Doesn't look like the photo1/9/2021 10:15:59 PM

Pros: 4tb. Works well. I have installed so many games on Steam without worrying at all about hard drive space. Games load just as fast from this as they do on my SSD. My computer is about 6 years old though.

Cons: Another hard drive product from Newegg which looks nothing like the photos. Why post photos at all if the product isn't going to look the same. It doesn't take much effort to post an actual photo. See? I did it.

Overall Review: Overall it works fine but the failure to accurately represent the product in the provided photos makes me feel like I was sent the wrong thing. I definitely paid for the cool looking black one. Why does mine look like a normal old hard drive?

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I goofed1/6/2020 9:22:28 PM

Pros: It's ECC, but I can't use it.

Cons: It's ECC. Can't use it.

Overall Review: I didn't read the description thoroughly enough. I ended up with ram I can not use. I knew the price was too good to be true :(

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Saved me a little money8/2/2016 6:46:42 PM

Pros: Cheaper than going through the Windows store. Didn't have to wait for shipping.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Download the Windows 10 Crain till from Microsoft and create a USB installer. Install from that and then copy paste the code when you get the email. No problems with install. Probably the last painful install I've ever done.

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ANOTHER G.Skill product that has failed8/3/2015 8:05:41 PM

Pros: Works most of the time. I'm able to game and go about most tasks without interruptions.

Cons: Getting BSOD errors, mostly when waking from sleep, but also when using the web browser.

Overall Review: Memtest86 shows only about 6 errors, however this is enough to give me headaches. I keep having trouble with this company's products, and their website doesn't have anything useful other than a forum. Learned my lesson. Not buying from G.Skill after this. I see other users are posting reviews with the same BSOD when waking from sleep.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Contact us directly or post your problem somewhere on the internet or forum and we will find and help you. This is an extreme performance memory kit. It is absolutely necessary to manually configure settings in BIOS/EFI or enable the XMP/DOCP performance profile. In addition, not all motherboards and CPUs are capable of DDR3-2400, so additional tweaks may be necessary. Since not all users are overclockers or have extensive experience, GSkill offers full technical support for this high end RAM, but we need users to let us know so we can help and provide the necessary details for your particular system. If you believe a module may be defective, test one stick at a time to see if one performs differently. Also, make sure you have the latest BIOS/EFI for the motherboard. This is one of the top memory kits on the market so with the proper configuration, you can expect nothing less than great. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
FAST!5/30/2015 8:37:32 PM

Pros: Fast.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: I didn't trust SSDs for years after having my first one fail in a month. I recently read that some manufacturers don't adhere to Intel's specs causing multiple problems. Seems the technology has ironed out the bugs for the most part, and this drive is going strong. From power on to login screen is maybe 7 seconds if that long. I am very impressed and will continue to keep an eye on SSD prices.

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Easiest code redemption ever.5/30/2015 8:31:39 PM

Pros: Hassle free and quick code redemption. Fastest code redemption I've experienced in years.

Cons: N/A.

Overall Review: I bought my STRIX 970 maybe two days before nVidia started giving away two games with their cards instead of just this one. On the other hand, I'm happy with what I got, and I have numerous games on Steam I haven't played, so it's not like I'm missing much. I've redeemed almost two dozen movies via Disney, iTunes, and Flixster. They all make me want to scream, especially the Disney redemption codes. Redeeming this game from GOG was a breath of fresh air. I looked at them as a Steam wannabe prior to this, but now I'm a fan and will be watching their service for sales and new releases.

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Like5/30/2015 8:24:35 PM

Pros: Virtually silent. Fan turns off when not needed.

Cons: Huge. I mean, I expected it to be big, but the card will not allow a case fan on the side door, and blocks the adjacent PCI Express X1 slot. Ordering a slim fan to see if THAT will fit, and fortunately my motherboard has an X1 slot above the first X16 slot. There is a bright white LED near the power connector that is always on. I do not know its purpose other than decorative, but it would be more visually appealing if it were illuminating a logo and a bit dimmer.

