2nd Mouse, 2nd Problem1/27/2016 4:16:36 PM

Pros: Great feel<br>Ergonomic design reduces wrist/hand strain<br>Programmable Buttons<br>Wireless - Long battery Life (rechargeable AA 1-2 months)<br>Usable with a single battery even though it takes two<br>Software supports per-program button assignments (Can make the buttons respond differently based on open/active program)

Cons: Past Order: Weak middle-mouse button click (scroll is fine but button mechanism is of lower quality)<br>Current order: Missing on/off switch extender that allows tool-less toggling<br>Non-issue: Not internally rechargeable if using rechargeable batteries (requires external charger; not really a con, just a bonus if it had it)

Overall Review: Normally I love Logitech products, but lately I'm starting to question their quality. My first run-in with issues was with an old MX Revolution scroll wheel that had trouble toggling back to regular scroll mode from smooth mode, requiring a light tap (pick up front of mouse quarter-inch and let go) on the mouse pad to allow it to re-trigger. While not a big issue to me, I eventually decided to "upgrade" to the G602 for the extra macro buttons, when it came out. 2-2.5 years later, the middle mouse button of the G602 is starting to fail (scroll works fine, just the click is dying). A quick Google search shows it's nothing new to the G602. Not a show-stopper, but considering I've gotten used to using that to open new tabs in my web-browser, it's kind of annoying when it doesn't work, and I lose the extra button bind for other things. That said, I still really like the mouse feel and extra, programmable, buttons, so I ordered a second (on temp super sale and figured I could use the extra on another comp when it comes back) while I RMA the first (good thing there's a 3-year warranty). That said, the replacement came with the on/off toggle switch extender missing (this allows you to turn the mouse on/off with your fingers rather than a small-tipped tool), and the internal switch exposed where the extender is supposed to be. Long story-short, I'm RMAing through Newegg for a replacement. I understand lemons happen, but there's starting to be a pattern, here, that I'm not liking all too much. The things Logitech's mice can do are pretty impressive, but those functions are only as good as the parts that activate them; if the parts don't work, the extra functions they link to are useless. I'm hoping it's just a case of me getting unlucky with the lemons...

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Incredibly Powerful11/1/2012 10:41:31 PM

Pros: Just got mine today and have been playing with it all day. This thing is incredibly fast and has great battery life if you turn on the power save function (which you hardly even notice unless you enable the separate display one... too dim). I've been running it for over 3.5 hours now while surfing and playing with Photoshop Touch among other things, all while 8tracks streams live music over WiFi in the background and the battery is only down to 55%. The speakers are very impressive for a device this size. Easily on par with moderate to high-quality laptop speakers. Definitely better than I was expecting on a device like this. Lots of nice little extras as well, such as a shortcut bar that pops up when you pull out the stylus. A universal TV remote that will download your provider's TV guide and display visual images and text of the programs available (if provided by your carrier) and allow you to control your TV and other infrared operated devices. Among other features... It also automatically downloaded all the apps I had downloaded for my Droid Charge phone by checking my Google account when I logged into it. The multi-screen feature is also nice for what I do for work. I'm able to have one file open on the left and a spreadsheet open on the right and I can copy data between the 2 just like on a regular desktop computer. This isn't restricted to just office documents either. Pretty much any program that it makes sense to have 2 items open at once will support this (unsure on downloaded apps).

Cons: It's mostly plastic, but most things are now days. I don't consider this a major issue as I've got a case for it on the way anyway. Doesn't come with a starter screen protector, so be sure to order one if you get it. Adapters required to plug in anything other than a 3.5mm headphone jack, micro SD card, or USB charging/data cable. Like any other Android based tablets or Apple iPads; Adobe Flash is not available, so websites that use it won't display correctly. More a problem with Adobe than with this product though.

