Dud unit. Purple Lines Across Screen11/27/2013 11:22:47 PM

Pros: Sounds good, 3D was quick and easy to view over internet.

Cons: 1st try, returning for replacement. Anything input over HDMI to this creates a purple line across the screen, where somehow the bottom is cut off and placed on top! I can see my start menu mid screen. Going over the return, as this item apparently is a return for exchange only, so if you don't like it you are stuck with it. Horrible warranty period, only 30 days!

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Works Great! Beware other sites.11/25/2012 5:50:19 PM

Pros: Works as good as my OEM dongle. I picked up a white one to keep from mixing them up, and purchased another off brand one from another site that barely works. This one from NewEgg I have tested and at 10 feet away it works perfect!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Don't plug these into a USB 3 port!

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Works As Advertised! After XMP Set In Bios.9/18/2012 2:30:04 PM

Pros: These work great out of the box with my Z68 Fatal1ty mobo but you have got to go in and pick out an XMP profile. If you don't have that option you will need these settings here: Memory Timings: CAS Latency (CL) 10T RAS To CAS Delay (tRCD) 11T RAS Precharge (tRP) 10T RAS Active Time (tRAS) 30T Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC) 243T Command Rate (CR) 2T RAS To RAS Delay (tRRD) 6T Write Recovery Time (tWR) 16T Write To Read Delay (tWTR) 8T Read To Precharge Delay (tRTP) 8T Four Activate Window Delay (tFAW) 26T Write CAS Latency (tWCL) 7T

Cons: If you mix two sets of these the XMP profile might not work. Then you will either need to find someone with a quad set to post their timings or get lucky and figure out how to keep it at 1866 stable by playing with the timings yourself.

Overall Review: My kit worked great. Same price as 1600 and 1333 if you catch the right sale/promo code.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Missing Activation Code!8/24/2012 2:10:34 PM

Pros: I've been using the trial of this for a couple of weeks playing with HDR. Fun program and saves $ over competitors. I got it with a great rebate.

Cons: Box didn't come with the activation code. Pretty useless if I can't activate the software.

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RAID only. Won't work for DVD drives1/16/2012 6:12:05 PM

Pros: Works for RAID. Nice gui for total control over the hardware.

Cons: 1. This card causes an AMD SB850 RAID controller to show an error message at bootup. The built-in controller does not play nice with the 2300. I've read elswhere that this card also causes Intel raid to malfunction as well. 2. I bought this to add a DVD drive, and 3 external sata ports. Come on High Point, even the cheapest sata cards at least allow you to flash the bios for either RAID, or AHCI/IDE. What were they thinking? If you need to add hot swap drives or DVD drives, get something else.

Overall Review: Disappointed with this card for the fact that I have no need currently for another RAID controller.

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Loaded! 8 drives, 3 dvdr, Front card reader.12/1/2011 8:20:21 PM

Pros: You can set a 6th drive under the most bottom drive! Fans everywhere! I have this baby loaded. 6 x 2TB Hitachi RAID 5 2 X 1TB Samsung RAID 0 3 x DVD drives (Could have put 4) 1 X Full size front memory reader

Cons: 1. There is no 2.5 slot in front. 2. If you have a big cooler, like the Hyper 212 plus, you won't be able to put two 120mm fans in the side panel. The cooler will almost touch the side panel, but you can still use the lower mounting fan area for 1 120mm side fan under the cooler. 3. Good luck routing wires under the back panel. Barely enough room for the wires if you load it up. Get a friend to help squish the panel down while you slide it in place or you're looking for a fight.

Overall Review: Does it fit an H100?

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Go Gigabyte! ECS horrible to deal with.5/22/2011 8:26:03 AM

Pros: I really liked the layout of the board. Had 5 2TB SATA drives in Raid 5.

Cons: The board could not keep the Raid working. The ECS tech support are a HUGE pain to work on anything with. They wanted me to buy 5 1TB drives to test the board for them! They wanted me to buy a different processor. They wanted me to purchase an entire new system to figure out why their board would crash a Raid array! It took almost 45 days to get an RMA with calling them every other day. This is 45 days my computer sat in pieces on a chair in the living room! ECS does not care about sending you a new board for all your trouble. They go out of their way to keep you from an RMA, then when they do, they spend 2 weeks "testing" your motherboard in their lab. If they cannot reproduce your issue, they send you back your not working board! This time they sent me someone else's board and someone elses problem in the RMA, F_Panel headers don't work! I sold this board online and the guy I sold it to tried to call ECS... he is using his 30 return policy and I'm stuck dealing with ECS again :(

Overall Review: I have used their cheap sub 50 dollar boards in the past, they worked. This company you can only loose your money and they do not honor their warranty. I went with Gigabyte and have had absolutely no issues with any of my "faulty hardware" working on the Gigabyte board. Thank you ECS.

