Great upgrade from traditional monitors!8/6/2021 7:34:47 PM

Pros: - OLED display means you get those INK blacks - Screen dimensions allow you to have the benefits of a vertical and horizontal monitors (coding+gaming) - I am able to run my games in full 4k at 120fps using 3080ti - Has real HDR - Panel is picked off the LG line, but binned for response time - The speakers are insane for a monitor - KVM works with MBP and desktop, so I can use the same KB for work and play - PBP on a monitor of this size is useable

Cons: - With most OLED products, the screen dims as the dimensions of white space increases (e.g. if you go from a small white window and expand it to full screen, the entire screen dims) - Auto-dimming can be annoying at times - You have to precaution against burn-in (I turn off my taskbar) - HDR turns off some monitor adjustments such as sharpness, so I actually use SD normally

Overall Review: I would recommend this monitor, but beware that the price is pretty steep.

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One week review8/24/2018 12:25:29 PM

Pros: - Once calibrated, it looks good even when sitting next to an IPS panel with better pixel density - It comes with thicker bezels to avoid backlight bleeding

Cons: - The menu buttons are not properly labeled and it's kind of difficult to navigate. The options are not as vast as other monitors. - It's not calibrated out of the box - The stand is bad, but functions - External power brick

Overall Review: Even though I listed a sizable amount of cons, I think that this monitor's specs were an absolute deal at $350 and it just didn't make sense to add the specs as "Pros" when they're listed on the product page. The response time and refresh rate were both noticeable next to my 60hz IPS monitor and the screen performs just as well even though it's an AHVA panel and has lower pixel density (The IPS monitor was 1440p, but with a 25" screen). To me, this monitor screams function over form and saves the consumer money doing so.

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