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Overall awesome TV9/7/2016 8:11:09 PM

Pros: TV is extremely light weight. Picture is great. Have this in my shed/man-cave mounted on the wall. For the price, it certainly beats many of my more expensive TV's if you don't need any frills. (I own 3 Samsung TV's -- one of which a curved smart. 1 Vizio. 1 Phillips. & 2 Chang Hong.) This TV (minus the frills) is definitely the better buy @ $200 -- minus the cons.

Cons: Remote is very unresponsive. Switching input also requires hitting enter to switch to. TV is slow to power on.

Overall Review: I don't use the internal speakers so no comment on those. Shipping was fine compared to what some others have mentioned. (But having purchased many TV's online, all I can say is be there to receive delivery and make the FedEx/UPS/etc delivery-person wait for you to unbox and inspect it before accepting delivery. They will wait. Saves you some headache should you need to return for replacement).

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AWESOME SPEAKERS12/20/2011 10:42:45 PM

Pros: Phenomenal sound quality out of such small speakers. Still in the breaking in process of the speakers, however I install home audio and car audio systems for a living. These speakers, after reading the reviews on them, were a must have for me. Replaced a 5 speaker Bose setup with this 5 speaker Polk Audio setup. Blew my mind at the quality of them. Sound is superb, and couldn't ask for more at the price I paid for them.

Cons: Obviously the breaking in period of any speaker. Otherwise, none so far.

Overall Review: Only wish I had opted for the RM95 or RM97 setup, as the RM8 speakers are the true worth of the system itself. The RM7's don't hold a candle to the RM8's. Now a total fan of the Polk Audio lineup and just purchased a pair of Monitor 60 Series II to complete a 7.1 setup rather than a 5.1. Am hoping that they live up to my expectations as well.

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Great remote, acceptable drawbacks12/20/2011 10:36:12 PM

Pros: Fully functional harmony remote at base. This remote has all the abilities that is expected of any harmony remote. Fully programmable with almost any device, and runs on actual batteries rather than a lithium ion rechargeable like my AVL-300.

Cons: Many functions accessed through the menus on my Samsung TV are not available without going through the menu. My AVL-300 has those and many further options at the ready without menu interference needed. The IR sensor is not as good as the AVL-300 model. Must be pointed much more directly at the sensor for it to work. Response time, even directly pointed at the sensor is also a bit sluggish in comparison to the AVL-300.

Overall Review: Haven't used it a tremendous amount due to the aforementioned drawbacks. Been dealing with the terribly designed charging base for my AVL-300. For the general user not needing the advanced abilities the AVL-300 has, the AVL-200 is a great remote! To a more tech-savvy user who likes to be in full control of their components, I would highly suggest the AVL-300 or better remote. Bought it on deal only because of the console style game controller aspect, however using it I am not as impressed as I am with the AVL-300. The remote itself is much better than other Harmony remotes I have used in the past however. So for someone not so tech-savvy, I highly suggest this remote. To those more tech-savvy like myself who build and repair computers, car audio and home audio systems for a living, I would suggest I higher up model.

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