Overall Review: Unlike what the Samsung sites specs and Newegg details lists say, this does come with bluetooth; an additional adapter is NOT required to use bluetooth. Unlike Apple, this device is developer friendly, so you can create your own apps for it (if you have the know-how); something I may be making use of in the near future for work.

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Great Monitor, Great Price12/5/2010 3:41:32 PM

Pros: Very clean and detailed picture, has HDMI in and Optical Audio Out so you can use this as a Blu-Ray player or PS3 screen and pump the audio to a good set of speakers. (I set my PS3 HDMI audio to DTS 5.1 and get clear, properly synced 5.1 sound through my PC's Creative X-FI card and Klipsch Promedia Speakers).

Cons: The screen adjustment menus are touch sensitive surface rather than a physical button. As a result, you sometimes have to hit the same "button" more than once to get a response if you don't touch it correctly. Otherwise the menus are setup nicely.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace an old 22" Samsung whose bulb or capacitors were at the end of their life, as the screen would not stay on anymore. I connected my PS3 to it only to humor myself but found it to be much clearer than my 40" Best Buy Dynex TV; an already impressive screen itself (for it's cost that is). When I purchased the monitor, I didn't even notice it had optical output for audio and wanted to test it when I found out. To put it simply; The only way I could only be happier is if it had a TV tuner as well.

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Tech Card4/7/2007 12:55:01 AM

Pros: I ordered 2 of these cards to run SLI mode and they prove to be very powerful. Running in SLI mode increased the 3dmark score from 4746 to 6864. My CPU and system Ram appear to be holding these cards back from getting up to a much better score. Ram is 2GB Kingston HyperX DDR400. CPU is an AMD Athlon x2 3800+ Socket939. There is a rumor that the memory paired with these cards at release was defective. If so, these cards appear to be of a new revision, as the major anomalies I got were solved with better cooling.

Cons: Seem to be very sensitive to case ambient temperature and also seem to require more power than most cards. I did have many anomalies when case ambient temp was higher than normal (higher than temp when running a single card). One other oddity i noticed even after improving cooling was after closing one of the games, the screen began to blink every few seconds as if changing resolutions. I have not seen this again since restarting the computer, and thus believe it to have been a system memory bug at this point.

Overall Review: I have yet to experience any artifacts, but i did get texture stretching/distorting. When this happened, I noticed that the case ambient temperature was extremely high compared to normal. While the cards themselves were not producing a whole lot of heat, the SATA drives i have were unable to disperse their heat without added cooling due to slightly reduced airflow. While running a single card, i receive NO anomalies what-so-ever. When running in SLI mode, my cursor blinks in Everquest II and when starting a game in Company of Heroes, the terrain texture first shown on the screen shows up as a different color and flickers until i scroll to another area. When i return to that area it's fine...also occurs after using the tactical map. I'm guessing this is due to a power supply that is under-powered for the setup since it only occurs when both cards are installed. I would strongly recommend at least a 700W PSU for these cards in SLI mode.

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Great Looking Monitor!10/5/2006 7:27:05 AM

Pros: 225BW - I've had this monitor for about 3 days now and it looks great. I have NO dead pixels at all, and so far all my games look great on it. Mostly right now i play Final Fantasy XI, Battlefield 2, and Company of Heroes. BF2 required an adjustment to the shortcut to run widescreen mode; where FFXI and CoH had the options built in.

Cons: Some minor backlight bleedthrough on top and bottom as mentioned...but not near as bad as i was expecting. At most it bleeds maybe a half inch into the screen...brightest right on the edge fading into the black of the screen.

Overall Review: When considering the price versus the size and manufacturer... this monitor is very well worth the money. The only thing i've had any trouble with is getting the colors right...but then again i did on my Viewsonic flat panel too.

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Good Monitor for the price10/2/2006 10:56:40 AM

Pros: Nice look. Light weight. Easy to transport. Bright and clear screen. Very good viewing angle for the price.

Cons: 1 dead pixel and 1 stuck pixel. Slight backlight bleed...though hard to notice unless you're looking for it.

