Tablet stand and cover6/15/2018 11:06:12 AM

Pros: Does what it's made for.

Cons: only con is that I didn't look at the description close enough to realize it isn't quite as wide as my Tablet. tablet is 10.1 this is for 9 to 10. the tablet is about a half inch too long but not a big problem. I mainly got it for its stand ability.

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Excellent Card10/8/2010 4:19:36 PM

Pros: Excellent Card, I dl'd the newer driver and software from the AVerMedia site which works flawlessly. I used both the control center and fraps to record and the Control center won. Crisp playable video and much less disk space needed for recordings at the same resolutions, Fraps captures have to be rendered (Sony Vegas) before there playable with out crashing the system. I tried 1920x1080 and 1280x720 res. for both capture sofwares 350mb and 292mb with the Control center capture, same resolutions with fraps was over 5 gb. each and were split into segments.

Cons: none at all

Overall Review: I read all the reviews for this card and was nicely surprised getting the results I've gotten. I'm running Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit 4gb ram AMD Phenom II X4 965, ATI HD 4890. I expected the worst getting it to even run under 64bit Win 7 but it works flawlessly. Worth ever penny and it's a good price. 5 eggs Newegg always comes through :)

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Excellent Game9/26/2010 3:40:30 PM

Pros: Even if your a PC gamer like me, this is one title to own for the 360. The graphics are insane as is the game play, you gotta use your imagination on the story, it's well put together but not all-telling which leads me to believe there will be a 2nd. hopefully anyway :)

Cons: not a con: but anyone used to PC gaming like me will find it extremely difficult on anything above easy mode. there is a huge difference between the first 2 modes and normal. Normal on this game is like (are you out of your bleeding mind) on any other game. mind you this isn't a con it's just a heads up. it's not DMC LOL

Overall Review: when I saw this game was a Hideki Kamiya game, I knew I'd be getting it :) Loved the DMC's but Bayonetta I'll get to the tougher modes no matter how many times I get spanked :) If your thinking about this title, just get it, you won't be disappointed.

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Green Zone8/26/2010 3:35:38 PM

Pros: Digital Copy

Cons: As stated in previous post, the blu-ray is unwatchable because of copy protection. Even with firmware and software updates. PC, PS3, and a standalone system were unable to play this title.

Overall Review: The digital copy was the only thing that kept me from sending it back or tossing it in the circular bin. No more Universal media for me.

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Huge world8/11/2010 2:18:59 AM

Pros: For a single player game the land mass is huge, reminds me a bit of Prototype for free roam and causing chaos. I was glad to see the in-game saving option turn on after 14 straight hours. I was worried it would be like the demo (no save). Graphics are extremely nice, great detail, runs smooth. Extremely fun to play and loose track of time :)

Cons: not really a con, I was hoping for some interior game play.

Overall Review: I think any game with this much open space should have a grappling hook and compressed gas canisters just for the fun factor. Even with all the stunt videos out there, there are still some pretty unexpected things that can happen when there's this much freedom in a game. I hope Square Enix continues this Franchise. :)

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Excellent Case5/13/2010 12:51:30 AM

Pros: Extremely easy to install everything into this case, and cable management is a breeze. Dropped heat temps a good 10 to 15c. Finger screws for everything are a real plus. And it is really quiet, even with 5 fans. Plus there's a spot in front of the PSU for another exhaust fan. Going to be adding some sound activated cold cathode tubes to this for the look I want :)

Cons: none at all :)

Overall Review: I saw a review stating the HDD bay interfered with the ram slot. HDD's don't go in from the inside of the case, you pull the front grill off (which is easy) undo the four finger screws on either side and pull the cage w/fan out the front and install your HDD's. you have to pull the front off anyway to get the 5.25" drive plates out otherwise you break the tabs.

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Not real sure about this mem.5/4/2010 2:10:22 AM

Pros: it's the only memory I could find at DDR2-1066 1.8v second set seems to be working so far.

Cons: first set came with one stick bowed/warped and didn't work after finally getting it seated. Not sure if the memory was packaged in this condition or if something was set on top of it during shipment. I would prefer memory being shipped in a box, not a bubble pack envelope. even in a plastic package memory is to fragile for an envelope.

Overall Review: This is my first usage of Crucial memory, not really a good first impression.

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AC for CPU4/24/2010 5:24:22 PM

Pros: I went from a 125w Phenom 9950 (idle 55C) to a 125w Phenom II 965 and figured I'd put this cooler to the test after seeing all the high marks it was getting with reviews. So I started up Crysis AND Assassin's Creed both windowed. The highest temp my CPU got while tabing and playing was 44C which is 11 degrees less then idle on my old 9950, Idle now on the 965 is 29C. This IS AC for a CPU :)

Cons: none what so ever :)

Overall Review: I only have 3 case fans, 1 front blowing in over the HDD's, 1 side fan right over this cooler and 1 rear exhaust fan. Can't ask for a better CPU cooling solution the The Freezer 64 Pro.

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Great as always9/24/2009 8:39:01 PM

Pros: Great monitor, Got it to go with the rig I'm building for my nephew. The buttons are on the bottom which light up in the front when pressed, wish my 28" Hanns-G had these buttons lol. Crisp picture, speakers are fair, but who uses them anyway. Has no dead pixels and Newegg shipping is flawless, ordered before 2pm got it next day about 1pm along with all the other stuff I ordered.

Cons: None what so ever :)

Overall Review: My nephew is gonna freak when he sees this, he's useing an old 15" lcd with a horrible picture. He's been hinting like crazy sence his birthday isn't far off lol. With this monitor, the asus vento 3600 case and a amd Phenom II X4 810 he might just beat me in UT3 LOL, Well he'll at least be able to see me before I launch a rocket and run past him.

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My 2nd one9/16/2009 6:26:41 PM

Pros: 1st. one(I bought elsewhere) is on it's last legs after about 3 years of use, a ton of annoying static, had to lower the res to 1600 x 1200 just to get a bit of stability in the picture but that doesn't last long. Now with the new one I'm back in my comfort zone :) This new one must be a revised version, the menu is much better and more intuitive then the older one. Out-of-the-box everything about it is better, didn't have to adjust anything and I don't feel like my eyes are being microwaved anymore :) No dead pixels this time either.

Cons: None: well my first one cost me more from (The Other Guy) :)

Overall Review: I've seen alot of products that have won customer choice awards, I think it's high time we put Newegg on that list for a Customer Choice Award. Here's my Vote. As always great service.

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Excellent Card9/12/2009 5:21:17 PM

Pros: Awesome card, much better then I had expected. out performs my older hd-3870 X2 card. and with only one gpu :) I ordered mine on the 2nd just before the holiday :( lol had to wait. it came from mem, TN. Luckly Newegg always does a great job of packaging cause the outer box took a gorilla beating. but not to bad for the distance it had to travel.

Cons: none what so ever.

Overall Review: I've seen reviews complaining about the "ATI" driver install CD, first, it isn't an ATI driver install CD it's an XFX install cd. and the UI gives all the links for ALL of the up to date drivers needed including the HDMI audio drivers. so ATI did not fall on there face!! just read when you put the cd in to install.

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Extreme fun6/28/2009 3:08:21 AM

Pros: Graphics are awesome, gameplay at it's best. Storyline is well done, they packed alot into this game and they did exactly what they set out to do right from the start. way to go "Radical Ent." And as always 5 eggs for Newegg always on top of the game.

Cons: none.

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