Overall Review: Overall, I like this card. I don't GTA V... But I can run any game I do own on max settings at 2560 x 1600 on a 30" monitor.

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5/30/2015 8:13:23 PM

Pros: Multicolored. Both keyboard and mouse have multiple colors. Pretty good price if my rebate ever comes.

Cons: Mouse has a place to put weights,Mobutu did not come with any weights. Mouse feels hollow and cheap without the weights.

Overall Review: best price for a cool-looking keyboard and mouse (after rebate, of course).

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Pretty good5/30/2015 8:04:33 PM

Pros: Plenty of fan headers. I've never owned a motherboard with more than maybe two. Plenty of SATA ports.

Cons: PCI express X1 and X16 slots are too close together to use with modern graphics cards. Using the X1 slot below the first X16 slot blocks a fan on my STRIX 970. There's almost no point in getting a full ATX motherboard because the slots are too close together. Heat sinks on chipsets are held on loosely by clips and springs. The bios is very friendly looking, but hard for me to understand coming from a non-mouse, non-gui style.

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Updated Review4/21/2015 7:53:46 AM

Pros: Numerous inputs including HDMI, Component, and Composite video; analog audio inputs, coaxial, optical, or HDMI for audio. Up to 7.1 surround. Great features such as a default volume upon startup.

Cons: Failed after 3 years. After research, it seems that this and a few other Onkyo models are plagued by inadequate heat dissipation similar to what caused older XBox 360s to fail (red-ring). Basically, how I understand it is, the board is fastened down, but expands when it gets hot. Having nowhere to go, it warps. When it's turned off and cools down, it goes back to the original shape. After doing this many times, the unit eventually becomes unstable, and then produces no sound at all. From what I've read, I'm not the first this happened to.

Overall Review: Customer service was nice enough to make a "one-time-only" courtesy repair. I had to pay shipping, but after getting it back, it has worked flawlessly. I would advise against placing any other equipment on top of this unit, placing this unit in a cabinet or on a shelf, or placing it anywhere that the heat dissipation from the top (very large) vent is obstructed. I wish the manufacturers had invested in some heat sinks and a small fan to help with heat dissipation.

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Poor Charging - Looks cool2/28/2015 1:28:07 PM

Pros: Looks very cool. Fairly well made. Works fine over stronger USB chargers: 1 amp, etc.

Cons: Does not seem to charge over Hundai Sonata's USB port.

Overall Review: I bought this because I have a similar cable for my Android phone that I use in the car. It looks really cool at night, but isn't too bright as to be a distraction. I use mine with a standalone charger, as the Sonata I drive can not access music files directly VIA USB on Android Phones. Mine charges fine over a 2.1 amp charger, however my wife's iPhone 4 will not charge with this cable via the standard USB port in the car (though it will with a standard iPhone cable). I assume this is because the cable uses up just enough power that the phone no longer recognizes port. Data works fine, but power depletes slowly while phone is plugged in.

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inconclusive11/15/2014 2:00:58 PM

Pros: This is basically an alternate location to download Razer's free surround sound software. This is the same as the free version that's available on their website. This software is a nice idea, and I can tell it does SOMETHING. It sounds like it applies an EQ to emphasize certain frequencies. The demo built into the program does seem to have accurate representation of positional audio.

Cons: The price being "reduced" to free is misleading. No "pro version" code was provided, as I had previously hoped. I've been playing Borderlands 2 for hours. Playing with Razer Surround seems to do nothing that plain stereo won't do. Unfortunately, while gaming, I can't hear any difference between this and stereo as far as positional audio is concerned. I am starting to believe that this doesn't truly decode 5.1 data, but makes up its own using stereo data instead.

Overall Review: With over-the-ear headphones plugged straight into my computer, I can hear a difference with these. Certain sounds seem to "pop". After I bought a USB DAC, I don't hear very much difference at all. It basically sounds like an EQ. When I play games--Borderlands 2, for example---I can't hear any positional sounds. Just left and right, same as without this program. I may read some more reviews to see if this only works on certain games, or if it uses real 5.1 data at all.