Overall Review: Make sure you have a good program to help adjust color. While playing FFXI before adjusting it i was almost unable to see. Decent monitor for the price though. The dead pixel is up towards the top of the screen so you don't always see it but it's bright red and sometimes annoying. The stuck pixel doesn't always appear. But when it does it's usually a light green and very hard to notice unless you're looking for it.

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Great PSU10/2/2006 10:50:02 AM

Pros: I've had this PSU for about 4 months now and haven't had the least bit of trouble. It powers my entire system with ease and runs at an acceptable temperature. Reduced cord clutter and low fan noise.

Cons: No fan speed control. To make cords longer you have to jumper off one of the ones that connects directly to the PSU. Not a big issue, as the extensions are provided.

Overall Review: Currently Running the following system: AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ Abit Fatal1ty AN8 SLI Motherboard MSI Geforce 7800GT 2GB Kingston HyperX Ram Western Digital 10k RPM 37GB Main drive Western Digital 7200RPM SATA II 250GB Maxtor 200GB SATA/150 Plextor SATA DVD+RW Hercules Game Theater XP 7.1 Sound card D-Link Nic card

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Nice case10/21/2005 8:02:45 PM

Comments: This case is definately eyecatching, especially with a motherboard that has lights on the backside of it that reflect off the metal plate it's secured to. I didn't think Blue and red would go too good at first but this thing looks awesome. The no-screw card holder doesn't work with larger cards, but is easy to remove and screws can be used after removing it, though they are fine-thread screw holes, so don't overtighten them. The lock on the front door seems to be made more to prevent people from changing disks at a bad time (ie, during burning) than to keep someone from getting into it. I did, unfortunately, recieve a lemon as the front panel won't light up. But, upon contacting the company via e-mail, I was very pleased to get a response next day. And having stated in my e-mail to them that the case is in use, they said i should be able to get it fixed without having to send the whole case in. I also replaced the powersupply with my 480Watt truepower PSU. I did tape off a few of the vents with electrical tape to help route the airflow past certain parts aswell. If you're a power gamer, i'd recommend replacing the PSU with a higher dollar one. A TRUE 480Watt should run around $50-75 without a case. My current PSU runs my system, just barely. I would have surely blown the one included. My PSU is the Thermaltake Purepower W002. I should really have a 600Watt for the parts i'm running. I give this 5 Eggs though because of both the looks (even without the front panel lit up) and support i've recieved thus far. I'd include a picture if i could attach one.

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Awesome power10/21/2005 7:42:51 PM

Comments: Just upgraded my computer and all i can say is this. "Lag; What's that?" I'm still trying to find something that can slow my system down. Infact, my SATA HDDs can't keep up with the rest of my parts. I may soon be upgrading them all to SATA IIs.

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Overkill!!10/21/2005 7:35:14 PM

Comments: Ok, this card is definately for the next generation of games. I have yet to find a 3d Program that bogs this baby down. The only time i ever get low frames is on FFXIBench3, which is CPU based frame drop and is only because FFXI doesn't support dual core technology. Battlefield 2 at 1280x960 full everything doesn't even get to this baby. Doom 3 just starts to with 16x Anti-alaising but set it to the next down from 16x and it's smooth as glass, everything else high 1280x1024 res. Kinda makes me wonder what anyone would need the GTX or 2 of these in SLI mode for really. Worth the money for hardcore gamers or those that don't want to buy another card for atleast 2 years. Power convertor cable requires 2 4pin plugs from your PSU though unless your PSU comes with an SLI plug. Also has Temperature readout via the nvidia drivers under display properties/settings/advanced/Geforce 7800GT/temperature settings

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Very Nice...but not for the inexperienced10/21/2005 7:20:16 PM

