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Does the Job1/9/2013 4:16:40 AM

Pros: Good reception Easy to install Nice look

Cons: A little light weight but not a major issue. Didn't receive all the major networks (ABC) but this is not truly a con where I live (NY) on the 2nd floor of a building surrounded by many other high rises. I've used other more expensive antennas that also didn't receive ABC in this area

Overall Review: overall I'm very satisfied with this antenna and I do plan on buying another for the office breakroom TV

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Superior11/6/2010 5:35:52 AM

Pros: 1. Very good reception 2. Sleek Design 3. Non intrusive

Cons: Nothing major.... Cables are a bit short if you're going to hang it on the wall but most of us have extra coaxial cables hanging around...I don't recommend using the stand its a little unstable and IMO poorly designed for this unit

Overall Review: I live in a 5 story apt in Bronx NY..(my unit is on the 4th fl inside a 'valley' area of the apt complex) so I really wasn't expecting much from this unit especially for the price, but to my amazement it scanned out 20 stations..(including all the major network channels) and the reception is crystal clear....(some minor flicker here and there but that is to be expected) I found (as the instructions suggested) if you hang it high the wall near a window, the reception is much better.....I can't be more please with the performance

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Fair to good4/28/2010 10:52:23 AM

Pros: 1.Very good face plate paint job 2. Black paint inside 3. Power Supply (maybe, time will tell)

Cons: 1. One Fan 2. Short Audio cable 3. Flimsy plastic side cover (easily breaks...don't even think of torquing down the screw if you're putting a fan on it) 4. Not enough stand-offs 5. Front USB ports are flimsy (have to take care when plugging something in) 6. If you're going to take off the face plate to add a fan..again take exceptional care as it seems it would easily scratch

Overall Review: I purchased this case with every intention of replacing the power supply as I've had 3 of 4 Logisys PS fail from the first boot... A client picked this case because she like the "red front".....I have warned her that I can't guarantee that the power supply will last and that she mayhave to replace it shortly (and there is a danger of it burning other components with it) but she is willing to take the I wouldn't recommend this case if you're going to be moving it around..... It is the big beautiful red apple on the top of the fruit basket with a couple of small worms in would have given this case 2 eggs if it weren't for the good paint job...(as another reviewer noted)....I don't really care for Logisys products because my overall impression of the company is they're not remotely interested in a suppling even a small amount of quality but in all fairness the case (with a working power supply) is a good buy.

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POOF!!1/22/2010 12:51:04 PM

Pros: Nice paint job .... can send signals from all the smoke it creates has a nice marshmallow toasting feature also

Cons: blew the fuse immediately on turning it on

Overall Review: I was hoping that this PS would last at least 6 months to 1 year but it only lasted 1 second....of the last 3 Logisys PS I've purchased from Newegg, 2 have fried in this manner...(I did take every precaution ie; static free environment, plug in the power cord with the rear switch in the off position, check excessive grounding etc etc...) but alas cheap was not to be....soo like many other reviewers I'm off the Logisys wagon for good.. I don't plan to send it back nor am I going to ask for a refund or exchange because for someone who claims to have a high tech understanding I should have known better than to fall into the pit of 'IT'S ON SALE 25% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING' for a power supply that is rated at 550 watts for under....well... for low dollars techies and non techies ....unless you have a fondness for playing russian roulette (with 2 or 3 bullets in the chamber)....I'd stay away from this one

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Risky Business6/10/2008 8:20:27 PM

Pros: 120mm fan, inexpensive, quiet.....Performed beautifully while it was

Cons: worked for a couple of weeks then 'pop'went the fuse....

Overall Review: I was hopeful that it would last....I've purchase other Logisys PS....with no problems...Obviously not worth sending back....Installed with Rosewill case...Gigabyte S3 Mobo, Amd 4600+ CPU, 2 GIG RAM DVD ROM . Mild overclocking mayhave pushed it ....however I was way under the voltage rating or capacity for this PS....

