Don't expect any service if it fails.1/2/2012 1:07:37 PM

Pros: Okay while it lasted.

Cons: Failed after less than a year. Repeatedly contacted Planar Support. They must get more days off than any other job on the planet. I tried *before* the holidays - nothing, didn't even try during the holidays, it's now the new year and I've been trying to get my RMA back for more than 3 weeks. They are seemingly NEVER there. I was put on hold *ONCE* but everyone went home at 3:50 (support is until 4 pm....) and dropped me from the help queue. I'm about to replace it with something that actually WORKS and has SUPPORT of the company behind it. Thanks a lot Planar, I tried to buy American and this is what I get.

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I love Arctic Silver 54/4/2009 11:25:18 AM

Pros: Only takes a small amount. Very effective.

Cons: Takes time to reach lowest temperature. (not really that much of a con because it starts off low and gets lower) hard to apply with direct heat pipe style coolers. when shipping isn't free, it's waaaaay too much.

Overall Review: I love arctic silver 5, the tubes last a really long time if you use the correct amount and it is very effective.

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GET THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!4/4/2009 11:22:23 AM

Pros: Sticks to the back of the mobo, so you can take off the heatsink without taking out the mobo. Good price, very solid feeling kit. "foolproof" installation unless you are a real numbskull.

Cons: it should come with the HDT series heatsinks standard. It can't cost THAT much more than the horrible one they send you.

Overall Review: Get this with your HDT heatsink, especially if you move your computer for LAN parties, etc. Or, buy the Dark Knight version, which includes a base plate and is basically the same price in the end.

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Easy setup4/4/2009 11:19:06 AM

Pros: I use this router with 3 computers and an X360 on LAN and one laptop on wireless. It was very easy to configure this router, I skipped the "auto setup" and filled out the settings manually. The router took a few minutes to save the settings and connect to the WAN network and it was connected. Pros: -Has requisite uPnP support -Supports DMZ/Port Forwarding -May soon support DD-WRT (WGT624 V4) -No annoying blinking blue lights like my last Netgear -Extremely cheap ($15 shipped)

Cons: Cons: -How long will the refurb last? -Not fantastic wireless signal strength (would expect to boost this with a better open source firmware) -Software features are for average consumer use, nothing complicated -Web interface is alright but not great, takes a very long time to save settings

Overall Review: I'll be getting a Buffalo or Linksys router that fully supports OpenWRT when I find a better deal. This would be good for someone who needs an extra router, a low-end user who just needs a basic wireless router, or if DD-WRT pulls through and figures out a build for us then everyone can join in the fun.

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Brilliant!2/14/2009 10:40:29 AM

Pros: Runs great! Very cool. Easy to install, looks like a million bucks if you have a window. Can we hear it for real copper tubes? Nickel and chrome on the other Sapphire (and other brands) models are a big turn-off to me. Copper performs noticeably better and this card has a MUCH bigger radiator compared to most models. Go look at the MSI and ASUS models; they have 4 tubes (MSI has copper, ASUS does NOT) but the actual radiator on those models has shorter dimensions (length and width) compare it to the size of the board and transistors. The sapphire toxic has beefy copper pipes and a radiator that covers most of the surface of the board (almost all the way to the back edge, and all the way to both sides) I overclock mine to 850mhz (core) and 1150mhz (memory) and it stays less than 58* (my old 4850 would hit 94*) the whole time. It can only clock this high due to the efficient cooling mechanism, which I locked at 40% speed (stock was 28% speed)

Cons: None, it is a great card, great price if you can wait for the rebate, and it destroys modern games if your system is put together well.

Overall Review: The 1Gb was a lot more expensive when I bought ($40) so I skipped on it. I don't regret it, in a year or two when games need more texture memory I'll be rocking a 4870x2 2Gb (they'll be $180 just like I paid for this) so I don't really think it matters too much. I've also heard the 1Gb models don't overclock as well (dual density ram gets hotter) but who knows, the 512mb does it for now. If you plan on keeping it for more than a year or two, you might want the 1Gb if you have the extra dough.

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works great2/14/2009 8:47:49 AM

Pros: Higher speed than advertised for me. I have a high overclock (3.4ghz on an E2180) and run the tight factory timings @ 960mhz. Many with bad RAM insist that you can't use 4x1 GB and still overclock. I ordered 2 sets of these at different times ($13 total each!!!!!) and together they are as stable as just one set.

Cons: They won't run at 1066mhz (2 or 4 sticks) unless my CPU is down around 3.0ghz. Could be motherboard or timing issue. Regardless this isn't much of a con because they DO run above rated speed in my configuration. (biostar p43 mobo)

Overall Review: They changed the way they look, and I have what appear to be two different sets of RAM, although CPU-Z identifies them as exactly the same. The earlier set has a dual-sided copper sink and heat spreader The new set has a single entry aluminum sink BUT it is taller, thicker, and the wrap around the chips themselves is NOTICEABLY heavier. They appear to perform the same. Mounted the way they are, it alternates tall/short heatsinks, so it may actually be a BENEFIT to mix the two sizes because they get more cooling from the fan instead of being mashed in a little row.

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Perfect2/14/2009 8:42:18 AM

Pros: I use it for MP3 storage on my Samsung phone. It works perfectly.

Cons: Make sure the device you're using to read it can see the SDHC format. I had a newer USB adapter that did NOT support SDHC (granted I could have checked that first) so be aware of what you are purchasing!

Overall Review: You can get one WITH the adapter for only a dollar or two more. If you need one, just get it now!!

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Like any board, has some quirks...1/19/2009 5:24:37 PM

Pros: Great once all the kinks in the system were worked out. Overclocks my E2180 to 3.2Ghz using +5% voltage (320x10) SATA connectors seem cheap. If the OS or boot drive aren't recognized, restart and maybe wiggle the SATA connector (or push it in more firmly on the board). It doesn't happen often, and after changing the cable from the cheap one they supplied hasn't happened (yet). Also, the mobo includes overclocking software that allows increasing voltage to various components in increments of +/-.1v I don't use it, I overclock in bios, but it IS there for the novice, and it allows finer tuning, although the merits of software overclocking are questionable imo. Has enough jacks, outputs, terminals etc for a reasonable computer setup. I haven't had any major problems and I like the board quite a bit.

Cons: Can't adjust voltage that well. With enough modification of the settings, it is possible to tune the overclock pretty well. It actually has a decent system, but overall aimed more at the novice overclocker. For those that say you can't adjust the voltages easily; this mobo comes with a software package which allows increases by .1v. I do all my overclocking through the (admittedly somewhat limited) bios, but the software IS included and works well enough for that sort of thing.

Overall Review: Limited bios, but works well enough DEPENDING ON YOUR CHIP! If you have a really expensive chip, consider the Biostar TForce TP45 HP (crossfire board) it may have the extra tuning options you're looking for. I like my Biostar mobo and I'd buy it again, just make sure you're buying what you need!

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