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Value for the Money !!1/22/2011 10:08:45 PM

Pros: Well worth it for the cost,LCD touch screen,ease of intallation,just need an empty 5.25" slot and your golden.Plenty of Cable length for the fans and Power hook-up.Optional choice for 3 or 4 pins to connect your fans.Large easy to read touch screen and quick response time.Temp sensors are pretty accurate and match up within a degree or so with my Motherboard read outs.Looks great installed,adds to the look of the case.Shipping cost and delivery time excellent as always...received two days after ordering.Fits the bill for cost value and quality,no issues to be found atleast from my perspective.Does the job I expected.I would definitely recommend this fan controller.

Cons: Tons of wires,do yourself a favor and get some wire harnesses to keep things organized.Like many reviews the instruction manual is a bit on the light side,sure it describes basic operations for using the screen features and a brief description of installing the unit but,more information on placing the heat sensors and suggested installations and placement would help.I pretty much educated myself by looking up suggestions on the net.The thermal tape furnished for anchoring the sensors is cheap at best and the sticking power came into question,I basically bypassed the provided tape and bought some at a local electronics store.Not the quite the same stuff but,it was made to withstand high temps and definitely holds tight.The case of the unit is plastic and has metal inserts for the screws which hold it into the drive bay,word of caution do not over tighten as they will pop out like one of mine did,fortunately I was able to pop it back in without any further trouble.

Overall Review: As many of the reviews state this unit does have an issue with some brands of Case Fans.Problems range from humming to a ticking sound and this issue is acknowledged by NZXT and you can read about this on ther web forum.The Fans affected are: Antec - Big Boy 200 Antec - Tri Cool 120mm Lian Li - LI121225SL-B4-C Lian Li - LI121425QE-B4-A Scythe - S-Flex SFF21E Cooler Master - R4-L2R-20CG-GP Cooler Master - R4-L2R-20CK-GP Cooler Master - A12025-12CB-3BN-F1 Revoltec - RL026 120mm XION - RDL1225 Yate Loon - D14SL-12 Be Quiet! SlientWings BQT T8025-LF (80 mm) Be Quiet! SlientWings BQT-T12025-LF (120 mm) so in short know your fans before purchasing this unit.

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Does the Job and then some1/1/2011 11:39:03 AM

Pros: Easy to install,sleeved cable.Felt it was time to be proactive and replace my current case fans,use and time were catching up with them.I have purchased Rosewill products in the past and have had no issues so I went with another Rosewill product.Bottom line,do they move the air ? Yes...most definitely, in fact probably too well,I have three of these puppies running in my Coolmaster Centurian case and without a doubt the air is moving,papers are actually swaying on the desk and walls, may have to tone the speed down a bit.The price plus free shipping made it a worthwhile purchase, throw in the quick delivery time and that made it a win,win all around.Ok the noise level which seems to be a never ending topic with most reviews I have read regarding Case Fans,is it loud? Thats a matter of perspective.I have three of these currently going at full speed and the noise is comparable to the add on fan which is on my Sons Xbox360.

Cons: Cable needs to be a bit longer,one fan fell short of the connection I wanted to make to the Motherboard,luckily I had a spare 3 pin extension laying around.

Overall Review: The Grill can be put on either side,just use the extra screws which are included.Speed controller is optional for use ,so there is a freedom of choice.

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Rock Solid2/22/2010 5:39:57 PM

Pros: Super Fast shipping well packed,ordered Friday Afternoon showed the following Monday.Super easy installation and Windows XP sp3 did the rest,flawless install up and running in 5 Minutes.Burns Great,Plays Great absolutely no complaints.After reading many of the reviews the noise issue seemed to be a minor topic, in my humble opinion it really isn't that loud.It's OEM so have a SATA cable handy.If your looking for a Manual or other documentation just go to the website.Well worth your time and money.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Apparently it doesn't like Windows 7 or vice versa,hopefully they will come up with a patch or Firmware update in the near future.

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Good but,know your burner specs2/19/2010 4:42:21 PM

Pros: Great Price for a pack of 50,shipped timely (as usual) and arrived in good order.Burned fine once I figured out the issue was with my burner not the media.

Cons: Read up on your burner and now which media is compatible.I discovered, atleast with my particular burner NEC 3500a that burning 2X speed does not work and WILL result in coasters.Burning 4X speed and up works perfectly.

Overall Review: A smaller box for shipping purposes would be recommended or more packing,product had a bit to much room to flop around in transit.

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