Good card, bad Newegg4/28/2017 11:39:35 AM

Pros: Like all 1080TI's it is a super fast card. This one is well built and runs below 70c.

Cons: Bad Newegg. The price dropped $10, within 6 days of me getting the card, and Newegg would not honor a price guarantee on the product. An easy way to lose a good customer for a lousy $10.

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Very good so far7/19/2016 5:58:35 AM

Pros: Easy setup. No issues. Running I7 6900k at 4.4 and 64gb Trident Z at 3200. Audio quality is very good.

Cons: Post times are a bit slow. The included headphone amp is useless to me. Leave it out and drop the price. Asus Sonic Studio user interface causes crashes in Sysinternals Autoruns.

Overall Review: The 6900k runs hot. 4.4 was the best I could get at 1.3v.

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Messy11/4/2014 11:13:58 AM

Pros: The rice comes out just fine

Cons: This cooker makes a mess. Water boils out the top and splatters everywhere. No amount of pre-rice cleaning prevents this. Poor design on the steam vent. My previous $19 cooker did not have this issue.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. If you are not fully satisfied with our product please contact us at the number below or one of the email addresses below to better assist you in resolving your problem. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
5/8/2009 6:13:05 AM

Pros: Great card. Easily overclocks to the specs of the 1182 card, so save yourself $40.

Cons: None, except I could have won this in a Newegg contest.

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Watch out for the rebate1/6/2009 5:28:13 PM

Pros: I have the 300GB and its a great drive.

Cons: Took 3 months for the rebate to arrive. WD should be ashamed.

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Rebate is a joke1/6/2009 5:26:12 PM

Pros: The drive runs great and quiet.

Cons: The $25 rebate took 3 months to arrive. WD should be ashamed.

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Trouble10/4/2008 4:40:17 PM

Pros: This card ran great on my core 2 Vista64 system.

Cons: Built a quad core system, with 8gb ram, Asus P5q deluxe, Vista64. The system kept randomly freezing. Couldn't figure it out. Happened less frequently on XP64. Finally, went back to Vista and removed this wireless card. No more freezes. Rock solid. I believe there is a driver issue with quad core, my MB, or 8gb memory.

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Appears OK9/25/2008 9:42:22 AM

Pros: Works fine so far. Lots of connectors. Quiet.

Cons: There are 9 "old style" power connectors for drives, etc, yet they only give 2 two blue caps to cover them if they are not being used. This is a safety issue of one of the unused connectors shorts out against something metal. It probably would have cost less than 5 cents to include enough caps to cover all the unused connectors. This is just plain cheap.

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Great wireless card8/10/2008 12:28:00 PM

Pros: Great card. Using Vista64. Strong signal and never disconnects. Mujch better than previous Realtek based card.

Cons: None

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Off to a bad start5/7/2008 3:48:39 PM

Pros: Newegg gets 5 stars for paying the return shipping cost on a defective printer.

Cons: Brother gets 1 star for shipping a bad print cartridge. Every print page had black marks along one edge of the paper.

Overall Review: I'll report back on the printer when I get my replacement.

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Good Fans4/25/2008 6:21:35 AM

Pros: Amazing what you get for $8. Good airflow. Nice looking.

Cons: Fairly noisy at full speed.

Overall Review: I love Newegg, but how do they calculate shipping costs for more than one of the same item??? Three fan splitter cables cost the same to ship as one, yet the shipping price jumps up.

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