Great, so far! Fast Wi-Fi, excellent BT range.5/21/2020 2:47:35 PM

Pros: Easy to install Fast Wi-Fi connection Excellent Bluetooth range

Cons: Not super-cheap Internal card requires at least basic installation skills Requires free internal USB header Need a spot to put external antenna Windows 10 has weird audio issues (see full review for details, not the adapter's fault)

Overall Review: I bought this for my wife's PC, as she wanted to use Bluetooth earbuds for gaming and online calling. I tried a tiny, cheap Bluetooth dongle for a few bucks, but the range was abysmal. While this was a bit more than I wanted to spend, it's been worth the investment. Installation was quick and painless. I've built PCs before, so installing the card and connecting the USB header was no big deal for me. Now her PC no longer needs a wired network connection to get fast speeds. Over 802.11n, downloads went super-fast and speed tests showed excellent results. The primary concern was Bluetooth range. I was able to connect her earbuds (Anker Liberty 2 Pro's) and wander all over our townhouse, including upstairs and the basement, with no drops or skipping while listening to music. The only issue we discovered is a Windows 10 problem, not an issue with this adapter. For some reason, it doesn't fully-reconnect for music, it seems to only reconnect for voice calling, which leaves the audio tinny. Re-pairing the buds fixes it every time. And I certainly can't fault the adapter for this. Overall, this adapter has been fantastic. It's fast, has good range, and it connects quickly. If I need another adapter like this in the future, I'd get this again in a heartbeat.

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Great stuff!10/15/2019 8:42:13 AM

Pros: Samsung B-die Runs fast, CL14, 3200MHz RGB LED (if that's your thing)

Cons: A touch wide, so not great airflow between sticks. Nothing adding a fan blowing down and through them can't fix.

Overall Review: This is some great memory. I started with 32GB (2x 16GB) in my Ryzen 3600X build. It ran at full rating (CL14, 3200MHz) right out of the box. I added a second pair of these to bump up to 64GB for heavy photo/video editing. I did find I had to slow it down -just a smidge- to get it to run reliably. I took it down to 3133MHz, and now it seems completely stable. But, it would blue-screen Windows 10 at the full 3200MHz with all 4 sticks. Overall, that's still pretty great. We're basically over-clocking the chips from the standard 2133MHz via cherry-picked, better-quality memory chips that can take it. So, I'm thoroughly happy with the speeds I'm guessing for the full 4 sticks. Now, I'm not hitting the paging/swap space with large Photoshop images and things are running nice and smooth.

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Great case! Couple minor flaws.8/24/2010 6:47:52 AM

Pros: Massive amounts of smooth, quiet airflow from the large fans. Fans are adjustable for speed using switches inside the case. Thumbscrews make this case a breeze to take apart. And I love the look of it! The black with blue lights looks slick.

Cons: Unshielded audio wires cause noise/interference. I'd recommend plugging into the rear of the motherboard instead. Also, the power button is a minor annoyance. It doesn't depress smoothly. It's kinda mushy and will sometimes click if you push it far enough in. The PC will turn on regardless of the click or not, but it's just a poor quality button.

Overall Review: It's a great case for the money. I'd highly recommend it for a budget build, as it's quite a value. It's not terribly large, though, so if you have large double-slot or extra-long cards to install it may not fit them all. But it hasn't really been an issue for me. I love this case!

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Excellent monitor11/11/2008 9:48:47 AM

Pros: This LCD panel has excellent response time. I see no blur at all during gaming. I love the 22-inch screen size, and have not noticed any dead pixels at all, so far. It comes with both VGA and DVI cables, which is very cool. And it has no buttons other than the power button on the front, which gives it a nice, slick look. The buttons are on the bottom of the panel, which, while they may be slightly awkward, you don't really use them THAT much that the location is a problem. I prefer them there, since they're out of sight. They even tossed in a cleaning cloth to wipe prints off of the glossy frame.

Cons: Short cables. I know these are probably standard length, but give me another foot or so, and I'd be very happy. Otherwise, there's not much more you can ask for in a monitor of this price. HDMI would be cool, and a full-HD panel could be nice, too. But those items go above and beyond this price range.

Overall Review: I love the screen, so far! It's a great size for gaming. It's big, but not TOO big. The color is vivid, and the response time is fast. Overall, I'm very pleased with the look and performance of this panel.

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