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Going out for 3rd time. (re-re-review)3/30/2014 8:49:44 AM

Pros: Three year warranty. Used it twice and only paid $50 each time. Monitor is huge.

Cons: Failure rate. This is the third failure. Price.

Overall Review: I mean, what am I going to do with a twelve-hundred-dollar monitor other than go ahead and pay the fee and ship it off and get it fixed? Now that it's failed for the third time, and it's out of warranty, I'm at a point where I either get something ALMOST as large (27") new for around the same cost that I'd pay for diagnostics and repairs, or risk the repair and have it go out again in another 1 or 2 years. By contrast, I have a 22" acer monitor I bought back in 2006 that has taken the beating I would never dream of putting the syncmaster through and it still works perfectly. I regret this purchase at the price I paid in 2008. I should have known better. I could have gotten three monitors and a new video video card for less.

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Best at this price2/4/2014 1:24:14 AM

Pros: Very clear. Once you finds he right size tip to seal your ear, these sound great. I compare them to some other phones I paid almost $40 for, and these win, for me.

Cons: Construction is a little on the cheap side. I do not feel like I will break them, but the cable tangles every time I put them down, and the bizarre shape of the housing for the drivers is difficult to get used to.

Overall Review: The odd shaped housing may be what makes these things special. I liked them so much, I bought three pairs. I bought a pack of various sized replacement tips for them. My ears are hard to fit with these phones in particular, but when they get a good seal, these phones sound wonderful.

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Revision2/4/2014 1:18:19 AM

Pros: Lots and lots of bass. Crisp highs. Cheap. (Four dollars on sale).

Cons: Highs are almost piercing while bass is almost too loud. Does not isolate well with significant noise. Mids still terribly recessed.

Overall Review: The first time I listened to these, I was in my car driving. I thought that was a good test of the isolation. Comparing these to my in ear headphones from mono price, these are really heavy on the bass, and highs sound distorted. I only paid four bucks. I got two pairs in case they were incredible. I wish I had only gotten one.

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Overall, I'm happy.1/21/2014 9:30:50 PM

Pros: Works well. I use this as a media center PC and also play non-graphics-intense games occasionally, and it handles all of that very well. It's a very quick processor.

Cons: FM1 is now obsolete... Amazing how quickly this happens, even with brand new technology.

Overall Review: FM1 quickly was replaced by newer technology. Wish I had waited for FM2, though I doubt I'd notice any real difference in performance because I only use this as a media center. I just feel like I missed out on some upgradability. Really, I know better than to be an early adopter, but every once in a while I read about something and get all excited wanting to try it out.

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1/21/2014 9:25:22 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Fell apart within first week of use.

Overall Review: These were a gift to a 12 year old. Granted, he is rough on things, he has owned several pairs of headsets in the past, and all of them have lasted at least a couple years. This one didn't even make it a week. I thought Turtle Beach made quality products before I bought this.

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One serious flaw. Otherwise, I really like this case.12/18/2013 12:09:36 PM

Pros: Most of this case is simply amazing. Numerous easy ways to route cables behind and out of the way. Easy snap-in mechanism for DVD drives. Slide out trays for hard drives. Hard drives mounted sideways with the power side to the same side where you can hide all your cables. The metal is rounded off, filed down, and then painted with a nice thick textured material that keeps you from cutting yourself and looks and feels great. Top and front panels snap off and on easily.

Cons: There is but a single con, and it is a large one. The tray for the motherboard sits a fraction of an inch too deep. This makes any add-on card not fit. Video cards, and PCI cards just can not plug all the way in with their brackets on, and you can't have them sitting in there loose with out their brackets on and secured down.