Comments: Been runing this motherboard for about a week now. Had a little trouble setting up the onboard lan in WinXP, but other than that I didn't have much for trouble with it. The LED Backlighting (red LEDs reflect off your case instead of glowing straight into your eyes from any case window) DEFINATELY are a nice added touch. The uGuru is a nice feature but a little difficult to figure out at first, and also requires 4 or 5 cables to hook up if you want the front USB and sound built into it to work. I'm not much of an overclocker, but i had some trouble with the OC tool for uGuru. I just use the temprature monitor really...since my PSU is about 120Watt lower than it should be. Nice to be able to know temps of my CPU, Case, and PSU. I had to update the Bios for the 2 exhaust fans on the Mobo to stay on after power-up. The built in Diagnostic card is handy too, though i haven't had to use it yet since it hasn't had a problem hardware-wise. Definately get someone that knows what they're doing to install it if you get this motherboard though...will save you some stress when it comes.

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Insane, it still runs!!10/21/2005 7:03:53 PM

Comments: Ok, like i said in my last review, i am posting a follow-up review with the PSU running the new hardware i purchased. Believe it or not, the PSU is actually running my new parts: Abit Fatal1ty AN8-SLI, MSI Geforce 7800GT, AMD 3800+ Dual Core, Hercules Game Theater 7.1, WD Raptor 36.7GB 10k RPM SATA HDD, 2x Maxtor 200GB SATA HDDs, Plextor SATA DVD Burner, and multiple fans/lights. The recommended PSU for this type of system is 600Watts minimum from what i've heard from many sources. This PSU i'm using does run a little hot with this setup and I do need to have all fans on high, but it has not gone out yet and i've run this system for atleast 1 week now. I will be upgrading though to be on the safe side and will save this as my backup incase something happens to the new one. Again, INSANE PSU!

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A deal10/19/2005 7:23:11 PM

Comments: Just complete my system installation, in fact I am using this case with my new system to write this review. I want to thank you Newegg, Atrix, Asus, Maxtor, Kingston, ATI, and Viewsonic, cos I got my system components from these makers. This is my second time to build a system, my first one was a year ago. I found this time was a lot easier, the case was easy to install, mobo was easy to hook up with, all other components were easy to connected. I like this case, looks nice. For the price, I can't find anywhere besides Newegg, a case with keyboard, mouse, speaker cost only fifty buks, and the quality is great too. This is a good deal, I will difinitely buy it again.

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Powerhouse10/10/2005 7:24:48 PM

Comments: Well, from what i've seen this PSU is a good Powerhouse. I currently have it running a Gigabyte GA-K8NS-939 with 3000+ Athlon 64, 3 SATA HDDs 1 SATA DVD +/- R drive, MSI 6600GT video card, controller card (since motherboard only has 2 SATA ports) Hercules Game Theater XP 7.1 Sound card, 1GB Dual Channel Memory, and Realtek network card. I'm kind of curious how it will hold up to my new upgrade that's coming in the next couple days though, which consists of the ABit FatalIty MB (the the one with all the bells and whistles) Athlon 64 dual core 3800+, and MSI 7800GT video card. Probably post another review once i test it out on that setup.

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3/11/2005 11:20:09 PM

Comments: Case is pretty nice, though if you play in a dark room, it's kind of hard to see the inside without an additional light, which can be purchased for $xx or less. Only thing that i did not like was the Power supply is NOT 480 continuous watts. I just fried the PSU today...but i also do have 3 SATA drives, dvd/cd-rw, athlon 64 motherboard/CPU, dual channel ddr, Geforce 6600GT, gametheater XP 7.1, TV Tuner, net card, and SATA ctrl card (for 3rd drive) as well as the fan and lights plugged in.

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Great alternate to the stock fan5/29/2004 12:42:48 PM

Comments: I purchased this and installed it on my MSI GF4 ti4200. The card runs better than it did with the stock fan and doesn't even need the memory heat sinks. Tip though, do use the stock backplate from the old heatsink with this, helps immensely to get rid of the heat on the back of the card.

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