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Good not great12/13/2007 6:35:47 PM

Pros: Great price...No dead pixels (as others have experienced, the box was damaged in shipment but so far it doesn't seem to have any adverse affect)

Cons: No DVI Cable (but I knew that before purchasing)...cheesy speakers (as is to be expected) Changing the screen resolution settings seem to take a little longer than what one would consider normal and not as many settings (although it does cover the range specified)

Overall Review: This is a good monitor for an office desktop or for an inexpensive setup....If you're not a fan of widescreen then this is a good purchase....I gave it 4 eggs instead of 5 mainly because of the 'drag' that seems to accur when changing contrast ratio..not a big deal but coupled with the other cons...However overall this is a good monitor for the price

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Good Case10/5/2007 6:43:08 AM

Pros: Like many other reviewers this case came with a 500 watt PSU as appose to the 400 listed.See through side panel,the lighted fan on the side panel is also nice, easy access screw to remove front cover

Cons: No front Audio plug or mike.The front USB ports, (very difficult to plug anything into them.)The front optical drive covers seem to have gaps between them thus making and otherwise sturdy case look a bit flimsy. Would have been nice if the manufacturer would have put a vent right below the handle on top of the case as there is plenty of room to add a fan there..would have been a really nice touch

Overall Review: This case really is a nice case for a budget case....Lots of room, looks very nice.

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Super RAM9/21/2007 11:15:24 AM

Pros: Heatspreader (although only on one side) Price,versus performance seems faster than the ram that it replace

Cons: None

Overall Review: I purchased 2 for different systems and so far they have performed very problems whatsoever...This ram has passed every burnin and stress test I've given it and has function flawless with 2 different motherboard brands (especially with one that is known to be very picky with ram, booted right up without problem)

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Good inexpensive board9/21/2007 6:29:21 AM

Pros: Price, boots very quickly, no hangups easy to setup

Cons: none really for an economical board

Overall Review: very good board for "normal" use internet browsing, business or schoolwork....Sempron 3000+,Talent 512mb ram 400watt psu,80Gig HD....would definate purchase this board for other clients.

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Another good one8/25/2007 10:16:10 AM

Pros: Nice looking,120mm fan, pop out front usb plug, plenty of room for full ATX mobo

Cons: I was a little disappointed the that you can't install another fan on the side panel (like some of the other Rosewill cases)..

Overall Review: Overall I think this case rates 5 eggs for a case thats under $30. My client likes it. I've built hundreds of systems over 14 years and have ordered many Rosewill cases and products and once again, I'm pleased...LOL

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Good Case8/23/2007 4:22:39 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, Nice look, nice big power on button with the power on blue light(my client really likes that and also the light weight of the case)... Side panels allows for the installation of an additional fan...and the filter on the intake duct is a nice touch.

Cons: The side panel (as others have cited) is a pain to get off and on and one must be careful not to manhandle while removing as this will bend the panel. The HDD activity light seems to be 'iffy' (although it works)I've replace it with one from another case (although I sure rosewill would send me out a replacement)'s no big deal

Overall Review: I considered giving this case a 4 egg rating because of the side panel issue but decided to give it a five because in that price range the pros far outweigh the cons 9 to 2 and that's a 5 egg in my book...I've ordered several Rosewill cases and have never been disappointed... and of course Newegg was outstanding with shipping...Would definately order more for other clients.

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DOA8/1/2007 8:33:25 AM

Pros: 3 ram slots...1394a port...nice layout

Cons: DOA

Overall Review: will re-order and see if my luck is better the second time around(from the song with the same lyrics) Newegg rocks came very quickly and on the RMA Newegg paid for the return shipping ...don't experience that with too many online companies

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Works great8/1/2007 8:20:23 AM

Pros: A Logitech Mouse for way under 10 bucks ...hard to find and works better than some costing 3 to 4 times as much

Cons: none

Overall Review: will purchase more for clients

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Good keyboard8/1/2007 8:10:50 AM

Pros: I really didn't expect much from this keyboard since I was getting it to save space by replacing one of the regular keyboards that I rarely use...however it performs better than the others ...and I like the feel (although I do prefer a heavier keys )it also comes with a usb to PS/2 adapter which is nice

Cons: mine sits slightly unlevel but no biggie

Overall Review: I will be ordering more of these for clients

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