Beautiful laptop with issues7/7/2021 10:19:11 AM

Pros: Beautiful display, fast

Cons: Front left corner of frame exhibits cracks in the aluminum on 2 seperate units from 2 seperate distributers. Also exhibits thermal throttling no matter what settings using Intel XTU.

Overall Review: I received my first unit from Newegg without shipping issue. After approximately a week with the unit in my possession, updating drivers/bios, removing bloatware, tweaking settings and adding my own software, I noticed a crack in the machined aluminum frame at the front/left corner(see pics). After reporting the issue to Newegg they were accomodating in RMAing the unit. I have not received a full credit yet as the unit is still in transit. Since I could not wait for a replacement to arrive(RMA return ship, inspection of unit, replacement shipping), I ordered from another vendor. That unit arrived today with the same issue, a crack on the front front/left corner of the machined frame(see pics). Clearly this is a manufacturing defect and not what I would expect from a top tier manufacturer on a $2,400 laptop.

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