Basically the best keyboard/mouse12/24/2020 1:34:36 AM

Pros: Suuper long battery life time after u charge it for like 45mins, also runs while charging obviously, same with mouse. basically zero complaints whatsoever. nice sturdy heavy duty keyboard that's open underneath keys for easy cleaning, fast connectivity zero delays or anything like that. also you can adjust the lighting on the keys and mouse which is just plain cool. both connect to the same dongle so only one USB slot is needed to operate both keyboard and mouse at the same time wirelessly with is modern i guess. i was skeptical before buying because it had like no reviews but I'm sooooo glad i got it, it pairs perfectly with my new gaming pc to make me seem extra leet and cool, hahaha

Cons: hope you like blue and pink/purple lighting cuz that's the only options as far as color goes

Overall Review: AMAZING!! my fav keyboard/mouse combo ever

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AMAZING! silent fast powerful basically does everything9/28/2020 3:24:26 PM

Pros: super fast worth the price. looks siiic once you actually see it. super quiet, much quieter than my laptop or really any computer I've ever used personally. It can have multiple major applications going on at the same time which is weird to be able to do for even an intermediate user like me no lag or slowness I haven't pushed it to the extreme or anything but i definitely had Halo MCC, Discord, Youtube, i was downloading something and uploading my hard-drive to my new computer. plus other random background apps, i freaking love it so far and haven't had aaany issues and I continue to just be blown away by this thing.

Cons: i was confused about how to plug in my HDMI monitor because only 1 HDMI port wanted to register before the initial setup of the computer after you first turn it on. I almost thought it was broken but then when I looked at it again when I had more time I found the other HDMI port that's like in a weird spot next to 2 other USB ports? or something idk all I know is that I wouldn't expect the shadowy HDMI port at the bottom of the tower to be the main HDMI port but ya that's the only thing I would change which is such a minor thing I'm sort of nit picking

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this computer unless you just perform minimal tasks like checking emails or something like that. I would definitely buy again had if i could go back in time. a change i would make would be to mark clearly where the primary HDMI port is, the secondary one is clearly labeled its just a little weird to not clearly label both

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