Great PATA Drive10/11/2007 7:06:19 PM

Pros: Fast for a PATA drive. Quiet and runs cool (just warm to the touch after a full format). WD reliability. And -- of course -- lots of space. I am very pleased with the performance of this HD.

Cons: Not much of a down side with this HD. Only gripe: I wish WD would offer a 5 year warranty on all their drives. 3 years is not bad, but 5 would be nice.

Overall Review: I was using a 400 gig seagt PATA 7200.9 for a year (mostly as a bulk storage / backup HD). I replaced it with this WD 500 gig drive for the same purpose (wanted a bit more space). And even though the drives were very close in specs (same size cache, spindle speed etc.), I have to say that I am much more satisfied with this WD. It runs much cooler (the seagt was VERY warm ~ hot to the touch after a format, unlike this WD). And, the WD is definitely faster in overall performance. I noticed faster file transfer and overall better performance. I thought maybe it was just my imagination. Luckily, I ran a few HD benches on the 400 gig before I disconnected it. After running the same tests on this WD (with the same amount of data on the drive), it scored higher overall. If you need a fast, reliable, cool running & quiet PATA with 500 gigs of space, then this is the drive to get!

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Raptor X-citement12/20/2006 5:58:22 AM

Pros: Speed. The cool Window (such vanity, I know... but, hey, you only live once). For a case with a view, it's makes for a nice piece. It is quite mesmerizing to look at too (beats the heck out of using ‘Green Tea’ and a Lava lamp). Gets a lot of attention too – from ‘geeks’ and ‘non-geeks’ alike (it’s a unifier!). Did I mention it is FAST & Looks COOL too, smile.. Oh yeah, price has come down enough (plus the WD Rebate offers) to were you can fully justify the indulgence to yourself (That is, if your really good at this sort of thing … smile)

Cons: A bit on the expensive side. Especially for the capacity. Heck, if Dell can have their own 160 GB Raptor drive (yes, Dell has their one an only 160 gig). It would be nice if WD could make this 'Big' Raptor in at least a 180 gig to 200 gig size for us. I does make more noise than the non-window version (this should be obvious though). And a bit more heat over a 7200 RPM drive too (makes sense). Deal with it… The BIG CON: they should use the same motor they do in the non-window version (the 1.2 million MTBF motor). And not cheat us out by using a motor with 1/2 the life (600K MTBF) Same warranty at least. But come on 'dudes'!!! This is not right anyway you slice it WD. For shame!!! Lastly, a shame they could not engineer an LED light (very minor, I know)

Overall Review: I love this drive (and you will too .. buy it!). I have two actually. I tired them in RAID-0. But, it was not worth it overall for my needs (long story). Best to set this up as the OS drive and use a ‘baby’ 36 gig Raptor as a swap drive (and only swap file drive .. no other data on it). Works better overall for your average desktop use w/ this configuration IMHO. I don’t work with video editing, so that may be a different story for you guys. Don't get hung up on the little extra noise. You'll forget about it once you watch it in action. It's been months and I still like to look at it. Quite the amazing engineering feat by WD. Hats off to them. The sustained data rate on this is just spectacular. Loads Win XP in a flash. Very perky and responsive loading programs and running apps and games. Hard to go back to your average 7200RPM drive after this.

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Good for the Price12/20/2006 5:23:17 AM

Pros: High Capacity for the price. 16 MB cache. Both SATA I & II Compliant. 3 year Warranty. Very quiet drive. Runs cool (after a full format, it was just warm to the touch in open air environment). Samsung has always been reliable for me. Unlike Mr.Maxx .. tor.

Cons: Not the fastest drive on the block for sure -- esp. considering the specs & other drives in its class (16 Mg cache, NCQ, optimizations Etc..). Seek times seem a bit long in particular. Would prefer that it had a 5 year warranty like the Sea*gt. Since this is really meant as an archive drive.

Overall Review: For the price, if you just want to bulk up on storage, this is perfect. Buy it and you won't be disappointed at all. And it is worth the price. However, not my 1st choice for an OS drive (I'd pony up more $$ for one of it's competitors). As -- for the specs and class it is in, it is not that fast overall (ave. desktop OS use, so not to quote benchmarks). I have two (for now, in RAID-1 .. but I did try one separate to get a feel for their overall speed by using it as a temp OS drive .. & I’m not impressed with the response & speed). But for an HTPC or backup storage drive, it's perfect! Again, note that both drives I have are VERY quiet and run quite cool. But, I took off one Egg for the loss in speed. Since I got this the 1st day it was out here at the Egg, Samsung may just need to make a firmware tweak or two so possibly future models can increase the overall speed a bit.??

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