One of the worst cases, I've ever had for a build.7/25/2021 2:15:17 PM

Pros: Decorative styling.

Cons: Space. Wiring. Craftsmanship. Material.

Overall Review: I should have known better, honestly. But I have always been stupidly optimistic. This is the worst case that I've ever had the pleasure of attempting a build on. Out the gates, you'll notice that the material is very cheap. Which wasn't a huge both to me honestly, but should have been a red flag. The real pain begin when you start you build. The spacing for all the wiring is cramped and awkward. The "clearance" they give you for cable routing is laughable at best. I managed to use it for some of the fan cables. Oh, fans. Another pain entirely. So, the 3 120mm fans in the front won't fit unless you make some "adjustments" to the case. The case front won't snap back on unless you either install 1 less fan or find out what part of the cheap plastic case-front you want to manually "adjust" (remove with some pliers and elbow grease - very obviously not part of the design). And if you manage to work your way through building it anyway, you fans will end up trying to eat themselves on the grill mounting screws, which will also have to be "adjusted". The circuitry for the power and reset seem to be a hit and miss. My power button worked a grand total of twice. After the second shutdown, it would no longer work. I could go on and on. TLDR; don't waste your time and money on this cheapo brand. I expect their other product to probably of similar caliber.

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