Heavily overvolted from the factory5/9/2021 2:07:10 AM

Overall Review: I was able to easy lower the core voltage by 85mv and still maintain total stability in prime 95 for at least 4 hours regardless of if avx-512, was on. This cut power by almost 20% and temperatures by almost 10 degrees.

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Does not hold a 285mm GPU5/9/2021 1:20:20 AM

Pros: Seems like a sturdy case for the price. I probably would have been happy with it if the GPU length spec was accurate.

Overall Review: The specifications that this can hold a 285mm gpu is misleading. The case is set up so that the end of gpu has to fit in a slot in the front of the case for GPUs longer than 255 mm. This would be great except that most gpus that are super long tend to also be fairly wide, so they won't fit there without modification. Also, a fan mounted there (the only intake fan, so not really optional) further narrows the slit.

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