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Sweet RAID 5!3/12/2011 9:53:27 PM

Pros: Still early to tell but the numbers on this are excellent. Before purchasing I called to make sure these work in RAID as WD consumer drives are RAID disabled. Hitachi tech support picked up within a minute and confirmed these will work in RAID. Ready for this? These numbers are from a Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H using the built in Raid controller. RAID5 2TB x4 drives Hitachi HDS723020BLA642 Transfer Rate Minimum 162.2 MB/sec Maximum 289.5 MB/sec Average 258.3 MB/sec Access Time 12.3 ms Burst Rate 200.4 MB/sec CPU Usage -1.0%

Cons: 1 out of 4 was experiencing timeouts, returned and the replacement is working very well. One of them is audibly parking the heads... So far so good. 3 YR warranty.

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Deadly Raid2/9/2011 9:47:17 AM

Pros: Great price, lots of space. Works for software mirrors.

Cons: If you use RAID beware of these drives! I had 4 in Raid 5 and it took 5 months till they started dropping out. Do a search on TLER, it's the firmare WD created to make you have to spend more money on their more expensive drives just to get them to work for what you buy them for. These are purposely setup to die in RAID.

Overall Review: WD just lost a customer.

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Manufacturer Response:
We are very sorry that a hardware failure occurred so soon after you started to use the WD20EARS drive, as this is not typical of the product line. TLER is a feature on our Enterprise line of drives, and is not limited to only firmware, but also hardware and other features that Enterprise environments require in order to properly function in a RAID configuration. For Green drives, we recommend the WD2002FYPS model. If you require further assistance, you may contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932, or via our support website at: http://support.wdc.com/rs/. Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with that you responding to NewEgg review so we route you and your information to the correct team members.
DOA :(1/19/2011 9:19:22 AM

Pros: I have 3 of these and an EADS drive that was in raid 5 but due to the change in sector size, the Raid 5 got degraded when it tried to run a RaidXpert sync tool on the drives to ensure parity. DONT RUN THIS KIND OF TOOL ON THIS DRIVE! I now am running 2 EARS in mirror, and originally bought a 3rd to rebuild the Raid 5. Due to how the data was thrown off from the sync, it would not rebuild the array. I'm now attempting to create a RAID 10, as there is no parity data to worry about. Otherwise, it's a good amount of space for the money.

Cons: Drive from Newegg was DOA

Overall Review: The first thing you should do, is test this drive with Western Digital Diagnostic Tool. The drive will run Windows check disk and pass, but will fail with the tool with bad sectors. My drive died completely within 8 hours of plugging it in. My other Green drives have been going strong for 5 months.

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DO NOT PURCHASE!8/9/2010 6:03:14 PM

Pros: Pretty shiny, advertised specs look great, however... Quoted from the OCZ forum: The majority of customers on this forum are fairly savvy overclockers, yet OCZ staff on these forums seem almost assured that the majority of people unable to get this RAM to run at it's advertised speed have their system configuration to blame for the issue. I've heard:- Must be problem with your board Must be a problem with your CPU Check your pins aren't bent Drop your CPU multiplier Run Memtest (even though the system won't even post) Try it at a lower speed Get the latest BIOS Try setting your TRFC to 88 (some say 80) Now i'm not being funny, but i have tried every single one of these suggestions and "some" of them were sensible, however i cannot get my memory to run at 1600mhz at all, and neither can MANY other owners of this memory. There are posts after posts from technically adept people on various technical forums on the internet with exactly the same problem, why are OCZ no

Cons: admitting there is a quality issue with the RAM and offerering to replace it for a different type? I could RMA, but i am almost positive i would receive memory back which is just as poor and still won't work i realise that the gains from going to 1600mhz from 1333mhz are minimal at best and it may seem rather pedantic but the fact is myself and many others have memory which doesn't work at it's rated speed At the very least try to collate all the problems with this RAM with a sticky at the top of the board with different things to try? How much messing about are we expected to do just to get your memory to "work"? Cheers

Overall Review: I believe this ram is actually 1066 overclocked to run at 1600. I have read many reviews and find that this ram rarely is found to run within specs on its own, while any other brand will be picked up by default. Tech support is horrible, I managed to get one guy who said I needed to talk to tech support, which is what I called, and the line I was forwarded to had a message they were too busy! If I didn't have enough money to purchase more ram while this is going on, I would be 2 weeks without a computer! It's worth it just spend 20 more bucks and get another brand! You will be glad you did!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are sorry that you are having difficulties. Please contact our support manager at (408)733-8400, ext 206. Thank you
What's inside?4/24/2010 12:31:30 AM

Pros: Does anyone know what's inside the box? Is it 7200 or 5400? Green, Black? I can't find anything on the speed of the drive from the site. Helps to know when you're doing alot of moving large files and of course using the drive outside of the box.

