Good enough for an office chair, but the foot rest is flimsy and the price is a bit steep for the mediocre quality.4/11/2019 11:38:21 PM

Pros: Nice comfortable chair, which is fully adjustable.

Cons: The foot rest is flimsy, if you're heavy and you put both feet on it, while you're sitting on your chair, it will bend and break without an effort. It needs to be redesign, by adding a thicker steel bar where the little cushion is cantilevered on the sliding bars of the foot rest. Price was a bit steep.

Overall Review: Redesign the flimsy part to make sure you do not disappoint other costumers.

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Great product, but too expensive and too little...12/9/2018 10:26:09 AM

Pros: Product works.

Cons: If you're reading multiple SD cards and saving files in CURA. Be aware, that it might save the files randomly.

Overall Review: It's not an overall bad product for what it is intended to do, but there is better out there at a lower price.

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Very bad product !11/26/2018 7:05:08 PM

Pros: None for now.

Cons: The machine came somewhat damaged, the heating plate came bent in one corner. The printing quality is very poor. The auto-leveling system doesn't do what is suppose to do. The bed is arc (not straight), no matter how well you level it manually, it keep getting arc, giving you a very poor print at the end. It is impossible to adjust the preheat. Doesn't come with software setup instructions. The driving belt in the Y axis is very thin (bad proportion for the cumbersome bed plate), when printing fast, the belt derails. Overall, poor quality and ridiculously expensive.

Overall Review: I will need to spend another 200 $ worth in upgrade in order to make this heap of junk work properly...

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Great product, but too expensive and too little...4/17/2018 12:39:25 PM

Pros: The product works as expected, I notice a reduction in temperature of about 2-3 degrees Celsius. I notice also that spreading evenly the paste on top of the IHS (covering its entire surface with a thin layer) helps a bit better to further reduce the temps of about another 1-2 degrees Celsius, especially if you're using a water chiller as your main cooling device. The idea is to properly transfer the heat from the IHS to the water block. The paste basically covers the surface imperfections of both IHS and waterblock, but with better heat transfer capability vs other brands.

Cons: -Too expensive. -Too little (not enough paste to cover my other electronic components. -Paste is a bit too viscous making it somewhat hard to spread.

Overall Review: Yes, I highly recommend it, but I wish that Thermal Grizzly and Newegg sell a larger container version of this one with a more reasonable price. -The science and engineering are the only thing that save this product, due to its high price and very low quantity !!!

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Product works as describe.10/27/2017 6:12:30 AM

Pros: The product can detect active cellphones, computers, hidden laptops that are connected in WIFI, where you may suspect that there are hidden cameras recording activity.

Cons: Makes a loud beeping if you don't adjust the volume !

Overall Review: For people who know what they are dealing with, I recommend this product, it's an entryway to basic counter-intelligence info gathering.

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Very interesting device for measuring the flow of your water loop !!!8/10/2017 4:09:55 PM

Pros: The flow sensor does exactly as it is described on paper !!! It measures flow, than what else can I say ??? The good thing about this device, is that you can easily take it apart to clean it if it ever gets dirty. Another good thing about this apparatus, is that, you can setup the flow sensor to shut down the computer, if EVER your water pumps stop working or the flow is deem to be too low, (because of dirt build-up or flow restriction due to a pinched tube), so you can protect your extremely expensive components !!! YOU NEED THIS DEVICE, if your working 24/7, it is a PC life saving unit !!! For science out loud !!! I dubbed it the PLSU (PC Life Saving Unit) LOL !!! :)

Cons: None so far !!!

Overall Review: I highly recommend this device if you're very serious about water cooling your PC for 24/7 (especially when highly Overclocked) !!! You want to make sure your PC doesn't die on you !!! Especially, if you spent like 12,000.00 $ worth of highly sophisticated hardware !!! Just make sure you KNOW what your doing before installing anything on your machine !!!

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Amazing product from Alphacool !!!8/10/2017 3:49:07 PM

Pros: Beautiful white LEDs that enlighten your 60mm diameter water cooling reservoir !!! It has a purer white color, unlike some other white LEDs which give a sort of bluish color.

Cons: Again quite expensive for a simple product. :(

Overall Review: Other than price, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to put all sort of whistles and bells on its PC !!!

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Excellent product !!!8/10/2017 3:44:14 PM

Pros: The product does exactly as it said !!! It means that the description on the bottle (on paper, in theory), is exactly on the practical side of view !!! :) No problems at all, your cooling problems are solved with this product, as simple as it is !!! The product acts like regular distillate water, BUT with all the anti-rusting additives and biocide, it means that it extract the heat efficiently from the CPU water block and radiate the thermal energy effectively on the radiators, like regular water would do with all the important chemicals agents to support your cooling loop.

