So far... GREAT!9/6/2015 5:47:47 AM

Pros: Once it was configured, it was as easy as plug and play. Excellent range. Would purchase again in the future and would recommend it.

Cons: The documentation that comes with the kit is sub-par. It doesn't tell you 'anything' literally. Had to youtube some videos until I found how to configure my kit for the specific application that I was going to use them for. Dedicated bridge configuration could be easier; however, for an experienced user it is fairly easy.

Overall Review: Used it on a 2 building campus to link them, with a fairly busy street in between them. Signal was great EVEN WHEN THERE WERE OBJECTS obstructing the line of sight between them. 18 wheelers, trucks, etc. Couldn't be more pleased with the results.

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So far so good2/20/2014 11:10:27 AM

Pros: It does what it suppose to do... silently

Cons: none

Overall Review: I will keep this post updated if there are any problems

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So far so good2/20/2014 11:07:05 AM

Pros: Small, Modular, (I will include reliable after a few years of use)

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I will keep this post updated of any problems with the unit I have received.

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Pleased with the results on a FX-83202/20/2014 11:03:22 AM

Pros: Space: 140mm is better and less messy/bulky than a 280mm setup. Results: has brought down the temps on my FX8320 from 40C (idle)-60C/crash (IntelBurnTestv2 std-load) (stock heatsink/fan) to 33C-41C (respectively)

Cons: I can only speak about AMD AM3+ motherboards in general. Noise: 1. This fan IS loud... but gets the job done... BUT IS LOUD! and here is where this loses an egg for me. I wish Corsair would sell a FAN with the same specs but less noisy. Installation, Installation, Installation... 1. the Installation procedure could be a lot faster/simpler = easier if they would reuse the back-plate support that comes with AMD mobo. Just include some screws that fit the 'standard' and throw in an extra 'standard' back plate in case the old one is not so standard. 2. These screws that they include need some sort of plastic base that needs to be assembled before you can use the screws = WASTE OF TIME... at least the AMD do not need this... if I am not mistaken they are made that way for the 1155, 1150 and 2011 intel sockets... well the AMD AM3 plate could have come with them already built into the top bracket plate. Assembling these little things takes unnecessary time. 3. the FAN cable 'could' be a little longer... in my case, where the fan had to go from the top outside to the inside, had this cable been 2" longer, I wouldn't had have to do some serious workarounds to get this thing to work.

Overall Review: The H90 was used on a build for medium graphics demand. I used it using an NZXT H2 Classic Silent case that won't take the 280mm radiators. This case has just a 240mm fan opening at the top of the case where I manage to split/install the H90... radiator inside, Fan Outside... the Fan (that sits on top of the case) is protected with a Grill and it seems that 'breathes' better being placed in the outside... as it pulls air 'into' the radiator. I am very pleased with the setup even though the H90 fan is the loudest part of my setup. Build where the H90 was used CPU: AMD FX 8320 - $99 (BrandNew) CPU Cooler: Corsair H90 - $80 (BrandNew) Mobo: MSI 970A-G43 - $45 (OpenBox) RAM: 16GB 2x8GB Crucial Ballistic 1600 - $90 (OpenBox) OS-HD: Mushkin Chronos 240GB SSD - $130 (Mfct-Refurb) PSU: Corsair CX600M - $65 (BrandNew) GPU: ATI Radeon 4870x2 - $100 (CraigsList) Case: NZXT H2 Silent Classic - $85 (BrandNew) Total: $694

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Practical9/30/2013 9:21:45 AM

Pros: 2 Sims Compatible with T-Mobile Decent battery life

Cons: Low memory... (but comes with basic apps)

Overall Review: Don't expect the features of a 'super' smartphone... this is a cheap smart phone that just gets the job done.

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Does the job9/30/2013 9:18:01 AM

Pros: 1920x1080res... brigth... IMO better colors than the similar spec Planar model...

Cons: The Korean monitors have made these 1920x1080 monitors obsolete...

Overall Review: If you have $400 go for the Perfect Pixel Crossover.

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Average9/30/2013 9:11:29 AM

Pros: 240GB SSD and price

Cons: not as fast as other SSDs

Overall Review: Wish it were as fast as the Samsung 840 Pro...

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Speechless + Awesome + Fast Delivery9/30/2013 8:03:13 AM

Pros: Absolutely beautiful... a Bargain (Bang 4 da buck)... the Delivery speed... Quality of the image... SLIM... NO DEAD PIXELS... Got exactly what I expected.


Overall Review: Sincerely, I have to say that I was worried about purchasing from some guy in Korea, but being 'associated' to Newegg made gave me the confidence to risk. I have not been disappointed. Mind you, I only got it today, but so far this is a great bargain and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT... being the first reviewer, I am pleased to say that it has NO DEAD PIXELS as advertised. The speed at which it arrived from Korea has made me a believer in international purchasing (I ordered it on Wednesday Sept.25th and it arrived Monday Sept. 30th!!!! From KOREA... is that insane or what? However, I am still nervous about the whole thing and if anything goes wrong with this monitor, I will re-post. If everything goes well, I will be purchasing a 30" one soon. There are TWO upgrades that are a MUST for any enthusiast... No matter what allegiance you profess to... OS, CPU, GPU... YOU MUST UPGRADE TO: SSD system-drive and this monitor.

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Impressive durability, whisper silent after 3 years.6/12/2013 9:41:19 AM

Pros: Do not believe those who complain about this CPU cooler. I've had it for over 3 years. I am compelled to write this because as I am upgrading this system, again, I noticed how quiet this fan is after so long. It has been reliable, it is compact, twas easy to install and cant emphasize it enough how SILENT it is. Price was under $15 on sale.

Cons: NONE: Anyone that says that this is a noisy cooler got a bad fan (as it may happen -- what you expect for under $20?) and should get hold of Zalman AND don't FORGET to fix your review later because this little fan IS a bargain at under $20.

Overall Review: I paired it with an AMD 7850 2.8Ghz and together with a Crucial SSD this is one impressive reliable multimedia workhorse.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
As expected6/3/2012 2:28:00 PM

Pros: Keeps my 3770K and it looks cool.

Cons: P.I.T.A. to install... seems as if someone sat down to THINK how to make it the hardest way possible to install an air cooling device and they were successful.

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lame7/28/2010 2:53:40 PM

Pros: I just got it... so far it was easy to setup... fast access speeds... nice case and small... quiet...

Cons: I do not see a print server feature... I do not think there is an option... ton of money... I can build a server for less...

Overall Review: For the purpose of file server ONLY... I guess its good... I expected more from HP... as it is it is plain lame.

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Not bad for the price1/3/2008 10:34:25 AM

Pros: 25cm silent fan, room to work, price is escellent compared to similarly priced cases, plenty of bays and good looks.

Cons: Not really a flaw but I WANT eSATA ports standard on all future cases; front cover flaps serve no purpose and are annoying -- I could do without them; H-U-G-E

Overall Review: I love this case. If only I can figure out how to fold it and put it in my pocket... hmmm

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