Overall Review: I eventually went to the hardware store for some washers to act as spacers to lift the motherboard up about an eighth of an inch. I couldn't find what I wanted in vinyl or plastic. I realized that if I got too thick of a washer, the shallow screws wouldn't reach the threads, so I had to get a set of 12 small thin washers. I placed a washer under each motherboard bolt and secured them back down. Then I taped the other 6 to the bottom of the motherboard's screw holes to hold them in place (this is all I could think of to keep them aligned with the holes), and then secured the motherboard down. This worked like a charm. I still detect a little bit of play left in my PCI slot cards, however, they seem to work just fine, and that's all I need. Knowing how to fix this design flaw, I would definitely buy another of these cases in the future, but I can't rate any higher if I have to rig it to make it usable. Don't they test these things? (Apparently, I have to use the word "secure" instead of the normal word one would use to describe what one does with a screwdriver and a screw... Oh, Newegg, get your mind out of the gutter.)

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Does Windows deserve 5 eggs/stars?12/2/2013 4:55:11 AM

Pros: As far as the product, it works as intended. I have not had installation issues with windows products since the Windows 95 days.

Cons: Unfortunately, Microsoft is pushing this undesirable new Windows 8 operating system onto consumers and ignoring the complaints. This is now, technically the "old" version. I wonder how long they will continue to support the product.

Overall Review: I really think they have been prematurely aborting windows versions since before Vista, but Vista was when I came to realize it. They finally had updated the sucker to where it was working well, when they suddenly decide to do kill it off and push a newer version, and now it's happening all over again. Even if it's not expensive, it makes me feel as if I wasted my money and should just skip every other version of windows.

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still works10/21/2013 5:40:53 AM

Pros: Durable. Still works after almost 10 years of abuse!

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Just gave this away today. Kept it as a spare after using it for several years and then storing it for just as long. Nothing is made like this anymore.

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worst graphics card ever10/21/2013 5:37:16 AM

Pros: none

Cons: I don't know what I was thinking when I opted to buy this for my parents' PC years ago. I still feel bad about that decision. On-board video was easily twice as good as this paperweight.

Overall Review: I eventually learned to search online for reviews of video cards before blowing money.

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Turtle beach doesn't support 64 bit10/21/2013 5:33:43 AM

Pros: It was nice while it lasted.

Cons: Turtle Beach opted not to support 64 bit operating systems, which have now become standard.

Overall Review: I can usually re-use old equipment like this. I'd love to stick it in either one of my current machines, however, with zero driver support and nobody I know still using XP, or 32 bit anything, this is a paperweight. I still have it just in case, because the product itself was well made in my opinion.

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Meltman10/21/2013 5:28:39 AM

Pros: It was windows.

Cons: The hard clear plastic case this disc came in was warped as if it had been left on something hot and the plastic became soft. At first, I thought this was some kind of odd design choice by Microsoft, but after seeing un-bubbly cases in stores, I realized mine had been melted by an unknown force.

Overall Review: I'm not judging this product by the software itself. Everone remembers Vista. I, personally, didn't have any trouble with Vista, because I overcompensated with my processor and ram. Zero issues with the software.

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Loud10/21/2013 5:24:31 AM

Pros: Comes with an adjustment knob. Comes with a temperature probe. Moves lots of air and looks cool doing so.

Cons: Loud. I turn these almost completely down. Temperature probe is el-cheapo and only work well for me on heatsinks, not on the case.

Overall Review: I could have gotten a much cheaper non-adjustable fan that natively operates at a slower speed. Lesson learned. All temperature probes I have ever gotten from Thermaltake are the exact same cheap design that either melts or breaks after a few days of use. I just throw them out now and use the manual knob.

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still works 6 years later!10/21/2013 5:20:24 AM

Pros: Works after several years of use, and one year in storage.

Cons: Advertises 54mbps, and even after upgrading my router twice, I can't get more than 15 - 18 mbps out of this thing even while in the same room.

Overall Review: All wireless cards are like this, though. I have never gotten even 50% of the advertised speed, as I stated in another review. That being said, most people still have wireless G, and this is just fine unless you need to stream higher quality video. Or move tons of files in a timely manner.

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