Nearly Perfect6/25/2021 8:13:41 AM

Pros: -RTX 3070 -Ryzen 5 5600X -Arrived quickly and very well packaged. Literally just plug it in and youre good to go. -Absolute beast of a computer. Has run every game Ive thrown at it at 1440p Ultra at minimum 120 fps when overclocked. -DID NOT COME WITH BLOATWARE. NO MCAFEE. (THANK YOU ABS) - 62.5MH/s while OC GPU 5000 H/s OC CPU

Cons: -CPU Cooler could be better. Thermaltake UX100 is very budget (which i understand) but with a better cooler (Cooler Master 212) you can see much lower temps.

Overall Review: For the current price with the current market shortages and component prices, this is a pretty good deal in my eyes. Some components could be better, but ABS has to make money somehow. To add to that, my experience with ABS has been good. Ive watched content creators review other companies prebuilts and they are terrible compared to the quality of ABS. I would recommend this system for a friend with a similar budget.

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Manufacturer Response:
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