FANDAMNTASTIC3/9/2011 12:36:01 PM

Pros: This unit is small, uses little power and puts out a ton of sound through the speakers. I purchased not expecting much, but I really am impressed. The USB port and SD card make playing mp3's a breeze, and the audio jack makes hooking it up to your mp3 player a snap. Definately a must have.

Cons: I wish the USB port was compatible with my iphone dock.

Overall Review: I put this in my Toyota Camry that has had 3 stereos stolen in 3 months. It has been 6 months now, and still running strong in the car. Sounds as good as the $250 JVC stereo that was stolen last time. GREAT DEAL!!!

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You get what you pay for...or do you?4/13/2010 12:44:02 PM

Pros: Compatible with windows 7. Black casing. Multiple card slots.

Cons: These things will fail!!! Given, Rosewill will replace your unit free of charge, I still am not certain that it is worth what I payed for it. Mine first failed within 2 weeks, and the replacement is intermittent at best.

Overall Review: Spend a bit more, and get a better unit.

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Flawless2/18/2009 3:10:45 PM

Pros: Yet another flawless set of memory from Kingston.

Cons: None

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LOVE IT!!!12/5/2007 7:59:05 AM

Pros: This board is a snap to install. All drivers available for Vista, and runs great. Even with a slower graphics card, I am able to play Elder Scrolls Oblivion with no problems. Easily took my old DDR Ram with no problems. 3 brands or ram with 2 different speeds. NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER!!!!

Cons: Wish the graphics chip were a little better. Vista only rates graphics at 2.0. Still runs surprisingly well all things considered.

Overall Review: Be sure to go to and get their drivers...increased benchmark by 10%.

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