Cons: ...Quite expensive for a liquid :(

Overall Review: Other than the yucky price, I highly recommend this amazing product, I have no problems so far, no discoloration, no rust, no gunk, no smells... Don't ever try to drink it !!! LOL !!!

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Very good product !!!6/23/2017 3:08:51 PM

Pros: Nice product, nice manufacturing quality.

Cons: The big con here was a MISTAKE I DID, I bought this product to replace the old shorter reservoir on my PC, but I didn't notice that the thread of the older water reservoir are external, the Alphacool Cape Fuzion reservoir's thread are internal...

Overall Review: I recommend the alphacool product for anyone who is very serious about water cooling. BUT, do well your research about the component compatibility, before starting to buy here and there !!!

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Very good product !!!6/23/2017 2:57:04 PM

Pros: Lightweight, robust, easy of installation, very low vibration, well ballanced, high pressure and flow !!!

Cons: None !!! May be noisy for some when pushed at ful RPM, but it's not a problem for me.

Overall Review: This is a very good product made by Noctua, I recommend it strongly when building a high OC computer in summer time !!! You want to take full advantage of its high RPM to push as much air as possible into your radiators !!!

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Good product, works very well, but the wires are pinched between the metal case and the pump body.6/23/2017 8:26:15 AM

Pros: Pump works very well and allows me to boost the pressure on my system, since I connected this pump in series (double stage), this allows the coolant to push through the entire loop of my computer. It helps to counter the resistance due to gravity and flow restrictions in water block and radiators.

Cons: There are two major problems about this pump: 1) the wires are pinched between the metal housing and the pump body, this can cause a serious short circuit that could potentially damage your system. 2)the inlet port is too close to the outlet, it means that if you're using 1/2" x 3/4" fittings close to one another, they wont fit. I had to machine down the brass plug on a lathe, so I could fit the fitting in question on the outlet port.

Overall Review: Other than that, the pump works very well !!!

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Very good product for its price.6/23/2017 8:12:50 AM

Pros: easy to install, low corrosion , nice aesthetics.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I recommend this product for anyone looking into water-cooling PC.

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Great product, does the job !!!6/23/2017 8:05:19 AM

Pros: Radiator made in full copper, which means better heat dissipation and low corrosion levels !!! Easy to setup. It has extra connecting ports for different tubing configuration.

Cons: You need to thoroughly clean the radiator before use, it comes with some machining metal debris.

Overall Review: These are the best radiators you can use for you water cooled PC !!!

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In Testing stage for the MAYHEMS X1 Concentrate UV Blue !!! (cross fingers please !!!)6/19/2017 6:54:56 PM

Pros: -This positive comment comes from other customers, which they told me to test the X1, because of its superior quality over the other cooling solutions. -Now this positive comment comes from me: I mix the Mayhems X1 concentrate with Turbo Power(TM) deionized water, that I bought at a Canadian Tire store near my home. I pour it into the cooling reservoir and let it circulate into the water loop for an entire day, next I ran some benchmarks and stress test for monitoring temperatures and it looks like it does the job of dropping the temperature of the CPU on my overclocked i7-6950X and I am talking 4.5Ghz all core synchronized, all of them without any exceptions of the rules !!! Temperature of CPU at 100% capacity are within 58C. BTW, Broadwell-E have the reputation to become hot heads, when you OC them pass the 4Ghz bar !!! When pushed around without proper cooling, they can reach easily 90C or worst 98C !!! Your 10 reactor computing cores will meltdown in no time !!! My older loop consist of a bad quality batch of blue clear Thermaltake solution that crystallized into tiny chunks of some sort of black-grayish oxide that was blocking my CPU water block and my water pump suction port. It seems that The old solution degrades quickly after two months of use. More info will come after 3 months !!! Stay tuned and stay cool !!!

Cons: There has been some obscure rumors, that some of the Mayhems cooling solution (namely the opaque) degrades quickly after a few months. Now the question is: Is this true ???

Overall Review: Like I say, it is in testing stage, after 3 months of use, we will see if the solution retains its integrity.

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Very good radiator does the job to pull out the heat from CPU.6/19/2017 5:01:46 PM

Pros: This product is a full copper radiator, no aluminium use here. What does it means ??? It means, there is less chances of corrosion !!! And has the ability to better radiate the heat out the cooling fluid !!! Since copper is a better heat conductor than aluminium !!! The size also matters in this design as it gives better chance to the water to cool down. The fluid in question circulates in the long narrow pipes and this gives enough time for the liquid to dissipate the heat into the atmosphere.

Cons: There is only one concern about the radiator and may be a major one for those who are not vigilant when they mount. The radiator must be thoroughly cleaned from the metal dust inside before installing it.

Overall Review: Other than that it is a very good product !!!

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