Lots of features, solid build.7/30/2009 8:14:43 PM

Pros: This board comes as advertised. I spent a great deal with the EVGA forums and the online manual before ordering this motherboard and I was not disappointed when it arrived. Overclocking is easy with the OC Dummy option in the bios, or by using a combination of the BIOS and E-Leet (free sofware) that arrives with the board. It instantly recognized my hardware and posted on first attempt after all installations were complete. There is room to run (2) 295's in SLI (albeit tight fit) and the NB and SB heatsinks allow for a majority of the new heatsinks, including: Thermal Right TRUE, Noctua, Megahalems, Coolermaster V8, Xigmateck Dark Knight (my top choices in order). * Win 7 RC build 7100 * Antec p180 Mini case * Corsair 750w PS * i7 920 D0 * EVGA x58 SLI Micro * EVGA GeFore 9800 GTX+ * OCZ 6GB XMP READY DDR3 1600hz * Stock Cooler (temporarily) * Western Digital Caviar Black 640gb HD * Scythe S-Flex 120mm Case Fan

Cons: The 8 pin power connector is located at an awkward spot for wire management. I knew this beforehand and ordered an extension cable; The extension cable barely made it.

Overall Review: For those wondering about win7 installation, I had no issues whatsoever. Everything was recognized immediately, and intel has released beta drives of their x58 chipsets. I urge anyone getting this motherboard to check out the EVGA forums, there are a ton of resources on this motherboard there, including a Win7 section!

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