Great monitor for the price4/1/2021 2:44:48 PM

Pros: Very good contrast for a LCDFantastic sizeGood Input optionsSurprisingly responsive for a 60Hz non TN panelEmulated HDR is *WAY* better than I was expectingBlue light filtering and ambient light sensor both work greatFor dark rooms gets borderline hurts your eyes bright

Cons: For very bright rooms doesn't get very bright For bright rooms off angle viewing can be an issueMonitor base is seriously lacking in adjustability, only a small degree of tilt. When emulated HDR is on actual HDR videos can look *VERY* bad

Overall Review: If you are using this monitor in a dark room setting and can set it up at a decent viewing angle I would dismiss most of the criticisms of this display. The off angle viewing isn't as good as an IPS or OLED, but if setup at a good angle you are unlikely to notice any issues at all. Been using the monitor for about a month and the viewing angle simply has not been an issue. It trounces the super fast TN panel that it replaced and is in fact closer to the OLED that it is now paired with than the panel it replaces. Again, not an IPS but *FAR* closer to an IPS than a TN.Gaming performance is actually much stronger then I was expecting. It's a 60Hz panel, it isn't going to be replacing you 300Hz setup, but for a 60Hz panel I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive it was. My plan was to use the 120Hz OLED for gaming tasks, but this is responsive enough that unless I'm doing competitive gaming, I just use this display as often as swapping over.The emulated HDR isn't for imaging professionals obviously, but for fun use it looks fantastic and I use it at all times when not watching actual HDR videos.Overall for the price this monitor is much better than I was expecting, particularly the viewing angles after reading the reviews.

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