Superb for content creation and gaming, after you've done tweaking. Research first on compatible rams as well when upgrading.12/19/2018 3:13:48 AM

Pros: - Super fast on fresh install of Windows. - Build design and quality is awesome. - 4k panel with a wide range of colors is legit. - Keyboard feels nice to type on and its customization is awesome too. - Great for content creation on the go/at your station (video editing, color grading, etc.) - Can easily handle 4k footage. - Has sufficient number of ports. - Battery life is A+++

Cons: - Needs to be reformatted. The laptop from the box is SUPER funky. Mouse stutters upon opening of windows, YouTube videos lag, just generally doesn't feel like a 6-core laptop with a 1070. - Sometimes your keys don't register, especially if you type near the edge/corner. (though very rare, probably depends on how you type) - NOT color accurate out of the box. I'm a professional film colorist and although the screen is beautiful, it still needs to be professionally calibrated for it to be accurate. I think they use a general color profile for all units which is not ideal since every panel is different. - Speakers lack bass. - The 512gb ssd that came with the laptop isn't that fast. - For some reason adding another 16gb ram is a pain. A lot of the 16gb DDR4 2666 in the market doesn't work. Somewhere in Reddit is a list of compatible ram for the Aero 15 but there have been reports that even those might not work. It took me 2 tries to find a working pair.

Overall Review: From all of the stellar reviews out there in addition to its equally stellar price point, I imagined to have no trouble using this right out of the box. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. It would be very helpful to have an in-depth research about this laptop outside simple youtube/newegg reviews. Look at forums and see the average user experience before you decide to buy this.

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