The better choice for aRGB from Cooler Master1/28/2021 10:44:32 AM

Pros: - Nice and long leads and 3 pin aRGB headers and extra accessories - Better color than the Cooler Master MasterFan (The MasterFan has a weird rainbow artifact on the blade edges) - MUCH quieter than the MasterFan, even when at max RPM

Cons: - Will never be as quiet as Noctua - Ships with an RGB controller that I didn't need (Excluding this could save some off the price)

Overall Review: I had bought a single Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 and was not particularly impressed with it. This order was a hope that this would be a better product and it is. They make a far less annoying noise at full speed and seem to have a better overall lighting and color experience. I am using this pack as a set of 3 fans in the front of a Corsair 4000D airflow and it is working out rather nicely. I may eventually order another 3 pack and replace the rear MasterFan and the two fans on the top of the case that came with the case.

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Simply another great enclosure from Vantec12/9/2020 1:43:44 PM

Overall Review: I have bought several enclosures of various sizes from both Vantec and others. Vantec have always been a better choice. This one is no different. I am using it with an LG BD-ROM and have no issues at all.

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Very good case for the money with only a few issues12/9/2020 9:30:20 AM

Pros: - Excellent airflow - Easy filter cleaning - Very good subtle looks - Very high attention to detail of finishing

Cons: - The black version only has dark tinted glass and no option to order with clear or a lighter tint (Could be a personal preference but I was hoping for less tint) - No vibration consideration for 3.5" drives in the drive bays - 3.5" bay area eats into power supply space (But is removable if you don't need it so that is good) - Mounting SSDs behind the motherboard tray is not a good choice as their temperatures get quite high (There is mounting options for directly above the PSU in the main part of the case) - Could have used more USB on the front

Overall Review: This is my first Corsair case and my first case with a "window". I always avoided cases with windows in the past as they were always acrylic or cheap plastic. They would typically also be on cases with wild and crazy designs. This case is just a really good looking, handsome case to have sitting ON your desk, rather than under it. The airflow in the case is excellent and fan placement is more than sufficient. I have had no issues with cooling other than first having placed my 1TB EVO 860 behind the motherboard. Since moving it to the main case area mounting point, everything has been excellent. Building in this case was quite nice other than the 3.5" bay area. I have a 1 TB WD Black and the lack of vibration reduction does show up when the drive is spinning. The drive caddies are only plastic with no rubber spacers or washers to isolate the drive from the chassis. The case only has on type A and one type C USB on the top front edge. This is sufficient for me but it should have had two of each. Additionally, there is only a single shared headphone/mic jack on the front. This is not the end of the world but if you don't have a y-cable to deal with that, you might not be happy. Overall, though, I am extremely satisfied with this case. It looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is. The nice, clean, simple, understated look of the case makes it less a computer and more a piece of desk furniture or deco. Just not 5 eggs satisfied due to a few of the issues listed above.

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Continues the tradition of the 212 family of coolers being one of the best values out there over OEM cooler12/6/2020 5:06:32 PM

Pros: - Black matters more and more with most builds that have glass panels so this is big, especially where it is not a massive overcharge like Noctua. - Continues to include the option of adding a second fan - Cut peak load temps by 8 C on a 3600XT vs the OEM HSF - Much improved mounting mechanism from original 212 designs

Cons: The only con is that it can't be any better without affecting the price.

Overall Review: I have been using 212 series coolers for a long time and they are a go to for me. I don't seek max overclocks and don't need insane bling or to shave only one more degree C off peak load temps. Cooler Master has done an excellent job at maintaining this family of coolers at an excellent price and engineering to value aspect. I hope this continues for a very long time into the future.

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Solidly Good Product Especially on Sale12/6/2020 4:28:13 PM

Pros: Looks good (Using it in a glass sided case so that mattered this time) Good BIOS layout Almost perfect connectors layout Frozr chipset cooler operates in silent mode unless you actually need it to spin

Cons: There are not two separate CPU fan headers at the top. Only one and then the connector for a water cooler fan, so unless this can be used as a second CPU fan connector... Could use case fan headers in a couple more places than just at the very bottom of the board but this is not the end of the world.

Overall Review: I bought this board mostly due to a wicked good sale. But the rest of the reasoning was due to MSI having a very good reputation in the higher end boards with X570 and so far, it has not disappointed. I only got to put a 3600XT on it due to the lack of Ryzen Gen3 stuff but hey, at least I am well set for the future when they are available again.

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Very good value for money. Works as it should10/15/2020 10:02:49 AM

Pros: For the price, this is a great value. it allows easy swapping of drives from the enclosure and it definitely works at speeds that exceed the SSDs that you can put in it as when I benchmarked it, the SSD in it was as fast as when installed on the SATA port on a motherboard. The case is easy to remove without it being prone to falling off and the fact that it comes with the two cables is a definite plus.

