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not impressed7/16/2015 5:58:02 PM

Pros: Look nice and seem like high quality. nice that they come with rubber screws/mounts

Cons: Does not push much air... Im lost at how these are suppose to push 70+ seems on par with my cheap case fan that came with case.

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broke r9 2906/2/2015 10:42:12 AM

Pros: looks cool

Cons: The bracket is warped and bent by pcb and my r9 290 died after a month of use I never had problems with stock cooler it was just loud :( kind of sucks as I use corsair h100 and corsair 800w modular psu had corsair h60 with this on my 290 after this fiasco im done.

Overall Review: I've installed gpu coolers a 100 times built pc's hundreds of times for myself and others so it wasn't faulty install the bracket actually warps the board I didn't notice till after card had died and read up and then examined it installed.

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Whoa!!12/16/2007 9:59:52 PM

Pros: Low power consumtion cod4 1680x1050 everything maxed and extra on all textures no aa getting steady 60fps locked at 60 btw

Cons: none

Overall Review: 10.5k in 3dmark06 with e2140 @ 3.2ghz and 3850 @ 750/2000 O_o THE best bang for ur buck setup period!

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Nice12/16/2007 9:56:43 PM

Pros: Nice mobo has everything u need to get a e2140 to 3.2ghz :)

Cons: 4X second crossfire pcie slot but better then no crossfire :P

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Not bad8/4/2006 3:22:27 PM

Pros: Cheap and decent speed.

Cons: Does not oc at all lol i thought the other guy was a noob for not going over 410 on the core but i guess the r430 cores are just that bad...? i cant run mine at even 410 :P ram dont oc much either...

Overall Review: For the money you cant get better and hey you might get a better ocing core ;)

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Nice8/4/2006 3:18:09 PM

Pros: Nice cpu very cheap aswell this is my first intel build after building tons of amd rigs. The mobo i got to go along with this is not that great but still managed to hit 3.5ghz stable!

Cons: Can get warm but not real bad at all after a few hours of prime95 i only hit 47c with cpu at 3.5ghz. Uses alot of power.

Overall Review: Its nice to run mulitple apps without getting slow down. There is no reason not to buy this cpu and overclock it to 3.5ghz or above unless you just like waisting money??

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FinallY!!!8/3/2006 8:13:44 PM

Pros: Finally found ram that works with my mobo. (ECS RC410L/800) Works fine so far at rated speeds havent tried going over 166fsb yet but i will.

Cons: Wish the OCZ gold series DDR2 6400 i bought first woulda worked with this mobo :(

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Not bad4/3/2006 8:31:51 PM

Pros: Decent ram am running it on a s754 dfi mobo and getting 238mhz 2.5,4,4,8 at 2.77v

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Ordering another stick very soon. Its amazing how bad some games need more then 1gig of ram :P

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Great deal!3/30/2006 6:01:50 PM

Pros: Great overclocker im at 2.5ghz stable as all get out. Stays very very cool. But hell it only takes 1.5v to get 2.5ghz :P

Cons: 128k cache single channel

Overall Review: 8.5k in 3dmark05 with a x1800xt :P Hope to get 9k soon....

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Monster3/30/2006 5:59:11 PM

Pros: Very fast card i like that the cooler blows heat out the back of the case. Not as loud as people say its quit when u aint gaming... Fan speeds up in 3d apps.

Cons: Takes 2 slots but i dont really care :P I aint hit 9k in 05 yet :( im at 8.5k.

Overall Review: I am hitting 8.5k in 3dmark05 with a sempron64@2.5ghz lol! I want 9k bad >_<

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Nice3/30/2006 5:54:50 PM

Pros: Very overclockable hell i got a sempron64 2600+ at 2.5ghz stable as hell!

Cons: Nothen i can think of.

Overall Review: Has all features a overclocker could want.

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VERY nice11/8/2005 8:09:49 AM

Comments: This is a great motherboard i allways use epox but thought i'd try something diffrent and glad i did :) Oc's like a beasts running my venice 3000+ at 2.65ghz 309fsb 100 divider ram running at 206. Decent voltage adjustments ram only goes to 2.85 but that was enough for me.

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11/3/2005 9:40:21 PM

Comments: Got it fast was alittle worried looked like a open box product but either way this thing works great.

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Ok i guess6/28/2005 9:20:10 AM

Comments: It is a ok kit could have been better they dont include any heat shrink for the ends i bought some blue electric tape for mine looks good. I have no idea how anyone would do the atx power cord doesnt come with tool for that...

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Great6/27/2005 3:21:11 PM

Comments: This helped my CPU temps quite a bit dropped idle temps by about 2'C and my load temps by about 4'C

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Nice6/27/2005 3:14:06 PM

Comments: Wow who would of thought a mouse could be so much better. This is way better then my old optical mouse its freaking insane and works well with a xtrac pro hs mouse pad.

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Bright6/27/2005 3:12:25 PM

Comments: Love it really adds something to a case that only has a led fan which is all i had till i got this and a liquid light both from logisys and both own.

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Sweet6/27/2005 3:06:44 PM

Comments: Looks great in my case wish it came with double sided tape or something for mounting it but i had some so no biggie.

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Whoa Crazy4/26/2005 8:35:33 AM

Comments: Got this to replace stock 3000+ cooler And works great! 3000+ @ 2.4ghz 1.55 volts 35c idle 49c full load after 4 hours of prime95 =) Got to love it!

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