1/9/2018 5:59:57 PM

Pros: Look nice

Cons: Motherboard cable - DOA, didn't work CPU cables - needed to use Hercules strength to put them in the PSU - DOA, didn't work PCI-E cables to GPU - DOA, didn't work SATA cables - WORKED! Overall a garbage experience, wasted an evening of my time, redid my PC, got excited...not doing it again...going to return them and be done with it

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Good Product but...1/4/2018 5:02:56 PM

Pros: They look really nice and easy to install.

Cons: I don't understand why for some colors, my RGB halos don't show the same color? I have 5 halos in total and 2 phantek rgb strips.. I've contacted phantek so I'm waiting on a reply. Also, one of my 120 mm halos came with 2 dead LED's...

Overall Review: You need either a phanteks case which has the SATA connector for the rgb halos or an rgb adapter. Do yourself a favour like I did...purchase the rgb strip combo, which comes with the rgb adapter for your motherboard...score!

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Why are there no reviews for this?5/14/2016 5:33:30 AM

Pros: Well made! Purchased for $899 (not a bad price) The best part about this unit is that with one screw and the removal of the bottom panel you can put in an extra stick of RAM and another 2.5" SSD or HDD of your choice. Not many laptops make it this easy and the easy access was a big selling feature for me. You are also one screw away from being able to swap out the 128GB Samsung M2 SSD if need be. The recovery disc is actually not bad...it comes with Win 10 Pro (make sure you turn off all tracking features during setup) if that's what you want. (see more info in cons about the recovery disc)

Cons: Too much HP software etc but at least there aren't 50 extra programs trying to be sold to me embedded into the recovery disc. No point in the 1 month Office 365 trial. Just give customers a good discount on buying the software with the purchase of the laptop 1 stuck pixel, hardly noticeable but obviously I'd love a perfect screen. I'll just permanently put my finger print over it.

Overall Review: I bought this for work. I wanted to make my life easier without having to buy adapters so a VGA for my work is a must as is a optical drive. Overall it is a fine piece of equipment but it would be nice if it had a NVIDIA GPU in there, even if just a 945M or something.

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