, I also tested A1B1 placement and my 1st thought was that I got a defective board, because the RAM speed went down on A1B1 placement. After some reading, it turns out that this is normal for the Ryzen platform and A2B2 placement is 'recommended/required' for full speed :0 3. Just FYI - Thaiphoon Burner reports these as Micron B-die. 4. I've downloaded the Ryzen RAM Calculator, which only provided me with "Safe" timings for this RAM and refused to show "Fast" and "Extreme". The Safe timings were the same as XMP, I think. No point in that calculator for this RAM, I think, just XMP it. It performs better than its own advertised speed, or at least mine did.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Bought a second one for my kid too6/26/2018 5:34:30 PM

Pros: - Solid sound quality. It's Beyerdinamic. - Sound is pretty balanced out of the box, increasing bass (for our metal + classical music and what not:) did not distort the sound. I rarely see people having the "right" sound for their(!) type of music at once - everybody adjusts the equalizer etc. This is not an exception, but performs already well out of the box. - Volume is as expected too. - Call quality (reception) is clear. Sending calls never resulted in complaints either. - Comes with a Voip adapter if you need one (unnecessary in most cases, but it's nice to have one anyway, just in case). - Comes with a nice mesh pouch to store them while on travel.

Cons: - The cord is somewhat "tangly" but that's corded headphone...

Overall Review: - Beware - out of the box both our sets crackled when first used and one side didn't work or sounds was either gone or suddenly coming back, if twisting the cord. Gave me a scare, then the same happened to my son. I suspected static electricity (maybe due to their pouch?). Anyway, I touched the tip of the headphone, then touched a grounded radiator, reconnected the headphones once or twice and it worked no problem. UPDATE: Six months later, after everyday use, one side started to disappear from time to time. After some twist and turn the problem is gone, but I think it's nearing the end of the cable life, after being pulled and turned, put in pockets and out of them. Nothing to complain, just an observation about the life-span. I would've bought another one if it was on sale;) again and available (it's out of stock for a long time).

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Five years & will prob. run on 8th gen too10/16/2017 9:15:43 PM

Pros: 1. Cooling - with stock fan on max in Bios, it still keeps my OCd i5 2500k @4.2 at 68-78c under Prime95 stress, depending on cleaning, reapplying paste, etc. I spread the AS5 with a card and don't use pea method. 2. Quiet even w stock fan @ max 1500rpm in Bios in a (LianLi) Lancool p-k63 case. 3. Really easy installation. 4. Good, not perfect clearance is kind of a pro and con too (on my AsRock z77 extreme4 it almost sits flush with the first rank of the memory - a GSkill Sniper, with not too tall of a memory heatsink, but not imparing it either) 5. Not too tall, will fit in whatever case, I think! Well...

Cons: Out of stock in 2017 - probly not sold anymore!!! :( Consequently, not updated to latest (AMD) sockets and not sure how it will fit future intel (post 8th gen) sockets.

Overall Review: I am still using it for 1155 socket, but that also means I can use it on the 1151 intel 8th gen too, though I was thinking to wait for proper 6etc core in 2018 (not some 7700k with two more cores added and opimized - voila, sold as brand new Coffee Lake 8th gen 8700k. No this is not 8th gen, its 6th gen+2). I just bought one more exact same fan, and though I think I should've gone w superior (and super expensive legendary) fans, the Xiggy stock generic does it's job surprisingly well. So a push-pull for intel 8th gen might be more than nice on this oldie goldie. I am really sad it's no longer sold & updated. Why sad? I used Frostytech data to decide on it and it more than delivered - I had a 120mm Noctua before, mind you the comparison!!! And, hence, I am also sad that I am leaving a review for a discontinued product of such a nice quality. This little beast of a Xiggy (was) is close to perfect!

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It's a quiet but not powerful fan10/10/2017 7:02:03 AM

Pros: - Quiet

Cons: - Compared to the quiet 140mm fan it replaced moves considerably less air

Overall Review: - The lower RPM/CFM of this fan kind of helps having a positive air pressure in the case. - However, this was supposed to replace a Xiggy 140mm top fan that I broke in my Lancool case, but this one is 1000rmp and is as quiet as the other fan, yet the "hand test" seems to indicate/feel that CM fan moves far less air that the Xigmatek right next to it. I should mention that the Xiggy rotates at higher speed though and is as quiet as this one. Lesson learned.

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Replaced a dead 4gb part from a 8gb kit7/26/2017 7:40:07 PM

Pros: 1. I bought a 2x4Gb=8gb dual kit in 2012. One moduled died after probably a rough transportation/move in. This 4gb module is identical in all sense to the half of the 8gb kit, mhz, timings, voltage wise. 2. It was delivered fast, when I had this "shortage". 3. Now works perfectly well in XMP dual channel profile with its other "old" 4Gb "twin brother". 4. UPDATE: I got a discount after explaining this situation with prices. Look, I just didn't get such a treatment from any other company, combined with their process - and I do have a cheaper local option! Newegg just doesn't let me down!

Cons: In 2012 I bought the 8Gb kit for something around $39. Now I had to pay $32 for only one 4Gb module.

Overall Review: 1. Looks cool. 2. Low profile that allows me to fit it under(!) my Xigmatech Gaia cooler

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Got it during mining craze & gaming on max 1080p:)7/22/2017 10:29:27 PM

Pros: I have a 1080p monitor. I know, it's old, but that's what I can now. I'm gaming, my son's gaming, my youngest son is gaming too. So this is an early review, will update later, if necessary: 1. This card came during the mining craze, now in July 2017, for 286$. That's a pro. 2. I play mostly games that are favored by this card. 3. On 1080p max settings, it's doing a great job. My Titanfall2, but also my kid's Batman, our Crysis run in great detail. 4. Runs cooler than my previous R9 390.

Cons: On first run it had a glitch with ultra settings on Titanfall2, but after a check of reseating the card, driver clean reinstall, now it works great.

Overall Review: No other thoughts for now.

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Runnng best since 20127/20/2017 8:50:29 PM

Pros: What can I say. This company was contracted to make PSUs for Corsair & Antec. Its PSUs were tested and showed fantastic results. Other companies faltered over time. This one never did. This is not my first Seasonic. I didn't have any noise or other issues w this or othet PSU. I never had expectations on longest in world CPU cable. That's not why I bought it for, I'm a gamer, though lamer than my son, who uses the same PC. I read reviews before I buy, from websites that test PSUs for efficiency. My homework in 2012 paid off. It's 2017. See you all later, with the same PSU, while others have problems with theirs...

Cons: none!!!

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