Worst monitor I've ever had10/27/2019 9:36:30 PM

Pros: Large display Curved High Refresh Rate

Cons: Color accuracy out of the box is beyond horrible NOT G-Sync compatible; enabling G-Sync compatibility makes the monitor flicker like crazy Did I mention that the color was AWFUL? Truly, deeply horrendous. It took days to finally get it tweaked to something that was acceptable. My Acer Predator Z271U (which I got to replace this as my primary monitor - relegated the MSI to secondary status) was gorgeous ... out of the box ... and only needed minor tweaks. After only FOUR MONTHS, this developed several (not one, not two, not three ... more like 6 or 7) vertical lines on the left side of the display. Now I get to see what MSI's warranty service is like. I'm not hopeful but if i do get it fixed, I'll be selling this piece of garbage to some poor unwitting soul. I've already gotten another Acer (ED273UR ... which was also gorgeous and only required minor tweaks) to replace it.

Overall Review: Would I recommend this? Sure ... but only because I want others to be as miserable with this piece of junk as I have been. Misery loves company, amiright? Without question, the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a monitor in my 25+ years of PC usage. I'm in IT too, so I've had a LOT of monitors over the years.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear James, Thank you for sharing your experience with the Optix MAG27CQ. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing a problem with the product. If you would like warranty or technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team | JM10292019005 | usreview@msi.com
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Some interesting concepts ... not well implemented4/18/2017 6:30:09 PM

Pros: - It's big. Really big. That's a big part of why I got it. - For a case this size, it's not that heavy. It replaced an old Thermaltake (also very large) case that was significantly heavier. - Plenty of room for water cooling. - Pretty decent cable management options - Lots of external 5 1/4" bays. - Roomy and very easy to work on.

Cons: - Overall, poorly implemented - Airflow over the motherboard is less than optimal, leading to hot chipsets and NVMe drives. Would be better served to have an intake on the side to blow cool air directly on the motherboard. - Included fans are two-wire only so forget about fan control. I replaced all of them. Certainly, full PWM fans at this price is asking a bit much but I don't think that 3-wire fans for speed control is unreasonable. The small front fan is absolutely worthless and the mounting is far from solid, which would likely make it prone to vibration and noise. The installed fan setup would also likely lead to negative (rather than positive) pressure, which would increase dust buildup. - Same chassis as the CSAZ-9000 but doesn't have the extra parts for the front-mounted power supply. However, there is still the hole in the rear for where the power would go for the front-mounted PSU. Will need to put a screen over it to prevent dust. Note: the front-mounted PSU may have allowed for a second fan to blow directly over the mobo, reducing the issue above. I currently have a spare fan rigged to blow over the NVMe drive and am considering drilling a proper mount for a side fan. - Bottom screens don't fully cover the fan area for the bottom intake fans. - Fit and finish leaves some to be desired. As another reviewer mentioned, the "AZZA" lettering on the top came off on mine as well. I'm left with a single "A" that doesn't seem to want to come off.

Overall Review: I had limited options for a new case for my home media/file/backup server. I like to use hot-swap cages and currently have 2 Icy Dock Black Vortex drive cages with almost 30 TB of storage and wanted room for additional cages. So ... 9 external 5 1/4" bays was a minimum, which limited my options as the going trend seems to have fewer drive bays. I selected this mainly for price and find myself wondering if I would have been better off with a different case. Overall, it seems like there were some potentially interesting ideas in the design of these case but they didn't quite make it to full implementation.

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Nice cooler for limited space7/5/2016 3:29:10 PM

Pros: - Very small footprint. <br>- Doesn't cover memory sockets. <br>- Quiet and does the job well.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Installation was a pain ... but that wasn't because of the fan. The system that I installed this into didn't have a way to get to the back of the mobo without completely removing it. Once that was done, installing the fan was a breeze. The mount is much more solid than the stock Intel fan. <br>I have this paired with an i5-4570S in a media PC so the small form factor was quite important. And, since the system itself is enclosed in the entertainment center, I always worry about overheating. But with this cooler, that's not an issue. The chip stays nice and cool and it's almost completely silent ... and significantly quieter than the stock fan. UPDATE: I must say, I'm quite impressed with this cooler. After a marathon HandBrake encoding session - over 5 hours of non-stop encoding from a queue with CPU pegged at 100%, the CPU temperature never exceeded 70 degrees Celsius. Not once - I had CPUID HWMonitor running the entire time. And this is in a media case inside of an entertainment center - not the best environment for good thermal performance.

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Sweet case!6/11/2016 12:05:41 AM

Pros: Absolutely LOVE the dock on the top! What an excellent little feature to have on a case. Good size, plenty of room for drives, large video cards and more. The fan speed controls are also quite nice. Drive installation is a breeze and you can remove the trays that you don't need, allowing better airflow over the drives and int oo

Cons: Can't think of any.

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Sweet Mobo!6/10/2016 11:54:50 PM

Pros: Nice motherboard with loads of features. Overclocking is quite simple ... click on "Game Mode" in the BIOS and it'll set your 6700K processor to a very stable 4.4 GHz. If you prefer to tweak it yourself, there's plenty of settings to do that. Also absolutely love that you can have 2 NVMe drives in RAID configuration. The board itself has a nice, solid, rugged feel to it as well.

Cons: I find the MSI Live Update to be somewhat annoying. There's no way to tell it that you don't want some of the suggested software (like Norton). Also, the motherboard explorer in the BIOS doesn't show the NVMe drive so I couldn't tell that it was recognized. However, when I started Windows install, there it was. So it worked ... but I would have liked to see the NVMe drive in the motherboard explorer.

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Tiny but snappy - once it's set up5/25/2016 2:44:27 PM

Pros: - Small, easily hangs on a monitor - Has room for an M.2 SSD + a 2.5" drive - Plenty fast for most tasks

Cons: - Driver installation is a pain ... the Intel driver update utility insists on installing one driver at a time and rebooting ... all the while downloading the drivers every time. It also never seemed to recall that it had already installed the Intel graphics drivers and wanted to continually update them. It also wanted to install the NFC drivers even though NFC was disabled in the BIOS (the default setting), which caused the driver installation to fail (DUH!).

Overall Review: I had to knock of 2 eggs just for the driver installation issues. C'mon Intel ... other manufacturers are smart enough to do all of the installs in one shot. Why can't you? Even two rounds, with a reboot in between, would be reasonable. But going through the process every single time, insisting on a reboot between every driver, and re-downloading everything even though they had already been downloaded is positively unnecessary and, in this day and age, there's really no excuse for such a shoddy and amateurish process. Plus, you absolutely have to have another machine available to make sure you can download the required drives as not even the Ethernet NIC is recognized by a fresh Windows10 installation. Outside of that, so far, so good. It's a quick little machine that we have attached to the back of a monitor for the kids to use. It's nice and compact for the small space where we have it. Installation of the additional required hardware components was a breeze and I do really like the option for an extra 2.5" drive (even though we aren't using it now).

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