Poor Quality - Miserable Customer Service6/13/2012 2:01:59 PM

Pros: ?

Cons: Defective product and unreasonable manufacturer

Overall Review: I purchased the motherboard as part of a new server build. It took several days for everything to arrive (even though I paid for expedited shipping) and another several days to assemble the new server. The system wasn't registering the RAM so I bought replacement (another few days) and finally got it to work temporarily. After continued RAM issues even after replacing the RAM a second time, I discovered with the manufacturer's tech support that the memory slot on the motherboard was defective. Even though I'd bought the motherboard on NewEgg less than 45 days prior, this manufacturer wouldn't stand behind their product and replace it cost-free. I was forced to ship it back at my expense and have it replaced with a refurbished motherboard due to the 30 day return policy (totally unreasonable in these circumstances). NewEgg couldn't (or wouldn't) intercede on my behalf. My advice: buy another board or, if you buy this one, be sure to return it ASAP at the first hint of any problem.

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