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Nice heatsink1/26/2011 1:28:48 PM

Pros: Universal design fits even my old XFX GeForce 6600GT AGP card. Stock heatsink would idle at around 40 degrees, this one takes it down to 34 degrees.

Cons: Sticks out quite a bit off the edge of the card (still fits in my case though).

Overall Review: RAM sinks did not fit my 6600GT AGP card because the heatsink was over top of them. Would have to file them down.

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Don't count on Rebate5/14/2009 7:24:52 AM

Pros: Great memory. Increasing the voltage to 2.1v enables the CL4 timing advertised. Most motherboards won't go much past 2.1v so you might have to reduce the latencies to overclock.

Cons: I've been waiting since the beginning of February for my rebate. I emailed them a week ago about it and haven't gotten a response yet. Don't let the rebate factor into your budget, because you could wait many months to get it and in some cases not at all.

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Manufacturer Response:
Please visit our website at for rebate information or email us at
Awesome deal...great DDR2 RAM2/15/2009 2:07:08 PM

Pros: - CL4 capable - Price with rebate is better than most generic DDR2 RAM.

Cons: - none

Overall Review: Timings are not set in the SPD because they are not JEDED standards. Your motherboard needs to have the ability able to increase the voltage to 2.1V and manually set the timings.

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Great Value...Solid Board2/15/2009 1:55:38 PM

Pros: - Onboard ATI HD 3200 graphics w/Hybrid CrossfireX - Supports high wattage CPUs - Nice overclocking features in BIOS (use ALT+F4 when in BIOS) - Onboard video scores a 4.1 in Windows 7 Beta. It won't scream with the latest games at full res, but it kicks nVidia or Intel's integrated graphics performance. Very robust IGP. - High quality capacitors - Price

Cons: - Heatsinks could be a little beefier, but I can't compalin for the price that the board costs.

Overall Review: Excellent value for the price you pay. I have a Athlon XP 7750+ with 4 GB of Patriot Viper DDR2 RAM (I know, I should have 1066...but that's the next upgrade). Bumped the RAM voltage up to 2.1 V and have overclocked the Kuma to 3.2GHz without and stability issues.

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