Cons: na

Overall Review: na

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Wow, 40 bucks for 4GB!!!3/16/2009 8:48:06 PM

Pros: Works great as it should, 64-bit making use of every MB.

Cons: My laptop doesn't have more ram slots.

Overall Review: By the time i need to upgrade this laptop, hopefully they will have doubled the size and kept the price the same.

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Silence Is Golden!3/16/2009 8:42:54 PM

Pros: Silent running, fast, stable, runs cool, Windows 7 on a laptop I can reboot faster than XP! Battery life seems normal on a XPS 1530 with 4GB ram. For the price and performance, silence, hard to beat this one. 5 Year warranty!!! Just plain awesome.

Cons: Ear marks on the board trying to hear if it's on.

Overall Review: Went with Western Digital because I know from experience they take pride in silence and speed. This is the drive to get, and with a 5 year warranty, try to get that with the other guys!

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Disappointment with 4 sticks of ram3/13/2009 9:23:17 AM

Pros: Raid 5 works with 6x500GB Sata, the other 2 sata are on a separate controller. Silent PC with built in graphics. Tech support on phone within 30 minutes, but call back never happened. They can help figure out error codes, like 25/26 is video, 49 is ram, but not much else they can do.

Cons: Hours of troubleshooting only to find that there is some strange issue with having 4 sticks of ram in. Works with 2 or 3 but you can read the review by c-monkey on 3/4/2009. The more ram installed the slower the response. When I first turned this on, it kept rebooting at the post screen. Called tech support to be told to start with only one stick of ram. It worked, two sticks, worked, 3, works, 4 reboots over and over. At first, had all 4 in with the onboard graphics working fine. Then plugged in my 8600GTS and it reboots over and over. Take out all the ram, it works with one then 2 then 3 sticks of ram, not 4. So to put it, there shouldn't be 4 slots for ram on this board, it can't handle it. If you try to add another pci or pci-e card in at any future time, be ready to pull all your ram to figure out why it will be rebooting over and over on you. I don't think this board is ready for market. Don't be a Guinea pig, find another board.

Overall Review: I'm still looking into other reasons this board won't run the ram. EVGA tried to say that it's the OCZ SLI ram is only meant to run in pairs, not in 4 sticks. I already emailed their tech support about the problem. I know the ram worked fine in another board.

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Dissapointment and Lost Time3/12/2009 8:12:47 PM

Pros: Works with the onboard graphics. Supports Raid 5 with the first 4 black and the blue sata slots. I have 6x500GB drives running perfect. OCZ 5-4-4-15 ram @ 2.1v. Tech support available within 30 minutes at most times 24/7. Read what I'm about to put in the cons.

Cons: Board at first wouldn't boot. Called tech support. They had me put in one stick just to boot into bios to change voltage to 2.1 from 1.9. Throw in 4 sticks and I'm running fine with all drives, dvd burners, pci tv and pci usb cards. Here's where this goes to mush. You can read below c-monkey on 3/4/2009. The two reasons I got this board is 1, lots of sata. 2, using the onboard for physx. As soon as you plug in a pci-e card, kiss your system goodbye. Constantly reboots. I can't get past the bios screen. Everyone who gives good reviews on this aren't using another video card. Everyone who gives bad reviews tried to use a video card. I'm giving a bad review because this does not work without hours of trouble shooting. My old 680i worked out of the box, the first time! I recommend that board with a second cheaper video card for anyone wanting a solution of running extra physx at about this price range.

Overall Review: I'm going to keep on this for a few more hours as I'm going to obviously have to exchange it anyway. If I can get it to work, I'm not so sure I trust this board anymore as part of my system.

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Failed SMART tests, warranty works!2/20/2009 6:36:11 PM

Pros: Great drives, awesome price and performance. Used these before. 5 year warranty! I decided on Western Digital over Samsung per them only having a 1 yr warranty, and over the Seagate as that's a bit loud. WD is so quiet, you wonder if it's all on!

Cons: Came out of the box failing S.M.A.R.T. test, which causes warning pop ups that the drive is failing.

Overall Review: I got on the Western Digital website and filed an RMA in about 2 minutes. I choose to send them directly to WD as if NewEgg has a bad batch, I don't want to trade out for another one out of that batch. Really don't mind that they were bad as WD has a great warranty return, I've got till 2014 to know I'm covered with them! That's just plain awesome.

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Problem? Alot of devices dont support over 1G cards!9/15/2006 4:35:11 PM

Pros: 2GB can hold 900 5MP camera pics!!! I don't know what to do with all the room and my Casio Exilim s500 goes for over 500 shots on a single charge (8 hours or so) and i still have room for video feeds!

Cons: Most SD readers only a year old can't read over 1GB cards! If you are having a problem with the card in your computer, get a reader that sais it supports over the 1GB limit.

Overall Review: I hope this will last longer than the people having problems. I think as long as your device can handle over 1G you'll be fine. Google it if your not sure.

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