Unsure on this one....12/24/2011 7:30:41 PM

Pros: Price, performance, appearance and of course..Its GSkill. NewEgg got it to me quick as usual.

Cons: Didn't bring me a beer when I asked.

Overall Review: Well, in my Rig which is as follows.... i7 2600K @ 5.0ghz cooled with a Corsair H50 running on an ASUS Maximus Gene Z it works great. Pop it in, manually set the voltage and speed...bingo. The reason for -1 egg, it was not purchased to go into my PC. This kit was purchased for a friend to be used in his i7 860/EVGA P55 F T W setup. Currently he is running the GSkill 4gb Trident kit (DDR3 2000mhz) and has no issues. He installed this KIT and it would not post. He is above average tech lvl and knows what he is doing for the most part but may have gotten some timings and voltage issues. I am gonna test it out in my son's pc which is nearly identical to his. EVGA P55 SLI, i7 875k. My guess, nothing wrong with them and he has a setting or two off.

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Not bad, not great.9/24/2011 6:01:14 PM

Pros: Price after rebate. Appearance. Tool-less drive bay latches that DON'T LOOK all colorful and nasty. Good airflow. Plenty of fan locations. Nice assortment of screws(all black as well..nice) Bottom mount PSU location. Mobo tray cutout for CPU HSF access. Optional H2O tubing holes. Didn't run into any sharp edges. Panels fit well. Decent looking side window (save for the fan grille cut outs) AWESOME little mobo standoff tool. Love that thing.

Cons: Fairly flimsy. Bottom 120mm fan mounting is impossible with some PSUs. (Corsair TX750 nearly covers the 2 closest screw holes) Top dual 120mm fan mounts make aftermarket HSF choices difficult if you intend on using fans up there. Firewire "blank" in front I/O panel? Really? Snap out style rear expansion slots. Same snap out style for the H2O tubing holes. Grommets please. Only 1 fan. Fan grille cutout in side panel.

Overall Review: Few things stand out with this inexpensive case. The styling is very nice and makes it appear to be a much more expensive case. As long as you are just looking at it...it is fine. Once you get your hands on it, you can tell right away this is a budget case. Very similar to a Rosewill Blackbone I just used for a build. Overall, for the price..not too bad. I would buy another as long as the price stays at or below $45.00 UNLESS the Antec 300 is on sale. (much better case overall) Hoping te rebate actually comes back.

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Crossing fingers on this one.9/19/2011 3:58:55 PM

Pros: Same as my last review.

Cons: Same as my last review.

Overall Review: Well, the new mobo is up and running just fine. Nearly the exact same settings as the 1st. Crossing my fingers that all will be good with this one. Called ASUS before tinkering with this one and was assured I just got a bump board the first go round. I'm playing it a bit safe for a bit this time. Only rolling 4.6ghz @ 1.325v. If it holds up for a while...I get back into it for some higher clocks. THIS is what the board was made to do and one of the main reasons for my purchase. NewEgg rocks like always. ASUS...you do too. Nobody can be perfect, so no hard feelings about the first one.

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Fantastic Value7/5/2011 1:37:28 PM

Pros: Price. Appearance. 80Plus Cert. Value.

Cons: Not much of a con, but would really like to see TWO 6pin PCI-E connectors considering this PSU is capable of powering some fairly decent GPUs. Doesn't kiss me goodnight when I go to bed.

Overall Review: Picked one of these up for a budget build. From the reviews, figured it was worth the $30 risk. So far, working great. Sold off my gaming rig, but held onto some stuff and running it in this build. Asus HDMI Mobo, Intel Q9550@ 3.4ghz, 8gb Ripjaws X 1866 , EVGA GTX560 Ti SC, 1x WD Raptor X 150gb, 1x WD 640gb AAKS, 1x WD 2Tb 7200rpm storage drive 3 LED 120mm case fans and a LG DVD burner. Powers it all with no coil whine even when Folding @ Home (24/7) and heavy gaming. The fan is the quietest one in the case. (basically silent) When I decide to build my new gaming rig, I'll pull the RAM, HDs and GPU, but until then, this baby runs great and can't think of anything anyone with this type system would add to it that would tax the PSU. Overall...great value. When I see it back on sale...I'll grab a few this time for future budget builds.

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Free..all good.6/26/2011 8:30:52 AM

Pros: Free. works.

Cons: small 2gb capacity.

Overall Review: What can ya say, can't take off an egg for something you didn't pay for.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great deal6/1/2011 8:35:55 AM

Pros: Price, features, ease of installation. Front input and USB worked with my daughter's ipod, my son's iphone4, my Samsung Captivate and my HTC Inspire as well as 3 or 4 different USB Flash drives. Wanted to test as many as I could based on what I own. Everything I tossed at it worked without a problem. Read all brands of media as well.

Cons: Somewhat poor radio reception. Less than stellar sound, "cheap" feeling, navigation is a bit of a PITA. Long load times on MP3 discs.

Overall Review: Picked this up when my Alpine unit started having issues reading certain brands of media. Overall a very good deal for the money. Like the other reviews...some of the buttons feel cheap and not what I would call high quality. The cons I posted are my own personal observations based on using the exact same setup with the Alpine unit. My Alpine would pull in much stronger FM signals and the sound quality of the Alpine is just miles ahead of this unit. Would I buy another...at this price, you bet. In fact, probably gonna grab another to put into my father's 1960 Convertible. For the price ($60 on sale) its a no brainer. Note, if you plan on using a disc with 50+ songs in MP3 format..do yourself a favor and make sure to arrange them by title and artist (renaming accordingly) BEFORE you burn the disc. It will make navigation much easier and less of a pain.

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Fantastic Card4/5/2011 4:00:52 PM

Pros: Lots. Performance, physical size, sound output, brand support, overclocking headroom. Great for F@H, PhysX native

Cons: As with all newer hardware..prices are always a bit steep. No option for 3x SLI, minimal software package.

Overall Review: Great card for the money. Decided to upgrade my son's PC. Sold off his GTS250 SLI setup and moved my GTX460 SLIs to his PC. I had some EVGA Bucks building up so jumped on one of these (if it had been a standard purchase...you know I'd bought it from the EGG.) Runs anything I can toss at it @ 1920x1200 with lots of eye candy cranked up. Currently running my card @ 1000 core, 2000 on the shaders and 4400 on the mem. Have it overvolted to 1.100. (MSI Afterburner) Temps are still fine even with the increase in voltage. Roughly low to mid 40s idle and folds @ 74c. At these settings seeing around 15,000 PPD. Rest of system: Corsair TX750 Intel i875k @ 4.2ghz (Corsair H50 WC) EVGA P55 SLI Ripjaws X DDR3 2x4gb 150Gb WD Raptor X 640Gb WD AAKS 2Tb WD Green Note to AMD....Don't worry, got some of your stuff here too. AMD Regors, HD5770s. Still love your products, just wish F@H performance was on par with nVidia and still no PhysX?

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