Overall Review: I will likely order at least another.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback. Hope to deal with you in the future. If you have some other questions, hope you can be free to contact us. My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best regards Maite
Absolutely fantastic case!4/23/2017 5:58:46 PM

Pros: - BIG but not so big as to be annoying - Excellent cable management paths - Good placement of the power and USB/audio controls/ports - Specific locations for 2.5" drives/SSDs - Support for massive 200mm fans - bottom mounted power supply - Good set of hardware for mounting components - Best hard drive mounting rails I have ever used (And I work on enterprise servers and for home, these are just awesome) - Good sized feet to keep the metal up above the carpet.

Cons: None that I have yet encountered that are the cases fault. (See below)

Overall Review: This case was for my son's computer but it is the second one I have done an install on. The other was my first encounter and it was my friend that bought it. These cases are just awesome for the price. I have a long history of reusing cases for as long as possible as it tends to be both hard to find a case you really like and the ever present fact that a new case every time you change main board is not something that enhances performance so it is rarely the first computer component to be replaced. Well, I tell you right now, this case is so nice and the price point is now such, the following comment is not too nuts. GET one for ALL your computers that you have been holding off on! But seriously. I am a rare bird that has a lot of computers around the house (5 operational desktops/HTPCs) and even with that, I would still replace the case of the 3 other PCs with these cases with little hesitation. The only big thing you should be aware of... If you have not bought a new case in a while or have not yet encountered a bottom mount power supply, be aware that your power supply cables may not all be long enough to route behind the motherboard. This was the case with my son's power supply but not for my friends. The more minor thing to watch for is that comically, one of Cooler Masters fan series, the 200mm Megaflow, are a tight fit in the top of the case but will go in. Worst case, you have to trim off the extra set of mounting holes that you won't need anyways.

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Quite nice and QUIET!4/23/2017 5:33:54 PM

Pros: - DEAD quiet! I bought this to replace a decent but loud Coolermaster and it is so inaudible when I installed it with the fan in eco mode, I had to put my hand by the fan as I was not sure it was even running! - The modular aspect is certainly nice, This is my first modular power supply - Wire mesh grille on the fan. Reduces the amount of noise that may come if the fan has to run fast. - Plenty of connectors.

Cons: - Main harness not modular but you would pay a lot more for that feature on higher end units. - No 4 pin molex connector cable that only has one connector on it for fan powering. Too many molex connectors for only needing one to power accessory fans. - The ribbon style connector cables don't route all that nicely. Not a fan.

Overall Review: Overall, this was a great purchase for me as I wanted a power supply that had silent to near silent cooling and that was well rated. This fit the bill entirely. It seems that the best overall price point to features series of power supplies are those that are semi modular and are in the 650 to 750 watt range. Even with the annoyance with the flat ribbon style cables, I would buy this unit again if I need another power supply. No hesitation.

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Gets the job done10/19/2011 5:54:17 AM

Pros: Works great. Never had an issue burning DVDs or ripping anything.

Cons: Could always be faster but I am a speed junkie...

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Great Overall Value10/28/2010 7:13:15 AM

Pros: Price, fit and weight. Reasonable sound quality... This is the lowest price for a set of stereo BT headphones you are going to find and still have decent to good quality. I bought these to replace a set of dead Motorola S9 headphones and these fit FAR nicer and because the weight is all on the ears and not at the back like the S9, they feel much lighter. The band around the back is non-intrusive and can be repositioned by turning the ear pieces so that the band is either high or low on the neck. Either way, it is FAR less intrusive than the S9 and much more practical than some of the other BT headsets out there that use a free floating wire to connect the left and right ears. I also have a big head so I can also testify that these are not hard on a big headed person. I am also a glasses wearer and can say that there is not that much impact on the ears from these but that the arms of glasses are different from one set of frames to another so YMMV.

Cons: Build quality... These are CHEAP headphones by price and to a degree, by build quality. As others have noted, there seems to be a lot of shaky buttons on these earphones. They do not at all feel like they are going to fall out but they could be snugger than they are. There are also a few slightly burred plastic edges where, if you have VERY short hair or are bald, might rub on your skin. But again, these are the lowest priced reasonable to good quality BT stereo headphones out there. You do get more than you pay for in overall quality so you are not short changing yourself.

Overall Review: A brief set of range tests paired to a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 shows these headphones being able to go out to at least 60 ft line of sight and about 30 to 50 when there are walls in the way. What is in a wall will impact this in different ways but this is a better result than my old S9. With all of the smartphones switching to microUSB, it is nice that these headphones also use microUSB. Battery life is generally inconsequential to me but anecdotally, I am now 3 hours in on the charge that was in them in the box. I have not charged them even one bit. This is reassuring.

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