RE: confirm icemanss review10/18/2012 11:23:29 AM

Pros: I own the 256GB version and it is spectacular.

Cons: I had the same issue as icemanss on my 256GB V4 on my Asus M5A97 EVO. Went back to AHCI and bought a syba RAID controller for my RAID0 array and back to 7.9.

Overall Review: I even called OCZ about it and they were considerate, but did not know of this issue.

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Gets Hot4/28/2010 1:35:40 PM

Pros: Nice design, good features.

Cons: Gets very, very hot! The base is a strange fan array that is not very practical. Won't play BluRay ISO.

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Excellent upgrade3/10/2010 5:55:29 PM

Pros: Fast reads, quiet and cool. Natve TRIM, hasn't slowed a bit without any tweaks except the excellent suggestions the earlier reviewer gave us.

Cons: Relatively slow write speeds. In our use of this drive it is negligible though.

Overall Review: Definitely extended the life of our Acer 1691. Makes the laptop much more enjoyable. CPU fan comes on less frequently. Transcend makes quality gear.

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Super drive, Super price3/10/2010 5:40:59 PM

Pros: Very quiet, faster than the WD640 by about 10MB/s. Lots of storage, use mine for esata external and it performs flawlessly.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: These are the ultimate in affordable storage and mobility when powered through USB on a esata. I wouldn't use any mechanical drive for OS since going to SSD. I hate to admit I would buy this one again over my two WD640s.

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Great drive3/10/2010 5:28:30 PM

Pros: Very fast read speeds. Came with the latest FW 1.5. Supports TRIM. OCZ forums are a great resource.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: OCZ is the best SSD company out there. I only wish I could afford the SE 200GB. Installed Win7 in 15 minutes and this drive scores a 7.3 rating. Just hope the rebate is as smooth as this drive.

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Awesome case-caution11/10/2009 6:01:06 PM

Pros: Excellent case, great quality.

Cons: Large fan on top of case restricts long optical drive placement.

Overall Review: About that fan. I used an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 that is great. The large fan on top of the case disrupts the air flow going to the cpu cooler and causes the cpu to be HOT. Just unplugged the fan and the temp went down 40 deg F.

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Best Value Power Supply5/27/2004 10:43:23 AM

Comments: This is the best power supply for the money you can get. Quality all the way around, heavy duty, quiet, solid. And Newegg, they are THE best source for anything. Period.

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Overclockers Dream4/27/2004 9:31:00 PM

Comments: This chip overclocks very well and runs cool. This is the best value available and Newegg is by far the best source for all hardware. Thanks Newegg!!!

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